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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Perhaps this is just the precursor to adding in the new items and such, finally, into the DC. Maybe you will receive a shot at these special items if your DC machine is gold once everything is implemented?

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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I thought it was a special one because I got this,but now I think it was a normal color change. emo

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Milk Kittea
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Interesting! I didn't notice it until the OP pointed it out. Here's what the gold Daily Chance looks like.

User Image

Very fancy, heh. xD

Omg it is so cuttttte.
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I don't think mine was gold this morning...although I don't quite remember as I'm usually pretty sleepy when getting it.
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I kinda hoped it "leveled up" for consecutive days logged in.
Then that led me to think that there were higher echelons for 30+ days/180+ days/360+ days; and the ending one would be rainbow and flashy. o,o
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I noticed the gold Daily Chance too! I thought that I was about to get something really cool and was disappointed when I got 10g, haha. I think I like it better red. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the new daily chance overhaul as it is, it looks too...I don't know, weird for me. I got so used to the other one and that one took me a while to get use to as well.

I think it would be cool if gold DID represent a special/rare item, but then it'd also kinda take away from the surprise.
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all I got was 10-50 gold and tokens and flowers -.- yay Gaia!
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♫♫ I saw that as well this afternoon!I thought it was the same thing too buuuut I just ended up getting more alien masks and ink. User Image
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mine turned orange but no item improvement today, maybe there will be tomorrow.
when i first saw it i was hoping it would be awesome or like a once gaia cash thing then it would turn red again.
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I got the gold one today as well, but it showed up recently. It was still red this morning. I don't know what it means but personally, I'm so used to seeing the red DC that this really throws me off. sad I liked the red one.
I hope they gradually add more awesome prizes. One can only have so many amigo pants, ufo masks and newspapers rofl
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I just got a Honorable Black Door, so yay?
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Hmm, interesting.

I haven't noticed a color change; but that is likely due to me using the 'draw all' BetterGaia feature... so i only ever see the homepage one and draw everything without seeing the other DCs.

I'd love it if you could chose the color of the DC to suit your style, instead of just the red or now gold.

If we play a PvP HoC and I forfeit on turn one, it is only because I refuse to play against someone who has forfeited against me more than twice mid game, or someone who shows complete ignorance toward this game and community. This is the only reason I will ever forfeit. [Excluding the obvious power or internet outage]
HoC card packs are just that, 'packs', not 'decks'. They are called packs in the tab to purchase them, in their descriptions and in nearly all of their names; there is no reason at all to get this incorrect.
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I got a golden Daily, but nothing special. What does it meaaaaan? D:
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

I'm actually glad that they would add a gold one as a feature.

It makes me think that they are doing it as one of the Facebook games where you go there for like 5 days in a row and you'll get better items. emotion_kirakira


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