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Angelic Star

Mine was gold today and the prizes were especially worthless today emotion_drool
I guess it's just something they implemented to show that you get the 6+ day bonus.
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Bashful Shoujo

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On 4 of the 6 pages i got an error when i clicked on the DC, i mean i still got the item/gold but it and the error closed but still... Really weird stuff.

It didn't happen on World or Games though.
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Invisible Student

I got it too.
My first thought was 'oh, special DC? Maybe nicer items - *clicks* *cargo pants* *clicks* *4th amigo pants* *clicks* *alien mask* *clicks* *gold* *clicks* *butterfly* *clicks* *tokens* - ...guess I was wrong.
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Devoted Loiterer

I have a gold one today, too.
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Bloodthirsty Pumpkin

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I was wondering why it was gold myself. xD
I suppose it just means you'll have a better chance at the rarer stuff.

I kind of got slightly better rewards, but nothing special. Either way, I like that (if it is like this) it shows your log-in bonus in that color and tells you you have a larger chance at getting lucky lol.
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Manly Hunter

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At first I thought, oh gold? maybe this one is special. Then I got tokens out of it...and then every one of them was gold too, and I was like ok nothing different XD.
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Blessed Lunatic

I was assuming it was a delayed recognition of the 6+ days thing, since I did get slightly better items yesterday and this morning (no pants or masks at all!).
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Aged Prophet

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I just got a alien mask

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Sparkly Fairy

Yeah mine were gold today as well. I like the look.
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Man-Hungry Elocutionist

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Yeah, mine turned gold today too. ...I got excited, thinking that I was going to be getting a rare item, but I just got the stupid crap I always get... - -;
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Frozen Cutie-Pie

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Mermaid Eater
On 4 of the 6 pages i got an error when i clicked on the DC, i mean i still got the item/gold but it and the error closed but still... Really weird stuff.

It didn't happen on World or Games though.

Something saying "Parsing Daily Chance AJAX error" ? Because I got something like that from every DC I clicked. They still opened though, after I closed the error message. Weird stuff...
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Hallowed Spirit

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I like whatever they changed. I just got 10,000 and babydoll socks.

And the yellow certainly draws the eye, so it's easier to remember...and care. blaugh
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Shirtless Loverboy

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I just got 777 gold from this one and it comes with a different text:

User Image

I dunno if it holds any significance though...
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Demonic Mage

That was funny because that was the first thing that I saw and I was thinking in my mind, ''I'm sure that the Daily Chance machine was red before. Why is it gold now? Oh, I like it anyway.''
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Timid Gaian

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[.w.; i like the new color... it kind of sticks out more~ but not too harsh for the eyes...
though ^^-'; maybe i'm the only one bit i hope they do a different color for each number of days you've logged in...
.w.; i know that's a lot to ask but i think it'd be cute *nods*]

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