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March 2008, Wonderland has always been a favorite of mine. I would have to say probably because of the movie Alice in wonderland. It's always brought good memories and the Cheshire cat is simply amazing as well as the hat for the Mad Hatter.
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Personally I've always loved the roro puppy. Even if it was glitched for a pretty long time, I loved it a lot more than the Kiki Kitty and most of the other collectables. I don't use it as much, but its still my favorite march item hands down.
Demon Bow by far. it was the first collectable i got on my old account. loved that thing
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i really liked the spring nymph. it looked so cool!
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my favorite is the winter rose because its just so pretty, beautiful and cute 4laugh
March 2004 Penguin Slippers! biggrin
These things are so sweet! I've wanted them even when I was a lowly nOOb,
and penguins are so cute in their little tuxedos, they're just ready to go to fancy fish restaurants. ^^
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[DashDotDotDash is Speaking!]

My favorite has to be: Mythic Hair (March 2007)
I find that It isn't one of the most well known about MC's
but I just love the Esessence of Luna Hair as when ever I see it I just fall inlove again as It can go with Quite a few outfits,
also It isn't quite a "in your face" as Elemental Hair (No Offence)

Err... I guess thats my pitch good luck everybody!

My favorite monthly collectible was the Golden Laurels because it was one of the first collectibles introduced when Gaia first came out in 03. I didn't start playing until 08. I missed my opportunity to get one. This once in a life time chance to get a collectible is a one in a million. I hope I am that one.
My favorite is the frog, simply becuase it reminds of my childhood where I found the cutest frog and wanted to keep him, so I filled up the bathtub and kept him there. And my mother returned and heard a ribbit and it freaked her out, she screamed very loud, and sadly we didn't get to keep him. She made me throw him back out into the wild backyard. But now there is a gaia frog to remember him by.
My favorite March collectible is the Samurai Yoroi since I'm collecting all the armor-style items on Gaia.
My favorite March collectible would have to be the Mochi the Puppy. Would wouldn't want an adorable little dog following them all around Towns?
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I noticed the contest end is soon,good luck to every one.
My item favorite its KiKi Kitty Plushie, for that always I have liked very much the cats, and even more for that it is a very pretty cat.
My favorite is mythic Hair
I like very much the fantasy types of hair 3nodding
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My favourite March MC is Samurai Yoroi.

The Reason is it matches prefectly with Samurai Wig with pose 7. I have it, it's really good. Gaia logo on pose 7? Epic win!


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