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Seth coughed, "He's not using magic: there's no incantation. However, he shouldn't be able to use the elements to begin with. Only the Elves and the Aradin still have this privelage. Humans only used it for war and conquest so they were denied power over the elements because they defiled the earth with blood. I am bound by strict rules to not overtax the earth if I use elemental attacks, plus they drain my energy, especially earth. It seems those rings allow our little friend to ignore the Law of Restraint and control the elements without taxing his strength." The assassin nodded, "correct Savior. Say hello to the Elemental Rings: one for each element including light and darkness. Also, a little detail for you to know before you die, they were forged by 'You Know and Dread'. He's my master." The assassin grinned at Seth's shocked expression. "Good good it seems you remember him. You'll have loads to talk about over your campfire, including your little family. Did you honestly think you could keep them a secret from us?"

"BASTAAARD!" Seth roared as he charged, heedless of Adam's cry for him to stop.
Crystael swore when her arrows missed. She figured that it would be foolish to use any more arrows, but she still felt the need to help. She made sure her bow was secure before beginning her run towards the group.

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