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The plains seemed to stretch forever. The scenery was flat and nearly featureless for miles in every direction. The Eldar Wood was now only a faint green blur against the dust and yellowing grass of the plains. Adam and Seth would often trade glances as they walked. "There is indeed something wrong here," Adam whispered, "Even during the dry of summer the plains are rich and green." Seth nodded and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Restoring the barriers had been taxing enough, and he had no clue how to restore an entire plain. Small clouds of dust puffed from everyone's feet as they walked on, gathering on clothing and on fur. "Well at least we'll blend in with the landscape" Adam remarked dryly as he spat to clear his mouth of the dust.
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Sinku squinted to keep the dust out of his eyes." Well this brings back some memories for me." He said with a slight laugh while keeping his hands near his weapons should he need them.
After a few hours of walking, the grass began to grow green. After cresting a hill Seth suddenly stopped. Rolling hills of green dotted with yellows and whites stretched to the horizon before his eyes against a deep blue sky. A small soliatary shape could be seen slightly to the north east but to Seth's elf eyes the shape seemed to be slowly moving. "This is spooky," he said as he turned around to stare back at the dusty yellow sky and yellow-brown dirt they had trekked through earlier.
Reign looked back from the direction they came from and to where they were going. "Did the landscaper just give up or something?"
"No, something did this, and I suspect the daemons have something to do with it" Adam replied. He looked across the green side of the plain. "Oi, that group is getting closer. I think it's horsemen." A distant glint of sun reflecting off metal confirmed this as the riders, by some mysterious signal, immediately changed direction: straight for Furry Fury.
Crystael shielded her eyes as she walked facing the sun. She saw a group of horsemen suddenly change direction, and she looked to see why. After a moment, she spotted at group of travelers.
Reign groaned tightening his fists. "Here we go again..."
After a few minutes the horsemen drew near. Seth raised a hand in greeting but the grim faced soldiers showed no response. They formed a silent semi-circle around the group with spears at the ready. Seth raised an eyebrow, "What business do you have with us?" The men shifted uncomfortably but remained silent. Seth tried again, "What business do you have with us?" A man dressed in black rags and a hood dismounted from his horse. His black rags were killing clothes: the rags served to break up his shadow at night, making him harder to see. However, Seth found it an interesting choice seeing as there was still a few hours of light left in the day.

Another man, the leader of the company, rode forward. "What's the meaning of this?!" he challenged the man in black, "You didn't tell us you were looking for the Savior! Do you have a death wish or something? We are not following through with this!" The man in black chuckled, his voice seemed unusually high as if it were being disguised. "Very well then, here's half for the escort. Thank you for your assistance." A bag of money hit the commander in the face, knocking him to the ground. "You b***h!" he snarled as he resumed his seat on the horse, but he took no action. Seth raised an eyebrow, "Interesting swear considering he's talking to a man....or is that guy really a woman? I really can't tell with the mask and if she is a woman she's probably disguised it." The company moved out leaving Furry Fury alone with the man in black. "Really now, such foul language" he said as he scratched at his hood. "Anyways, to business." He removed his gloves to reveal six sparkling rings on his fingers, each with a different colored stone. Four rings were on one hand and two were on the other. He drew two daggers from his belt. "I'm sorry, it's nothing personal but my master would be most pleased if you were dead so without further distraction....." He charged.

"What the~?" Seth sidestepped the attack, drawing his sword in the same motion. The assassin threw a dagger at Reign and drew another in almost the same motion. He leap into the air and threw both at Crystael, again drawing two more almost instantly. "Well well well, he wasted no time" Adam commented as he got ready to spear the assassin out of the air.
Crystael saw the daggers coming just in time to avoid them. She looked at the scene before her and decided it best to help as much as she could. She took out her bow, aimed two arrows, and shot, all in about five seconds. She watched the arrows sail, sure that they would hit their target.
Reign hung his head to one side allowing the dagger to pass. A scowl stretched across his face at the all too obvious attack. The black clad figure now had it's back to Reign. The monk rushed the attacker. He figured if he could land on the assassin from this angle it would be an efficient take down and would also make interrogation possible without any unnecessary bloodshed.
The assassin somersaulted over Adam's landach, landing next to him. Adam was forced to take a step back to compensate for the length of his weapon but the assassin cartwheeled away as Reign made his attack, countering the strike with a numbing blow to Reign's wrist with his foot. "He's fast. We need to corner him somehow to end this quickly" Adam commented as he cautiously followed the assassin waiting for the perfect moment. The assassin targeted Wing next, swapping his daggers for short katanas mid cartwheel. He launched into a maelstrom of quick stabs and cuts, all aimed for Wing's vitals, taking steps forward as he did so to increase the pressure.
Reign was in front of his mate in a flash. This assassin was a nuisance. Reign endured the attacks meant for Wing the pressed his body against the blades locking them into his chest cavity. "You'll have a hard time killing without these." Reign launched his open hand to clasp the attacker's throat. The only way the foe could escape the grapple would be to leave the blades protruding from Reign's chest.
"Not really," the assassin replied. The red ring glowed and Reign's chest was consumed with fire. The assassin pulled out his weapons by using Reign's body as a brace and jumping away, taking the swords with him. "What the hell? This guy's human! How is he using elements?" Adam shouted. He locked blades with the assassin but was immediately driven back by a gust of wind. "Damn, that one contained sickles" he thought as deep cuts appeared on his arms and torso. Seth rushed the assassin but at the last second he changed direction with an earth pillar. Using, two more pillars, he used the third to launch him, sword facing forward, to the assassin's back. However, he was knocked out of the air by another earth pillar. He rolled briefly but used the momentum to regain his footing. The assassin smiled and flashed his rings in the sunlight. "Those were some impressive moves Savior, but sadly they require you to perform motions or store energy so I see them coming well in advance. It's too bad your powers are bound to the earth's life energy. I bet if the plains were well you would be going all out to defeat me. I, however, am not bound by such limitations." He licked the blue ring and winked as he was surrounded by a massive swirling wall of water.
Reign scoffed. "No one can just fight anymore. Always with the shenanigans and the stupid mage tricks... I hate mages" he smothered the fire on his body his skin tingling from the burns.

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