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My favorite MC is the February 2010 rose collection. It was so cute how the roses were incorporated to make a dress. I wish I had the cash to own it. Sigh.
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Lady Snowflake

I'll have to agree with someone earlier: My favorite March collectible is Wonderland, since it comes with two different clothing options that don't require getting multiple copies of the collectible to make an outfit.
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In my opinion the March 2006 demon bow.

Sparkly Nerd

        My favorite would have to be from the 2004 Thank You Letter. Its kinda tie between both slippers, but I think I like the Seal Slippers a little bit more.

        As to why its my favorite, its just cause they're so cute. The fact that they're baby seals helps as well.
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I think last year's March Collectibles were the best, and between them, although it's hard to choose, I think the Spring Nymph is slightly better. The tree can be used for many different kinds of avatars I can come up with, and I like the overall spring theme.
my FAVORITE monthly colectible is frog, because i love frogs and i just absolutley love lilly pads, so please PLEASE, PLEASE, try to pick me
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The Best:

I personally belive the March 2005: KiKi Kitty Plushie & RoRo Robo-Puppy is the current best March Monthly Collectable of all time.

Well, for one reason March is the best month ever because my birthday is on March 24th. I joined gaia in the year 2007 so I never had a chance to buy the March 2005 envelope when it first came out. I think the Kiki Kitty plushie has become one of the most beloved items on gaia. I also like this Mc because it combines two of my favorite types of animals in one randomized package; A Puppy and a adorable kitty. Well... I belive the Kiki has become a timeless mascot of all things Gaia and thats why I choose this mc!

Good luck to all members of gaia trying to win a march Mc and Thank you to
all of the Gaia staff that have made this website grow and flurish over the years.
You all have really did a outstanding job with all the Art and new advancements. I also thank you for never making gaia go overboard with the Adds.

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my all time favorite would be the fallen wish because its like hitsugaya and that's what im tryin to go for on my avi i, but there's a lot more of stuff that i like
my all time favorite march collectible was the kiki kitty I LOVED that one not only because it was my favorite animal and it was cute but i also joined this wonderful website and have loved it since. The kiki kitty was the best thing ( in my opinion) to ever hit gaia's site I wanted it for ever and had worked very very very hard for the kiki i would stay up allll night on my dial up slow computer bumping in different posts and chating on my quest for kiki and when i finally got it i was soooo happy i didnt care about anything else i even donated to others in their quest for kiki. =)
My all time favorite march collectible is the " wonderland " collectible from march 2008...

I like that one the best because I absolutely adore alice in wonderland and also cats, and the fact that I can have a chesire cat on my head - a dress, and other things from that one collectible makes it all the better. Absolute love surprised
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my favorite march mc is the spirit falcon because it represent me more then any thing and it makes anima scream to the top Xb and it also stands for the spirit of water
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My favorite March Monthly Collectible is, without a doubt, Wonderland.
I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, and the Queen of hearts dress is stunning, as well as Alice's dress. And the other poses included are all nice as well.
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March favorite MC’s have come to a three way tie for me! The March 2004 MC’s are still some of the cutest slippers around (Fuzzy Penguin Slippers & Baby Seal Slippers) along with Mythic Hair (March 2007). Though when it comes down it item flexibility the Mythic Hair stands out by far! It allows you to create a verity of looks just by simply changing your hair! It’s also a money saver (as are all the wigs out there) not having to pay a trip to the hair stylist every time you want to change up your style!
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I have to say Mythic hair, its versatile with alot of items, and when I want that feathery angelic sweetheart avatar, I get her 100% when her hair is that of angels. Or when I want something mysterious and dramatic I usually go for the dark hair. And the golden hair is fun for any occasion.
I love the Frog. He's so damn cool. He's like cute but badass at the same time. His little face inspires me to do great things. He's quirky; I like quirky. He's also impossible to name, for me at least. I don't think anything other than just "Frog" would be a fitting title for him. I'll be honest, I don't care much for the lily pad and umbrella but I've seen great avatars that use them.

But yeah Frog = Love, because in a way he reminds me of me.

Plus he look so fly on my shoulder. B)

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