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"Good, that's even better. Saves work for me. Even though your concerns are valid you'd be able to attach and take off the emerald at will even after the forge. The forging process is more of a connection than an attachement."
Grateful for the answer, she took one of the emeralds and, upon setting it on the feather, the extension coiled in to take the gem as its own...

Wing walked back into the antechamber to join the others--after the traveling and trouble setting the portal up, she was more tired than anything--She picked an inconspicuous couch in a corner of the antechamber and curled up for a quick doze.

(Hopefully, all this forging will take a while...)
Ohka walked around the outer edge of the antechamber, more just to keep walking than anything. After a few minutes she pulled out a large gold locket that allowed her to anything, within reason, that was happening at that time.
"That makes everyone I think" Seth thought and slowly walked into the forge. Sinku's weapons and the plans for a new sword he was forging littered the table.
He sighed and started on the ring. When the metal was heated to a soup he poured it into the mold and waited for the ring to cool. He picked the still glowing ring in his hand and held the cut emerald to its surface. "Bond of Flames" he muttered and 3 tongues of fire spewed from the ring, grabbed the emerald, and fused the stone to the metal. Satisfied, he put the ring down and fused the emeralds to Sinku's swords using the same technique. He popped the emeralds out of their holdings to make sure they could be taken off and refused them with the same spell. "Ah it's good to use actual spells again, even if they're all for forging and farming. I can teach Sinku how to rebind the emeralds later."
The night sky was visible through the window.
He walked into the antechamber of the tree. "Sorry to keep all of you waiting." He realized then that he looked filthy but shrugged off the thought and tossed the weapons to Sinku and the ring to Reign. He approached Ohka and handed her the newly forged weapon wrapped in a leather sheath. "As requested" he said and laid it on her lap. "There are sleeping quarters upstairs if ya'll would follow me he said and made for a circular patch of earth. He stood at its center and waited.
"They're gonna love this" he thought.
Ohka walked over to join Seth in the circle of dirt as she examined her new weapon. "It's been a while since I've used a sword," she said mostly to herself. "I'll need a bit of practice."
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku caught his blades after extinguishing the ice fire ball and spun his swords around as he walked to ohka's side and re sheathed them." I can help in your swordsmanship if you like sis."
"Good idea. I'll get some practice and I'll get to beat you up," Ohka said absently as she glanced into her locket again and frowned.
OOC//: *cough Seth you completely forgot about me cough*

BIC//: While in the clearing where he first arrived, Ulfang had been hanging upside down from a tree from which he had slept the time away. Being awoken by the odd silence, the wolf jumped down from the tree and proceded in the path his companions had taken. Upon walking into the grand hall, Ulfang smelt the air, as it had been full of the scent of food. He saw the glistening of the emeralds in the pommels of almost everyone's attire. "Hey Seth, long time no see." He said taking another shot glance at the emeralds. "I've got a slight feeling that I'm gonna need a couple of those emeralds." Ulfang said bringing his swords to the elf in the circle.
OOC: Well you never posted except the entrance. You should have told me at school what weapons you needed.

BIC: "Bond of Flame" Seth said lazily and the emeralds jumped from his hand and attached themselves to the scimitars. "Hey Wing, Reign, are ya'll staying here? I can get you beds from upstairs if you need em."
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"Sorry sis but as entertaining as it would be for you I seriously doubt you will beat me up in the swordsmanship category" Sinku said with a slight chuckle.
"You'd be suprised, brother," Ohka said, slipping her locket back into her pocket. "Before you brought me back to life, I couldn't use my gun regularly. The other Cores were too fast for any bullets."
Reign stretched letting out a labored yawn. "A bed sounds nice. I've been sleeping in trees for awhile now." with a single motion he gently lifted the sleeping kitsune and accompanied his comrades

sorry if I skip too far ahead but I'm afraid I'll fall too far behind too add this next little section

Having laid Wing in her own bed, the kitko settled in a nearby chair and, as he was accostomed to, watched over her till his own eyelids grew heavy. He drifted off into sleep

Pain.... The only symptom is pain. Reign found himself on a hospital bed screaming. Writhing in agony he rolled from the pallet into a pool of blood. His screams continued and through tear swelled eyes he just barely caught glimpses of corpes belonging to the medical personel. He forced his mouth to close and his body to combat the unbearable pain. He staggered to his feet only to fall to his knees. Before him stood a mirror. His reflection clear as day. Before him stood a kitko just like him but the left half of his body had the skin stripped from it. Underneath lay what looked to be bare muscle but was blackened, diseased, and decayed. One side of his face was the same. a glazed lifeless eye looked back at him. He turned his attention to the wound when a figure ripped itself from Reign's chest, grabbed him by skull and roared "You'll give blood or I'll take blood, there is no cure! You no longer have allies I am all that will save you"

Reign awoke instictively grabbing at the imaginary wound. His arm of course was fine except for the thin trickle of crimson dripping just below the chain on his shoulder. He felt like something had begun to move within him. thoughts passed back to the figure and he shuddered. Nausea overtook him. He fell from the chair onto his knees and vomited."Blood?" he thought wearily. The room didn't stop spinning his face met the floor and all went black.
OOC: that's fine.
BIC: "Elevator going up" Seth said and the circle of earth shot rapidly upward. they ascended past the first floor (training and armory), and stopped at the third. Seven doors to seven rooms stood in front of them. "Take your pick. There are two beds in each since Aradin have been known to bring their families to live here." (though mine is not here now)he thought.
"My room is the farthest to the left if anyone needs me. Now I bid all of you a fair night and pleasant dreams." He walked off to his room.
Near the middle of the night Seth was jolted out of bed as spasms ripped through his body. He vomited on the floor from the amount of dark energy he was sensing and staggered out of his room to where Reign and Wing were sharing. He wiped his mouth as he entered and saw Reign hit the floor. A shadow flew out the window and he dashed to look outside. Mist covered the entire forest floor and the distinct shapes were already starting to appear.
"s**t!" he yelled and grabbed Reign. He put him in his bed and woke Wing. "Get up! Time to put that emerald enhancement to use!"
"Myst Demons!" he shouted. "They're infiltrating the tree!" he roared as he strapped on the Telmaro Sword now glowing fiercly as it picked up the traces of demonic energy for that was what the glow was for."
Ohka had perched herself high on one of the tree branches and had watched as the mist had gathered, though with no previous knowledge of this planet, didn't know what it meant. But one thing was for certain, 'demon' almost always meant trouble. She now stood up and drew her new sword, a long katana, and held it backwards so it arched gleamingly behind her, shining in the moonlight.

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