• Do you know what you do to me?
    I dont think you do.
    you make me crazy for you
    and my head gets clouded
    My stomach turns to knots
    I start shaking
    and talking with no stops
    You make me frusturated
    and i want it to stop
    but thats a lie
    I like these things i feel for u
    when my day has sucked
    I go talk to you
    and suddenly i am smiling
    and a deep sensation fills me
    Do You know what you do to me?
    When your away
    all i can think about is you
    your on my mind 24/7 +2
    What is this feeiling
    I just dont know
    I have never felt it
    For anybody but you
    around you i am myself
    and u accept me for that
    and even enjoy it at times
    People say im aggresive and violent
    you say im just right
    and i have a confession
    that perhaps you wont understand
    I think i am falling for you
    Do you know How You make me feel?
    I dont think you do ...
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