• I start at my new school as
    A nobody,
    A somebody,
    Or even a loner.

    There are the cliques,
    and the emo kids too.

    All different,
    In all their shapes
    And sizes
    But one thing always stands out.

    They way we act,
    The way we dress,
    And most important
    The people we talk to.

    It all starts the evaluation.
    They whisper,
    And stare.
    To figure out,
    Where you belong.

    To see if you'll
    Stand up,
    Or sit down
    Against the ones,
    Who try to knock you down.

    But who says
    They have to decide
    Where you go.
    I'll decide for myself.

    I'll show them
    I don't care
    What they think.
    So come on and stand up.
    For what you all just think.
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