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My favorite march monthly collectible is the March 2008 collectible, Wonderland. Because of the I love Alice in Wonderland! Especially the Red Queen! I love dressing up my avie with anything royal themed. And when I saw that wonderland had the Red Queens outfit I just had to have it! And that's why the march 2008 Wonderland was my favorite march monthly collectible! Yay! blaugh
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my favorite march monthly collectible is definitely the march 2008 wonderland one. i remember reading this story with my grandfather and getting drawn into Lewis Carroll's head. just by reading it you can kind of see how it was when Carroll was alive, and plus, the red queen rocks. now...OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!! .....>>......<<.....>< just kidding! xd
August 2006.

Gwee the Baby Dragon.

Main reason is because I quested for it for months, then used it in every avi I made for about 6 months after that, and I still like using him now! It doesn't have many poses compared to the MC's of today, but all the poses are wonderful. Whether you want a hardcore angry avi (fire mouth pose), a cute, plushy wielding avi (in my arms pose), or a beautiful pair of cute, little wings (on my back pose). It just ticks all the boxes! Plus I called mine Kevin and love him dearly. >.<
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Hey, fellow Gaians~!

I have to say that my favorite March item HAS to be 2005's Kiki. smile I have such fond memories of that item mostly because it was from back in the days when people were kind enough and we're like "Okay, who wants a letter?" and I was one of the fortunate few that said "I'd like one, if you don't mind" and it was kindly donated to me. This is also the first MC I ever got so it's got that much of a sentimental value to me. When I lost this account to a hacker a few years back, it was one of the items that I was going to miss solely because of the attachment I had with it (and the fact that it was worth a million or more by the time I was hacked and I probably was never going to have it again...). I was thankfully able to get my account back (as you can see) and I've been a loyal follower of Gaia since '04. You've made me now go tweak my avi to add my Kiki on it to show the love I have for it. Sure, I miss the old simpler days but, we all grow up and it's nice to see Gaia grow up with us smile
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

March 2005.

Because of the Kiki Kitty Plushie! It is, in my opinion, the cutest item on Gaia. None of the other plushies are just like it. It's simple, cute, and can accompany almost any outfit on an avatar. User Image
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My favourite March monthly collectible was the Spring Nymph of March 2010. I love the versatility of the poses and the unique ivy patterns. It's a great item to create outfits around, or just to enhance them. The green is so perfect!
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why?

The Kiki Kitty, above them all. It was the first item I quested for, because it was amazingly cute, and so versatile! Even now, with an explosion of cute kitties, Kiki is still the best of them all. It has become the official mascot of Gaia for me. I remember my second post in the forums was in the Q&A, asking where could I buy a Cat on my Head xd I quested for months to get one, and it's still with me. It's one of the items I will never, ever sale heart

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march 2006 - mochi the puppy!!!
dogs/puppies are my favorite aminals!!! >w<
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My favorite is the 2007 Spirit Falcon, because my brother saw how much I wanted it and helped me to the chores to buy it.
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¿Me amas?
Te amo

S.I.N. is...
I would have to say that my favorite March MC is 2005 Kiki Kitty plushie.
Why? Its adorable and so lovable. My favorite pose is where Kiki is biting your hand. Its sweet with a hint of humor.

Simply divine

Con todo mi corazón
Te quiero para siempre
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My favorite March Monthly Collectable is the Baby Seal Slippers. I like them not only because they are cute and fuzzy, but I love newborn animals in general. The seal slippers' color reminds me of Harp Seal Pups, which are furry compared to some other types of seals.
wow it's a toss up! However, my favorite March MC would be from 2006 Mochi the Puppy. Mochi like Kiki is too cute, who wouldn't want one?! mrgreen 4laugh
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Monthly Collectible:Wonderland
I have loved the story since I was a little girl.So much so that i would watched it over and over again.Not to mention the item it self has wonderful dresses,crazy hats(mad hatter and rabbit),and a totally awesome and frightening cat(cats are my favorite animal).So all around this item is my favorite March collectible of all time...I really wished I had one...well that is all i have to say.
I love the Kiki Kitty plushie because it's iconic and it's so adorable
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Demon bow of 2006. I've always had a facination with dark items, and the demonbow was the first i had that fit my style.

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