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I had to decide between the 2007 and the 2004 March MCs, but eventually I have to bring it down the 2004. Who could resist those adorable little slippers? (Though my poor seal slippers were threatened with a good clubbing at least once a week when I first got them! D: )

I ended up selling my seals to get gold for a present for my love, but I will never, ever part with my dear penguins!
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Definitely the Fuzzy Penguin Slippers. It was the first MC I ever got a hold of when I was still new to Gaia. I saved up long and hard for an MC and I felt so accomplished when I finally bought one.
I just love March 2004's MC!
It has cute little slippers smile
mine would be the holy gauntlet
its .......JUST EPIC
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My favorite March MC would have to be March '07 mainly because of the Spirit Falcon.
The falcon on the shoulder works really well, the spirit poses were great and the backwing pose went well with alot of my outfits~
wow!!! this is great!!!
heart heart heart

if ever i can have all that items...that would be too great...
i want all the march 2010 collectibles....
I want those items because I want to be famous here in gaia...coz i have those...
....if only i can have them......
arrow kawaii_inlove
please pm me...
RoRo Robo-Puppy hands down
robots are the best
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I would have to say that the Spring Nymph from the Thank You Letter for March 2009 is my favorite. It has this mythical air to it that reminds me of Demeter the Greek Goddess of fertility. Also it looks so elegant, peaceful and so fresh.
March 2006 Mythic Hair and March 2005 Demon Bow all the way! Those two fit quite well together, but aside from that, I love the versatility of the Mythic Hair, and who doesn't want a bad-a** Demon Bow on their back??
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    Kiki has got to be my favorite March MC.
    i mean, come on, it's a symbol of Gaia. everyone loves Kiki (myself included) because it's absolutely adorable.. it's just a great item that i love using.
hmmm ...
i would say the March 2009 MC; Spring Nymph
it has detailed poses and also it matches the month March as well :9
heheheheee, and its nature !
muahahhahahaha :3
My favourite March collectible would have to be the Kiki.
It's just so adorable! And my ultimate goal on Gaia is to collect all of the cat companion items. x3
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i've always really enjoyed the items with frogs as part that gaia brings out,
and the poses are some of the best in recent times =]
Hey, the deadline is my birthday! Cool!

My favorite March MC has to be Wonderland from 2008. When that came out I was so extremely excited, Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favorite movies since I was little. I had hoped that items would show up for it soon and they did! When the MC came out, my boyfriend had asked me which one I wanted and I immediately said Wonderland without any hesitation. With the combination of that item and the newer Alice in Wonderland items, I can't wait to see all of the avatars that people come up with. No doubt about it, my favorite MC released in March.
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Samurai Yoroi for sure. It was the first item I totally felt in love of.

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