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i remember about 6 years ago i saw my friend reading the dbz manga. then 4 years later i started reading naruto and then that got me into love hina and after that the rest is history.
Video Girl Ai *-* I heart Moemi XD~
Well thats hard to say what was my first one... I bough Chobits 1-2 and Demon Diary at the same time xD, but I read the Demon Diary first if that counts ^-^

And I have to say I am so glad I bought them, now I am totally hooked on manga ^-^
My girlfriend got me started on Battle Royale and I love it!! Once I'm done w/ the manga I'm gonna read the novel, which i hear is really good smile
The first manga I ever bought was Rurouni Kenshin and I got into mangas because of a friend of mine. I already knew about anime though.
The first manga I have ever read was Diablo. It was awesome!
But right now I'm reading the Pet Shop of Horrors series^^
well i dont think i counts but the first manga i read was shonen jump
I think the first manga series I began to read was Sailor Moon. But the first series I collected and read all the way through was Chobits by CLAMP. I don't even remember what sparked my interest in manga... probably a friend or someone I admired.
my first manga was d.n angel vol 8. Dark rockz rofl !!!!!!!
My first manga?... I think it was Zelda: Ocarina of Time( game) then Cowboy Bepop (anime) sweatdrop
my first manga was No Need for Tenchi when it first came out in that big bulky form and when it was $15 a book.
First manga - Fruits Basket

Who introduced me - I knew about manga for a long time before I started reading it. I lived in Hawaii, and the culture there is at least half Japanese. My friends introduced me to Furuba and got me hooked.
My favorite manga was Fruits Basket. I was introduced to it by a friend, who was reading it in class. I picked it up and started reading it, and then also read her second one. Pretty soon, we were trying harder and harder to get the rest of the books. Now we've read up to the ninth one. I think I've kind of lost interest in it, though. sweatdrop
My first manga was evangelion. Some people of the school introduced it^^
ooooh my first was peach girl
for some reason i like it a lot... it's kind of like a tv drama... especially the second series.. change of hearts

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