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I have to say that March 2005 was my favorite: the introduction of the adorable (and bankable) KiKi Kitty.
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My favorite march collectible was the Kiki Kitty from March `05. I've never had one, nor even come close to it.

I'll admire it from afar, because I completely fell in love with it once I stared into those pixel perfect baby blue eyes and touched it's silky, pearl-white fur. I dream of giant Kikis every night since then, and gaze into those baby blue eyes of hers, hoping that she will be mine someday in the future.

I count Kikis to fall asleep at night, and stay up late at night, staring into the moon, wondering, "Does she think of me too?"

And I see her face in the night sky, her eyes twinkling brighter than any of the stars, smiling sweetly. I see her prance in a garden of white roses, petals dancing around her, as she sings merrily.

Those roses cannot compare to her beauty, proven by those passing Gaians, who turn back to stare in awe. She bats her eyelashes, and I can only stand there, with a stupid grin on my face and thinking how her fur is softer than any flower in Gaia.

Then I woke up and answered this thread. whee
My favorite MC ever?
After looking through them all again...it will always be the March 2004 MC. Both the penguin and baby seal slippers. I've liked them since I joined Gaia in '06, and they've always been a favorite of mine, even though I've never been able to get a pair of either of them. xD
I wear slippers with just about every outfit on my avi, and the two of them can go with just about every outfit I have. They're adorable in every way! You can wear them with a "serious" looking avi or a funny goofy one, and still look just as good.
I love the demonbow. I just do.
My favorite March collectable is the kiki kitty/coco plushie from 05. For some reason I feel like the most wanted items in the Gaia community came from that same year. There are items from other years I like too but I don't think 05 can be beat. I started my account with Gaia the following year and I completely missed my chance to get one. I almost wish I could go back in time so that I can get atleast 3 of them. Kiki has always been my favorite since I layed eyes on it. It holds every reason why I started Gaia in the first place. He's so adorable! One day I will have one and never sell it. Why wouldn't you want to!!! biggrin
Mochi the Puppy is my favorite March MC. It's the first item I ever saved up for, and when my account was hacked into and banned(not looking for sympathy, just stating the facts), it was the first thing I saved for on my new account. He's cute and works well when I've got regular old clothes equipped, and holds a special place in my heart <3.
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Kiki Kitty definitely.

Kiki was our first cat and our first plushie so she holds a special place in my heart. She is also such a classic Gaia icon! When I think of Gaia... Kiki is one of the first images that enter my mind. That and angel wings, coco, gwee, various NPC... :>
going for the march 2005 - Kiki Kitty.

simply because, i like cats. haha. besides, they're cute.
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March 2008's Samurai Yoroi because if Samurai were any more awesome, they'd be called Ninjas. Plus, scaring the crap out of unsuspecting people with a Samurai mask is fun. Wicked fun.
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My favorite would have to be the Baby Seal Slippers because they were one of my first donation items ever!

They're adorably white and fluffy and always look good with a blueish/pinkish/whitish avatar (like with my AFK!)
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My fav March MC, is the March MC of 2006 "Mochi The Puppy"
I love animals! The Mochi reminds me of my fav type of dog the Corgi! heart
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My favorite Monthly Collectible is the one I have on now, the Assassin's Guise. It's perhaps the first gun that I ever recall seeing on the site and because of that, I just had to get it. I've seen other guns on this site but I'll just stick to the original, the Assassin's Guise.
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I like the Kiki plushie. I don't have one but it's freakin' adorable and looks cute with a lot of avatars. Nope, holds no sentimental value for me (but neither does any of the other March collectibles) but I think it's definitely the one I would put on my avi if I had to choose.That is all. redface
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My favorite March MC item is an MC item from 2005: the KiKi Kitty plushie because it is so cute, it has become a icon of Gaia Online, and I totally can't afford it!
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I have always loved the Kiki Kitty Plushie! It is relatively simple and absolutely adorable in its own special way. Just look at those round blue eyes! biggrin

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