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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku saw the chanting daemon and charged it firing away with his gun to try and break his concentration on the spell that he seemed to be casting." Oh no you don't"
One of the daemons underground launched into the air and took the shots. Its chestplates crackled and smoked but the cold eyes now locked onto Sinku showed no signs of pain.
Crystael ducked under the blade and heard it slice through the air. She rolled to the right and hastily put away her bow and arrows, as they would be no help. In the same motion, she drew her two broad swords and prepared to defend herself.
Reign's attention was drawn to the creature overhead "the only thing worse then a demon is a demon that thinks his voodoo magic will do any good." the blades and spikes slid almost harmlessly off his flesh. "you low lifes can't even muster the strength to do more than scratch me" he sneered and leaped towards the caster. "damn abominations" his body rotated as it ascended he rolled his heel towards the creatures face
Seth deflected an earth spike. "Finish the three in the sky, I'll deal with the one underground!" He disappeared beneath the earth, and the ground soon began to shake violently. The daemon's earth spikes clashed with Seth's pillars as the shifting energy from the fight underground was transferred to the surface.
The daemon in the sky spiraled to the ground with a crushed skull but its beak dug into Reign's foot. The daemon's death cut the incantation short, and not a moment too soon for something had begun to rise from the ground. The earth golem was only able to blink with its hollow red eyes before they closed and it sank back into the earth. The daemon that had been shot by Sinku unleashed a salvo of earth shards mingled with grass spears as his partner swooped in from behind.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku continued firing away at the daemon with his gun but also blasting away any sharps or spikes that came near him as his dagger's edge began to glow as Sinku channeled light energy into to blade as he prepared to use it on the nearest daemon ." Please let this work." Sinku whispered as he spun the smoking gun into it's hoelster and surged forward aiming forr the daemon that had blocked his shots before.
The daemon firing shards stopped as its partner closed in for the kill. It swooped down with an unearthly screech with arm blades extended. Adam deflected a daemon blade as he defended Crystael. "Get you bow out missy and shoot when I tell you," he ordered.
Crystael hissed, "I could have saved myself!" But she obeyed and got out her bow, preparing an arrow.
"Shut it," Adam replied, "It's coming back." The daemon performed a wide arc in the sky then dove. Adam fired a ball of white fire at the last second, sending the beast flying. Adam arrested the daemon's flight with air shifting and held it suspended in the air. A gaping hole glowed in the center of its chest. "Don't miss," Adam joked with a wink.
Crystael looked at Adam as she shot the arrow and said, "I never miss." The arrow flew through the air and into the glowing hole.
The daemon shattered and fell to the ground as a smoking dust smelling of sulfur. The dust blew away even though there was no breeze.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku leaped into the air and sumersaulted over his taget and swung his blade downwards aiming for the middle of it's back.
Reign landed lightly favoring his uninjured foot. He rubbed the wound lightly in the dirt. "buncha lowlifes" he scowled
The daemon's wings shot into Sinku's arms holding him suspended in the air. The daemon spun just enough to free Sinku and hit him with its tail sending him back to earth. The daemon screeched what may have been a laugh and vanished with a loud bang!. The entire ambush had taken 30 seconds. Adam strapped the Landach to his back grimly. "Was that just a random attack or a guerilla strategy to wear us down?" he wondered out loud. The plains stretched into the distance and a blank horizon. "Well we have no time to lost do we?" Seth said with as much optimism as he could muster. The group briefly tended to its wounds before setting out once more.

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