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After everyone had appeared out of the portal, Ulfang came spewing out of gate. He slid across the ground for a few feet before flipping to his feet. He rubbed his head while casually saying, "What'd i miss?."

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Seth laughed humouressly (don't know how to spell that). "I don't think you'd want to face a demon without the proper equipment. You'll all need weapon upgrades and only I can get em for you." He ignored their looks and continued. "It's nothing drastic, I just need to attach a life stone to one of your weapons." He held up the Telmaro sword which never left his side and showed them the green stone on the pommel. "This is all you'll need basically. As for you Reign I can forge some bracers for you to wear when we fight the things."
Reign's eyes fell to the scruffy hand wraps that tightly bound his scarred fists. "How about rings?" he asked, implying he didn't want to cover the bandages that had treated him so well.
"They'll take longer to make but since you're so worried about it I can forge them no sweat." He smiled then splapped himself on the forehead. "Damn it I'm reading thoughts again!"
Almost as if she herself was summoned, Lena landed gracefully on the ground near the others after jumping off of her Dragon of Light-Skye. She was silent as she saw Seth, Reign (whom she had only seen once), and a kitsune whom she had never seen before. All of their faces were expectant, waiting for her to say something, but she had become quite shy and she could not say a word. Instead of speaking, she turned to her dragon, Skye, and gestured with her hand letting him know he was free to wander around for the moment. Then, with a sigh, she faced the inevitable and turned back to the others and spoke. There was only one thing she could come up with to say. "..hello.."
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Sinku chuckled at the arrival of lena " Ah there she is ....hey seth how many of those emeralds do we need to make multiple weapons work?...." Sinku said looking at the four weapons that he had brought with him .
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Wing lightly rolled her eyes. Seth's telepathy powers could be quite the burden sometimes...
The kitsune knight gave a friendly nod to the she-wolf and her dragon.

"Ever such the hero, Sinku..."

Wing held up her sword--It glinted in the sunlight. Whaat, after all the things her trusty sword and she had been through, Seth insisted on a change?

Well, they were in a different world; it wouldn't really hurt, she supposed...

"I assume you have a surplus of these gems, Seth?"
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"Hey can ya blame me ...last time I went somewhere unarmed things didn't go so well." Sinku said with a nervous chuckle and a low whistle.
Then, Sinku's sister, Ohka appeared out of thin air. "Sorry I missed the portal," she said as she returned her silver revolver to it's holster on her hip. "Twilight was being a bum," she explained. "Anywho, what'd I miss?" she asked, now looking around the circle at all the gathered people, all of which she hadn't seen in quite some time.
"Always. Follow me" he replied and took off into the air. He made sure everyone was following him before he zoomed off towards the tree. A few minutes later they were standing at the base of Savior's Beginnings: the tree that had been the home of Aradin since their founding. To bluntly compare the sizes between the tree on Khaos Island and Telmaro was that this tree made the Khaos tree look like a sprout or even a twig.
He walked into the forge and came out with the appropriate emeralds.
"Mind you this is only a minor change. I only need to attach the emeralds to your weapons and you'll be able to combat demons. As for your weapons Sinku, you can have multiple, but it'll take longer to fuse four weapons. I suggest having only one weapon to fight demons with. It's not like everything requires an emerald to kill. Of course I'll have to fire up the ol' kiln and that'll take time since merely shifting the flames isn't enough. You guys can chill out in the main antechamber if you like. There's food in the larder and plenty for all. The farm's been going great and I have loads of surplus crops. Now that you've digested all this information I'll need the weapons for fusion."
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Sinku whipped out his black mythril sword " This one will do for now but i'll need another one for my light katana as well." Sinku said with a smile as he jabbed the blade into the ground so seth wouldn't have to handle the weapon to much." Don't want you getting hurt trying to handle it."
"sure thing" Seth replied and snapped his fingers. The blades vanished and reappeared inside the forge.
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Sinku smirked and leaned against the tree trunk and formed an ice fire ball in his hand and began to manipulate it's size to pass the time.
Wing was more than a little hesitant about the forge; the sword wasn't exactly made of metal, or simply just a weapon...

"Could you just give me an emerald, Seth? I can attach it without the forge; it's quite simple if you'd let me." She held out her weapon, and one of the many feathers at the hilt unfurled for fastening of one of the gleaming objects.
Lena watched everything that went on with curious eyes and glanced down at her own weapon, her flute, in her hand. She wondered if the same thing would have to be done to hers...yet she kept quiet for the moment.

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