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The fluffs fluttered and lifted languidly and non-threateningly into the air, landing under the tree beneath Reign in the shape of something like a peach (like thus: http://www.fotobank.ru/img/SF06-3383.jpg?size=l ) . cheese_whine
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"For your information" Seth growled. "The tree IS protected or was. The earthquakes must have done something to the defenses. There shouldn't be any demons here period. And to answer your question. I can't use protective magic. Also, I'm not the only elf here. And finally, the demons haven't made a dent in the bark so they aren't really succeeding in their attack are they?"
"Seven Barrier Lock" Seth mumbled. Seven pillars of emerald sprang up and barred the entrance and seven pillars of emerald sprang up inside the entrance hall leading to the main antechamber.
"That's my defense for the tree." Seth growled as he hacked his way through another demon. "After this is done we'll go check the barriers."
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku ran over to a near by tree with a demon close behind and jumped off the trunk and sliced the demon clean in half with one sword as he spun upon landing sliced through another with the other blade. " Hey seth just how many of these things are there right now anyway?!"
"They're thinning, but with a full moon out tonight......like every night. Who knows how many? More may arrive, drawn to the power levels coming from here. It's happened before when the barriers were down, and that was caused by.......tampering from a large enemy of mine now no more. I suspect the earthquakes have something to do with this now."
Seth sighed in frustration. The defenses were working perfectly and the demons were only fighting in the area he was. In fact they seemed to be.....congregating.
Oh no what have I done? he thought. "Everyone back inside!" Seth roared and he leaped into the upper branches to survey the process. They're almost done. Why was I so stupid? I should have seen this coming! he made sure Sinku and Wing were making it okay seeing they were the ones still down amongst the demons.
"I've got the feeling those quakes aren't quite natural," Ohka said as she sliced cleanly through another demon. "My twilight powers are acting up, which usually indicates serious disturbances." She flipped out of the reach of another demon as she sliced through one dropping down on her. "And what exactly's going on?" she asked as she followed him inside.
Reign stared confused at the peach. "Begone demon" He swatted it with the back of his hand sending it rolling off the tree. He began an ascent from branch to branch calling to Wing as he rose. Suddenly his foot was caught. He looked back to a mist demon gripping triumphantly to his leg. He gave the demon the same confused almost annoyed look. "Away from me!" he yelled, dramatically as he swung his foot violently. The demon lost it's grip and fell helplessly down into the mist. As if on cue another demon fell from several branches above. After a startled stare Reign's eyes followed where the creature had fallen and caught a glimpse of snow colored fur. He hustled on all fours up the tree to where Wing stood. He sat on his haunches breathing heavily and gasped the words "Fancy... Meeting You... Here"
The dandelion fluffs rolled down the breeze and through the grass, falling in the shape of a hand. Stretching out, digging its claws into the soil. It's colors changed with the dirt; brown to black. then the golden puffs trailed downwards turning orange. Tribal beads and bracelets appeared with the puffs dripping off the arm like sweat beads. Now there was one fox arm, dug into the dirt, twitching.
"They're combining with eachother, kinda like those cyborgs we fought on the ship except much more potent. When a certain number of lesser demons fuse together you get a Demon Lord. These are like demons on crack and they're viciously hard to kill. It took all of the Aradin to take the last one down. That's why our Order was formed in the first place: to make sure no more demon lords fouled the soil of Telmaro."
"Then shouldn't we be killing them?" Ohka asked from beside Seth. "I mean, if they're becoming something ugly, why are we letting them?"
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku nodded in agreement with his sister but then a huge blast shot right over sinku's ears followed by a thunderous gun shot striking the converging demons ,not killing them but scattering them back out." What the hell was that.....there's only one guy I know that has that kind of fire power......Akara!....Where the heck are you?"
"Right behind you." Akara said almost mockingly as he appeared out of the shadows behind sinku. " ginda noticed you guys seemed to be in a spot of trouble so I decided to help." He said as he shucked the still smoking shell out of his gun." I call those apocalypse shells .....kinda stole the idea from you but put my own twist on it."
Sinku shook his head as he lobbed a fire ball right into the mouth of one of the demons blowing it's head clean off." Well don't just stand there ....do something your highness!"
Akara shrugged and looked at seth." By the way where am I...one second I'm in my castle and the next I'm in the middle of a huge forest.....what's up with that?"
(Tcht, my bad.) She thought nonchalantly to Seth.

"Fancy... Meeting You... Here."

The silly furball had clambered up to join her. How long had he been down there...looking...up...

A thunderous gunshot shook the branches. "Quick, Reign! We've got to get back to Seth's tree!"

Oddly enough, she was thankful for the distraction.
The arm expanded, a body seemingly rising out of the earth. A shoulder attached to a neck, covered in the same pumpkin orange as the arm's elbow length. Eyes that were wide, frightened and blue, appeared beneath honey brown locks that draped over the forehead of the fox. He kept looking onward as his muzzle formed, waggling his jaw to try to make noise. At last he gained all the necessary parts to scream...and he did.

"Help! In the name of whatever sick deity allows this stuff to keep happening to me, someone get me some legs!" Just then, Bourbon heard a thunderous gunshot... "Akara?" He thought, "I saw Reign here...but he thought I was a Demon..." Here his inner monologue was pouting. "Come to think of it, he's never saw my Dandelion Spirit..." Then he saw them, Reign and Wing together in the near distance. "C'mon legs...sprout some roots...by now I should be in germination but my body seems to reacting slower to nature here...wait..."His eyes narrowed,

"Whats that? Who am I? I'm Bourbon...Oh wait, you remember me? I'm distant from home? Oh crap...I'm going to have to do THAT again? ...At least my bottle of strawberry is here to..." Bourbon reached down to grab his beloved Strawberry Tonic, but alas, the bottle was strapped to his non-existant thigh. "**** my life..."

Bourbon took out a dagger from his tunic and bit down hard on the handle. His body suddenly spasmed and contorted and his legs seemingly shot out from beneath his body and tiny spindles of plant life sank into the dirt from his follicles. He was screaming, but nothing came out, only pollen and dust as his body acclimated itself to the nature of this new world.

Suddenly a demon leaped towards the horrendous sight, hissing threateningly. Bourbon merely looked at the fiend and his eyes, glowing yellow and green, flashed with rage, sending a earthen wall up to block and pummel the thing

Soon, it was over, and Bourbon lay helpless on the earth...hoping that either it or someone else would protect him as he fainted from pain. Again.
The shell blew the mass away and the demons were forced back to their basic forms.
"NOW we can start attacking again" Seth said though he felt kind of foolish. Of all the dumb things you've done now you have to go and let a Demon Lord form right in front of your house! Where the hell are the Aradin? he thought.
As if to answer his question five demons suddenly vanished into nothing as their bodies were hewed in half. A familiar face appeared next to him.
"Geez son if you needed help that bad you should have just called."
"Leave me alone Adam I'm not in the best of moods right now." Seth growled.
Adam merely shrugged. "Shall we stand here jawing or are we gonna fight?"
"I recomend you shut your mouth and help me. Let's try the Dragon's Rage technique" Seth said and jumped into the middle of the horde with Adam following closely.
He took a deep breath and when Adam was ready he exhaled furiously. Fire erupted from his mouth and ignited all demons nearby. They slowly turned in a circle to allow the flames to reach more demons.
"Ah that felt good" Seth laughed as he jumped slicing into the mass.
"Kids these days" Adam murmured as he drew his only weapon, a Landach.
He immediately went into a complicated combat technique. The Landach spun round and round in his grip as the blades sliced through multiple demons all at once.
Light and Dark flashed from the blades as he looped the pole around his head, around his right leg, and spinning back in his hands.

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