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Definitely the Kiki Kitty because it has a lot of sentimental value for me. It was one of the first items that I quested for once I started to become active again on Gaia, and I not only managed to get it for a (seriously) cheap price, it was also donated to me by a friend.
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i really like the March MC 2008 because the outfit for Alice is soo adorable also the bunny hat is very cute too.
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My favorite's definitely the Mythic Hair, which sadly doesn't get seen as much anymore. It was an excellent follow-up to the Elemental Hair, and shared its predecessor's position as an avatar mainstay around the site for a great couple years before falling unfortunately into the shadows. It's got a wide, versatile variety of poses, great pixeling - what more could you ask for? An excellent Super Saiyan cosplay item, you say? Delivered. It's a classic item you just don't get to see anymore, and one that has earned its spot above even the celebrated Kiki in the ranking of great March MCs.
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My all time favorite March MC was the March 2008 Alice and Wonderland. I loved it because Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite stories growing up, and I still love it. I also liked it because it included multiple dresses and the little hedgehog from the game of croquet was remembered!
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

Spring Nmph, I can apply it to many outfits. And it has one of my favorite items, the flowery head thing.
Definetly the Mythic hair year. I quested for that for so long and finally got it...love that hair set. Also one of the first MCs I was able to save up for.

I really, really love this month's MCs. Wish I had the gold to get them XD
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This is a tough choice, because the I own and love my pengie slipps (March 'o4) but, as you can see, I quite enjoy Spring Nymph (March 'o9) for its transformation feel. I think, even though I love my pengies, Spring Nymph has had the most versatility for me.
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My favorite March item was the Mythic Hair (March 07). It was one of the first items that was so versatile that I was not only enticed to donate to Gaia (only one or two other items have excited me to the point that I felt it was worth spending real money to receive fake internet items) but I also have used it on at least 75% of my avatar combination. The winged hair choices are beautiful, and since my name means something along the lines of part demon, part angel, I thought it added a nice touch to my avatar. The other great thing about this item was the fact that the different incarnations of the item were different colors, which made it more likely for me to use it in an avatar combination if I changed color theme.
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I like the 2009 March MC, Spring Nymph. The head piece is really pretty and is really easy and fun to work with. I also like the tree, it works well when creating a themed avatar. 4laugh
My all time favorite March MC would have to be March 2006: Mochi the Puppy because it's so cute, it is always a part of my avatar and RPs!

P.S. Great idea Gaia!


My favorite March MC would be Mochi the Puppy from '06. I've always loved familiars and pretty much anything you could possible consider cute so Mochi the Puppy is the perfect combination! Plus, I don't see many other Gaians wearing/using the item so it makes it more unique.



I don't have a favorite because I love so many of them <3
They're so many unique MC's to choose from . :D
But the one that caught my eye was the nitemare sash, because it was like a second nightmare scarf. And its super popular. The price rose dramatically in weeks. Amazing. :D

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The Samurai Yoroi was my favourite March Collectible, I've always been interested in bushido and samurai related things, not to mention the armour is very cool n__n
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User ImageCan I find what I'm looking for...

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

My favorite March Monthly Collectible would have to be this year's Frog.

I love frogs, I have loved them my entire life, pretty much my whole room is themed in green, with frogs as much as possible. There are fewer frog items than you'd think on Gaia, and this one has really made my month, maybe year! My boyfriend and I were discussing things that might be happening on the 15th and somehow we got onto the discussion that I'm probably going to really want this month's MC and I was like "No way, I don't usually ever want it enough to buy it."

And then I looked online the next day, and messaged him. "Curse you! You jinxed me!" because I didn't have any real money to use for buying it. But I saved up some gold real quick and picked one up.

Looking through the past, the Demonbow was the closest to second, but the versatility of the Frog (because I love them so much) makes it clearly beat out the Demonbow.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

...in the middle of a piñata?User Image
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My favorite March collectible is the demonbow from 2006 because it gives any outfit an edgier, darker look to it...and it's just plain awesome blaugh


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