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Final Fantasy?

YAY! 0.48181818181818 48.2% [ 53 ]
MY FAVORITE! 0.44545454545455 44.5% [ 49 ]
Meh. 0.027272727272727 2.7% [ 3 ]
... 0.045454545454545 4.5% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 110 ]
Final Fantasy XII, Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, Fran, Basch, Lady Ashe, etc.
That was my first Final Fantasy game.
Another old one but I barely played it - it had Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and a few others.
My first was IX. Some people I had just started hanging out with showed me the fight with Hades on their PSX. Immediately decided that I must have it. I'm always disappointed when people put down IX simply because of the way its character's were animated. So what if they're pseudo-chibis? The story is top-notch and the gameplay was solid. biggrin
Mine was FFX-2, I borrowed it from a friend after playing Kingdom Hearts because I wanted to know where the fairy girls came from
That's how I got into Final Fantasy too! Kingdom Hearts got me interested.
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
I still have my old copy (and yes, it works!)
I enjoy the game, it was my first handheld game and the first time I ever got into Final Fantasy.
... Some of you may think that's a horrible way to be introduced, but at least it got me to get into the other games in the series.
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FF10 was my very first. I remember playing it in 6th grade and thinking I was so badass.
What was the first final fantasy game that you played?

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for the Super Nintendo
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FF7:Crisis Core
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I think it was either 3 or 2. U uU
Those were good times.

I don't think I beat either one, though. lol
my firts was ff13
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My first was A Final Fantasy X demo I played on PS2. I fell in love with it. I knew I had to have the game, so I got it for my birthday 2 weeks later.... I didnt put the game down for an entire year of my life.

You can imagine my reaction when I found out there were 50 OTHER GODDAMN GAMES.
Good old Final Fantasy Tactics on PS1. Wanted FFX but apparently my parents didn't understand and got me Tactics instead.
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Mine was FF X and Kingdom Hearts.
Final Fantasy X my friend was playing it and i ended up attached to the series.
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Final Fantasy X-2 was my first. I rented it and I had so much fun playing it.

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