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Angelic Halo! It's so purdy.
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I'm going with Wonderland.
I absolutely LOVE the movie Alice in Wonderland, and I think the artists did a good job of creating some of the most memorable things from the movie.
Not to mention the Cheshire Cat pose is freakin' AWESOME. whee
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March 04

Loves those slippers
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I like the Wonderland. Just so many possibilities for accessorizing. biggrin
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Definitely the Spring Nymph. For me it just means that Spring weather is just around the corner. Spring is much better than Winter, in my opinion, and the weather just gets better and its more enjoyable
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My favorite March collectible has to be the Baby Seal Slippers from March 2004. They are "comfort" and "cozy" in pixelized form.

Whenever I get sick in real life, I like to dress up my avatar in PJs and slippers. The Baby Seal Slippers are my "go-to" slippers because they just have this warm, comforting feeling when I see them on my avatar - that it's nice to feel pampered a bit when I'm sick.

My set of slippers is very special to me. A friend gave them to me as a parting gift, and I will never, ever sell them. They hold so much sentimental value, which might be ridiculous since they are pixels, but it's still a memento to a friend I rarely see nowadays.
Mines is the frog!!
i like it because the color and it is soooo cute!!
i think it good with my avii ;DDD
KiKi Kitty Plushie

The Best of all the March MC's

Loved and favorited by so many, this first Loved Plushie Hit the market with a Bang.
This item gives Gaians a sense of comfort and

A role model item for future plushies to come heart

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Mine would happen to be Wonderland.
I'll admit to being an Alice in Wonderland Fanatic, so it made me go insane with happiness. emo
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March 05

Love kiki.
I have always love and wanted the Demonbow because I love dark items like that
my favorite March letter item is from 2007, the spirit falcon.

why? Because I've allways been interested in flight, and I love the blue spirit falcon that you can wear, where it's flying behind you, looks so awsome
Well I do like the Thank you Letter for March 2005 because it brings the Kiki kitty plushie and it's one of the very first, if not the first plushies to be on gaia website and it's a cat. And from that one you guys have brought other animals into the website, plushies or 'life like ones' but I'll always like the kiki kitty plushie a little better than the others specially since it's not nearly as expensive as the ones comming out now that can be easily bought with Cash when Kiki came out for gold only since cash wasn't out yet for that and it was bought purely out of your hard work not like now you just buy the cash and buy the items and instant rich.

It's cute, it goes with almost anything, the poses are great and simple. It seem to have turn into one of Gaia's icons, you see it, you think Gaia, it has puzzles and items for the house and other things and even the one for the aquarium model after it.

I likes description of 'From Gaia's Most Popular cartoon series' it be fun to actually have a little cartoon series, and kind of do with the comics and all that the kiki comes out in with her.

And I like how she was paired up withj Roro Robo-Puppy and his description 'KiKi Kitty's arch nemesis. From time to time, RoRo would team up with various human villains to try and capture her. ' it be funny to see a comic of that taking some action.

And how you tied up kiki with her evil cousin, Coco, that was really nice.

So kiki seems to bring a lot out on things and mix with other items that have come out and inspired too bring out more cat items and plushies and outfits with all the things that come out, kiki is like the foundation in some way That's why I chose her.

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