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Want to Win a March 2010 Monthly Collectible?

Here’s How To Enter:

  • Reply to this thread with your answer to this question:

    What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

  • Submit your entry before Monday March 22nd 2010 at 12:00 noon PST!

Rules and Judging:

  • This contest is open to all Gaians! We will not disqualify anyone based on age or location.
  • You must reply to this thread with your all time favorite March MC and tell us why. Incomplete entries and spam posts will be disqualified.
  • Though you may submit multiple entries, we highly recommend that you choose your favorite March MC and best reasoning and enter only once.
  • Entries must be a March MC accompanied by a relevant reason why it’s your favorite, or they will be disqualified. View past March MC's in the Colledtible Museum.

When the contest has ended, Monday March 22nd 2010 at 12:00 noon PST, we will review the entries and choose 10 random winners to receive a March 2010 MC. The winners will be contacted via PM and will have 72 hours to respond or they will forfeit their prize! Winners may be announced at the conclusion of the contest once they have received their prize!

Have Fun and Good luck!

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My favorite Monthly Collectible had to be the Steel Plated Ninja Band , Why ?
because it always reminds me of Naruto and Plus I've wanted it since I first Joined Gaia.

Rock on Gaia <3

first post >;D
Awesome o:
Edit- I like the March MC 2004 because those slippers are awesome and Im questing for those xD
2nd post FTW >:]
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this is cool ^_^
My favorite MARCH monthly collectible is the Baby Seal Slippers.
I love seals, they're one of the most amazing animals in the universe.
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Yay first page.

March 04, the fuzzy penguin slippers are so feirce but cute!They match with tons of things too.
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March 05'.
Its the year i joined and I've always love Kiki.
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Its a 3 way tie between Demonbow, Fuzzy Penguin Slippers, and KiKi....

but if i had to choose KiKi because it screams the gaia trademark biggrin
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I've always wanted Ninja Band
Angelic halo is my favorite monthly collectible because it's so angelic? idk I just like it.

YAY First page (:
Entry will be here when I get some more info on my choice! biggrin
sweet i wants it
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My favorite Monthly Collectible Items is Frebruary 2007 Celestial Wrap because it is very pretty and I am in love with space.
I like the March 04' Fuzzy Penguin Slippers the best.
I've always like these slippers.
Not only cause the Penguins but for the colors.
And i can find alot of stuff that suits with them.
jajaja sírvame otra copa por favor

                              I loved the Baby Seal Slippers!

                              They were the very first time that really nice shoe items were out and I remember I quested foreeeeever in order to get them....then I was hacked. -______-

                              But, ignoring my sob story, the Baby Seal Slippers helped to push a whole new line of slipper items like the Kodiak and Panda versions. I can't help but think that without them, there wouldn't be any slip-on shoe items. :/

                              OH MUH GAWD!
                              1ST PAGE STATUS!!!

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