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Sinku and Akara both let out a low whistle and Sinku smiled." Impressive fighting style elf ." Sinku charged forward slashing through two demons at the same time while Akara burned three away with a pulse of fire." Hey this is actually fun ."
Ohka laughed as she jumped back into the mass of demons. She lifted the newly formed body with a foot and tossed it high in the air, where it landed on a branch far out of reach and sight of the demons.

"Adam, right?" Ohka asked the newest member of the party. "I know a couple of people who could give you a run for your money," she said as she absent mindedly sliced a demon in half. "In fact, this place is in one of their districts." She now spun and sliced three demons cleanly in half and scared off a third.
The kitko sighed unable to question Wing he turned and followed. "Hey ,Wing, you remember the mist right? Same stuff that got you and me? This mist has the same feeling, like it's alive. Ever since we beat Blood I haven't felt right. I never received an antidote for the poison I took from you and it feels like I'm being haunted. He recapped his dream as they ran.
"Really?" Adam replied as he fought back to back with the coon dog. "And who would they be? I would like to meet theses 'people'." He looped the weapon over Ohka's head and two demons at once: one that was right in front of her and one that was leaping at his face. "Sorry babe, you just gotta keep on yer toes" he laughed. "Only a few more to go!"

OOC: I've already recieved questions about what a Landach is.
A landach can be simply described as a short pole (ranging from a foot and a half to two feet long) with swords attached to the ends.

Adam wields a three foot pole Landach. One sword is embedded with light, the other darkness. This balance of power is the crux to Adam's sucess and partly what makes him a master Landach wielder for dark and light are never supposed to mix, and harnessing both is a feat only few have managed in Telmaro.
Ohka laughed and swirled her sword around her, slicing a demon on either side in a flash so fast it seemed simultanious. "Don't worry, they're humans. Well, technically demons, but in their world there ain't much difference," she said. "And I'm suprised you haven't met Shira, but she doesn't tend to leave the dead realms much, even to fight compitition." She stabbed a demon through the chest and threw him at another, who then stumbled backwards and cause a sort of dominoe affect, until a few sliced there way through the first couple, causing one kill to become about five.
"What do you mean? He's long gone, Reign. I'm the one living in the past. The last thing I need is for you to join me..."
She didn't have long to ponder the dream. They had finally reached the tree, and for the moment the roots weren't moving, she dashed up the tree onto the first balcony.

Wing looked away from the slaughter of the demons with disgust. Supposedly, Seth had a plan... instead of idle chitchat while casually slaying demons, if the extent of said threat was true.
Reign accompanied his mate to the balcony. "whatever it is it's stirring. I'm afraid for what's to come." He drew a cloth and dabbed at the trickle flowing from his chained arm. He was just about to drop the rag when he glanced at a black spot where his blood should have been. "Black?"
More concerned about the current fight, Wing's eyes casually wandered over... She gazed from the dattered liquid to his arm, then quickly her eyes lit up to meet his.

"Reign..." A wisp of fear stained her voice. "What is this?"
Reign's hand began to shiver. "I-... I don't know" He timidly unwound the heavy chain from his arm and dropped it. It made a loud clinking sound as it struck. Reign ran his fingers over a shallow graze on his shoulder where the black liquid slowly drained. A large mass of black sludge boiled from the wound then sealed it tight leaving a thin green scratch mark where the wound was. it began to burn severely and Reign fell to his knees clutching his shoulder.
It was supposed to be gone! All gone! There hadn't been any sign of the poison since...

"Reign! Hold still!" She carefully pinned him and nicked the just-healed scratch with her sword, then did the same to his other shoulder.

She watched intently as the blood dewed out for any signs of red, purity...
Reign struggled a little as she approached with her sword "What are you-" too late she nicked him first on the left which sealed just like before but his right shoulder bled a dull crimson. Seeing that he wasn't completely done for he quickly ripped the massive chain from the floor and tightly bound his left arm. He looked at Wing in dispair.
OOC: DID OHKA JUST PUNT BOURBON? ACT LIKE A LADY! lol XD jk jk talk2hand Seriously, he's tender right now! *sniffles*

Boutbon's shoulder twitched and his eye lids fluttered, "I hear sweet warm voices...a tree...a home..." He rolled onto his side and heard a pop. "Always the hips first..."Then another pop, but this time it was that of his sweet sweet Strawberry Tonic. "Cheers..." A drink and then a time to recover.
It was over. It was all over a long, long time ago. There was no reason it should come up again. Why this? Why now?

She knelt to his level and wrapped her arms around him. "Reign..." She shook her head. "No...No!"

The tears came, but she didn't really care at this point anymore.
He place a warm hand to the back of her neck. His jaw set grimly. Reign felt tears on his shoulder. "Hey please don't cry." He stroked her back reassuringly "I'll be fine..." He whispered trying to make himself believe it. He pulled her away so that he could stare into her eyes. "I promise" His eyes were bold but worried. there was no way to know what would happen. Maybe his sacrifice for her really would cost his life.
OOC// You guys keep role playing. We've wrapped up our conversation!

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