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My First Manga was probably Shaman King...it was long ago and i read a lot so I don't remember much... sweatdrop
my first was....im ashamed to say it....Pokemon! BUT I LUV THERE THEME SONG SOOOOOOO MUCH
My first manga was sailormoon! heart redface
My first manga was Cowboy Bebop.
My first manga was... Sailor Moon!~ Or Tokyo Mew Mew? Maybe Kodocha! Well, they are all super good! ninja
my 1st mang was Naruto it was awesomethen case closed ,then mar, then hunterxhunter, thengamerz heaven(like noone has heard of that manga) and finallyJing
naruto is the best but i wish they would make the anime better
naruto is the best but i wish they would make the anime better

The anime is great! My very first manga was Inuyasha, then Mai the phycic Girl, (that is one of the awesomest manga ever) Then Yu-Gi-Oh, Then One piece.
The first manga I bought was Magic Knight Rayearth. The first manga that got me hooked was Fruits Basket. One of my friends introduced me to manga and I have not looked back. biggrin
My first manga was Shaman King
My first manga was on... let's see.. um, Tuesday. ^^ My friend is lending me her Fruits Basket manga..s.. I'm on the 5th one right now. biggrin She just told me it was cool and well... I got hooked. 3nodding
My first manga was Maison Ikkoku. ^^ Started me off onto loving all of Rumiko Takashashi's works.
It was Fruits Basket the O sooo holy Fruits Basket

he, coincidentally I'm a boy
One of the yugioh books... Never like them that much....

OMG PEACH GIRL!!!!!! That was the one that got me interested. For younger veiwers, it has explicit content... teens and up. ( Allthe fan letters were written by 11 year olds though e_e ( Planning to buy them anyway... )

Uh, My friend Alexei introduced me to The yugioh books. He still remains a fan of them....
my first manga was King of Hell (it's funny ^^). My friend decided I 'needed some culture', and demanded I start reading manga after she finally managed to get me to watch an anime (now i am addicted to both items).

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