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My first manga was the Cardcaptor Sakura series. It is an ADORABLE series and i'm still hooked on it! blaugh
The first manga I've read was Time Stranger Kyoko by Arina Tanemura.
my first maga was sailor moon
my first manga was Sailor Moon i loved it. i think i didnt watch any manga since then untill like a half year ago that i started to watch Serial Experiments Lain, now its like an addiction lol biggrin
i also like Wolfs Rain, Vandread, Hellsing, and stuff like that.
My first manga ever was Chobits! CLAMP rocks!!
My first manga was Ranma 1/2.
DN Angel was the first Manga I bought...
my first manga was One Piece. domokun *wrarr*
the first manga for me was Furuba heart i am still very much hooked on it biggrin
my first manga is fake, i was awsome
Video Girl Ai and Love Hina *-*
Heyo! My first manga was Chobits. It sparked my interest and I have the entire series. I saw two of the DVDs but I don't own any. I'm a guy, but I still loved it. Any others out there?
My first manga was....Card Captor Sakura, I think... redface
I think my first was Magic Knights Rayearth. I used to watch the Anime and got obsessed with the book. x]
First manga: Megaman NT warrior #1

the person who introduced me to manga: Mike Cope and Corey Shultz they both read hellsing and love hina in school.

well i do remember the day that i got my first manga since i walk through a bookstore looking for another book and went in the wrong isle (the manga isle) and saw that one and bought it which i got a free card with it for under 8 bucks.

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