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That day, for no particular reason,
I decided to go for a little run.

So I ran to the end of the road, and
when I got there, I thought maybe
I'd run to the end of town.

And when I got there...

...I thought maybe I'd just run across
Greenbow County. And I figured since
I run this far, maybe I'd just run
across the great...

..state of Alabama. And that's what
I did I ran clear across Alabama.

For no particular reason, I just
kept on going. I ran clear to the ocean.

And when I got there, I figured since
I'd gone this far, I might as well
turn around, just keep on going.

When I got to another ocean, I figured
since I've gone this far, I might as
well just turn back, keep right on going.

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Spoggle moss

this is here because i can


Instagram, mainly animals and nature

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Guild Gift art from novii (by Banana Maid)

Feel free to PM me if you ever need any species of anything IDed.

Ranger - Traveler - Biology Nerd - Pleb

Talk to me about inaturalist, or literally any cool species you come across



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blu parfait Report | 03/10/2024 8:39 pm
•═════⋅☾ ✭ ☽⋅═════•

Hiii! I saw your thread on CB and I just wanna stop by to say that you're the coolest person I've met on this site so far.
I really enjoy your storytelling and worm pics :3

Hope you have a wiggly week ahead

•═════⋅☾ if you're hunting for nudist colony & prayer circle achievement, please visit my thread ☽⋅═════•
TA-Regret Report | 02/15/2024 2:28 pm
nope nope nope that is MY bad not yours

there was nothing wrong with that pm.
you were very nice
and you put so much effort into that pm

idk what exactly i was doing. i was in my 2nd last yr of grad school at the time. november... is right around finals?
so i think i was busy w/ that

don't sell yourself short like that crying

u sound super nice and intelligent. be friends?
and forgive me for my transgressions? </3

i'll reply to your pm now LOL

i wasn't sure if i deleted my reply or if i just never replied. i usually try to reply to everyone. it's really rude not to
esp someone who put so much effort into a reply

forgive me, u didn't deserve that shade
TA-Regret Report | 02/15/2024 12:28 pm
i came to say hi. we shared a pm in 2019 :3

i was removing pm's inbox is near 100% sweatdrop
Geista Report | 02/07/2024 3:23 am
IDTS Report | 01/10/2024 4:08 pm
i'm totally using you right now to test the plat thing redface
Stephanie Blue cutie Report | 09/29/2023 10:54 pm
Hinonka Report | 06/28/2023 9:44 pm
Thx 4 buying ✨
Sailor Moon Report | 05/17/2023 3:30 am
Hello! This is super random ^ ^ emotion_sweatdrop
I was stalking threads with 'SD doll' in them and I currently have a Verge (which I've had close to 4 years now) I was thinking of trading in for TTT's but now reading some of your posts has made me re-think my choice sweatdrop I don't really know who to turn to when getting advice for this sort of thing v-v; I have had my own SD doll release on an old account which I now regret getting years ago, so I guess I don't want to make a choice which I'll regret.
Sorry if this is completely random, but your comments have helped sway my decision!
I deSert_InSomNiAc I Report | 04/19/2023 5:03 pm
I like your avi! mrgreen
Turkey Mama Report | 04/17/2023 2:05 pm