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my first manga was Ranma 1/2!! no...wait...I think it was either Ranma1/2 or Ah My Goddess...........

i eventually sold them to my friend because i don't read them anymore............
i kinda miss it now><
heart Mine was love hina heart I want to keep reading more magna though.
alice 19th got it from my friend...but i bought my first manga book was ultra maniac and guruguru pon-chan
My first was Love Hina. My friend kept nagging me to read it and over the summer I just decided to.
My first read manga: sailor moon sweatdrop
First intrest:sailor moon, digimon, and pokemon. redface
How I was introduced: TV, I just liked watching it(ever since elementary)
Extra: I just liked drawing, and I have a talent, so I just drew manga. I didnt find out what kindof drawings I was draw or what anime and manga were until some one complamented my drawing in 6th grade. Then they asked me if I was into anime and manga. Wierd.
My first ever? I really can't say they were was one that was was first becuase it was in Shonen Jump... so I guess it would be Shaman King, Naruto, and Yu-gi-oh
My first manga is POKEMON or DRAGONBALL!! 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
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First manga: Sailormoon

I liked the TV series (it was the only anime on TV at the time I got into it) and I was at the mall and saw a comic book store. I went in and saw Sailormoon in comic form, so I boughtt he first one and I was hooked. I still need SuperS 2 and 3, other than that, I have them all.

Then I got all of the Rayearth manga, then all the Bakuretsu Hunter manga. Now I am collecting Inuyasha manga. I have 23 so far.
mine was chobits,
i think i started in grade 5...
but I changed to more shonen titles later on and now I'm a fan of ranma 1/2
4laugh my first manga is sailor moon or pita ten! heart
Mine was MARS heart I really like the romance ones.
My very first manga was the Sushi Girl. 3nodding Its been sitting on my self for years..o.o
My first manga was Sailor Moon and Inuyasha...and ever since then my manga collection grew and grew and grew... @.@
I was really curious about buying manga recently.. I started with Barefoot Gen and in less than a month I've spent about 62 on the stuff....

I think my first was sadly, pokemon. But I didn't call it anime nor did I call it manga, I called it comics and cartoons. I do make mangas that don't get popular(yet) because I only share it in the imediate area(friends). I have read SO many good mangas and have so many good Ideas. My brother manages them and I make them.
A big problem I have is not having a colored scanner and not having a scanner at home, not having a copier at home and the only one I have is not colored. I have no clue how to make specail effects but I and no newbie to the computer. My friend has had his scanner for two years, it is a copier(color) a scanner(color) and a printer(color) all at the same time and he doesn't know how to use his scanner and I do. It is sad.

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