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Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/05/2020 4:53 am
Shadow Belmonte
Happy birthday! yum_cupcake emotion_kirakira
LaingCaster Report | 09/09/2019 11:23 pm
Hey there, just wanted to tell you your avatar is extremely adorable. Have a good day! heart
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/05/2019 1:06 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Happy birthday! emotion_kirakira

Shadow Belmonte Report | 12/30/2018 2:42 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Yeah, I do like it, it has attitude. emotion_kirakira
And thanks!

Now, if only I looked this cool in real life.
instead of being a sickly person with a box of tissues wishing for another weekend off of work because I want a do-over. lol
/ crosses arms and glares
/ pause
/ grabs a tissue and a cough drop
...i am still bamf okay emotion_0A0
Lockstep Report | 12/30/2018 12:24 pm
henlo Kim~
christmas was alright here, how about yours?
Shadow Belmonte Report | 12/30/2018 10:29 am
Shadow Belmonte
Thanks for the gift!
It's really awesome!
I love how it adds to the tough-guy vibe that I really like!
I definitely like it!
Thank you!
Shadow Belmonte Report | 12/22/2018 2:16 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Psh, more like become the goddess of wadding up shreds of wrapping paper. rofl
I just didn't know what to get anyone, so I didn't get my shopping done until the very last minute, so - wrapping at the very last minute.
I need to be like that - start super early, don't deal with it later.

That's what I used to do when people would just give me a basic card with the same thing on it.
But this time, she gave me a gift, so I wanted it to be more than basic this time.

My sister's dog is a hyperactive, spoiled, and stubborn brat.
She's an English bulldog, got that stubborn bulldog personality.
I'm just mean and say she got that personality from my sister. XD

And yeah - new toys.
She is a definite toy eater, so toys never last long.
I'm sure she'll enjoy a flood of them, though I hope they last a longer time than I expect. sweatdrop

That's hilarious and adorable!
What kind of dog is he?
What a cute trick!
/ showers him with treats
_Mya_Kohler_ Report | 12/22/2018 8:25 am
Thank you! heart
Shadow Belmonte Report | 12/22/2018 4:44 am
Shadow Belmonte
I've not even started on my family's presents - that's for tonight. x-x
Teach me your ways in getting things done early. XD

And I kind of got a serious card, so I'm trying to put a serious message.
A 'thanks for everything' kind of card.
But writing to others is so darn difficult. x-x!

Yeah, that's relatable.
I still miss my own dog at Christmas, so much stuff to remind me.
And yeah, her dog's gonna be feeling quite happy, I'm sure.
Me and my mom are going to do the same to my sister's dog; we've bought her toys and treats. XD
Shadow Belmonte Report | 12/22/2018 4:34 am
Shadow Belmonte
Busy with wrapping presents.
Trying to put something down on a card for a coworker.
Cards are the worst, takes me like, five years. XD

How about you?
How are you doing?

About Kim

Hi there! It's nice to meet you and thank you so much for visiting my profile. I suppose you will be wanting to know about me now, right? Well, I'm Kim or Kimberley whichever you prefer to call me, I don't mind. I'm 28, I'm short (5 foot 3), and I'm shy in real life, but not on the internet. I come from the United Kingdom, and love animals a lot. I have a dog called Mischo. I love him so much that I can't begin to describe how much he makes me smile every single day. We rescued him from a garage.That also applies to my Gran's dog Blue. Blue was found wandering the street in Scotland so my gran took him in from a rescue center. Animals are the best. They really are. Moving on, for siblings I have a brother called Mitchell who is younger than me as well as a brilliant mum. I do have a dad as well but my brother and I don't see him much. I'd say we see him once in a blue moon, which is fine, since I still have my mum and my great family.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This is a picture of my rescue dog. He's big but a gentle giant. His name is Mischo and we rescued him from a garage. He's a great addition to the family.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This is my special baby Pigeon. He sadly passed away on June the 1st. This is a newish picture. I think he looks lovely in this one. I miss him a lot.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This is my dwarf hamster. He is called Crumpet and he enjoys playing on his wheel. Recently passed away. I miss him a lot as well.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This is a picture of my gran's rescue dog. He is called Blue and he's a joy to have in the family.

I enjoy walking on the park, watching movies, listening to music, etc.

My two main favourite bands are Queen and Duran Duran. However, I do like other music but I just don't feel like listing them right now. Anime music is top of my list. I mostly listen to that nowadays.

I have a lot of favourite movies such as Labyrinth, Dirty Dancing, etc. I'm very much into classic Disney as well. I love Beauty and the Beast as well as other classic Disney movies. However, I personally class Beauty and the Beast as my favourite out of them all, it's amazing.

As far as television shows go, I absolutely love The Walking Dead, Gotham, Supernatural and last but not least Peaky Blinders on BBC two.

Then there’s anime. I have far too many to list that I like. However, Attack on Titan would have to be my absolute favourite anime. It’s brilliant and the whole concept of titans and humans is interesting to me.

Anyway, I reckon that is all for this about me section. However, if you want to know more about me, leave me a profile comment.

Oh and of course I love posting in the word games forum because we are all like one big brilliant virtual family. That's silly, I know, but I do feel like we are. :>

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. <3

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Group shot of Kim with her word gamer friends.

Not done by me, but for me.