• “Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria, a regal pony spread harmony and friendship throughout the land. But as time went on, the rulers from surrounding kingdoms grew jealous of the happiness and prosperity in Equestria. For years they watched ponies flock to her beautiful lands, and their anger and jealousy transformed them into wicked beasts of darkness, and their kingdoms were brought to ruin. One fateful day, the four dark rulers united in hopes of conquering Equestria and shrouding the land in eternal darkness. Fearing for the well-being of her subjects, the regal pony used the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony. Using their power, she vanquished the wicked ponies and banished them within the kingdoms from whence they came. With harmony restored to Equestria, the kingdom continued to thrive and the magic of friendship has reigned throughout the land ever since.”
    With a sigh of nostalgia, Celestial Sky turned away from the gigantic tapestry hanging on the wall and looked to her mentor. “That was one of my favorite stories when I was a filly. It took a lot of work getting this tapestry up on the wall, but it was worth it!”
    “Yes, I find it quite interesting myself,” Princess Twilight Sparkle said while staring up at the woven image that depicted the fillies story, "The Tale of Harmony." She looked around the room and sighed with a smile. “You did a fantastic job setting up this museum. It certainly brings back many memories for me, and for that I thank you.”
    “It was my pleasure, princess,” Sky said.
    “I trust you are ready for your next assignment?” she said as she walked out of the tapestry hall.
    “Oh!” She trotted after the princess and made a quill and a roll of parchment snap out of thin air with a spark from her horn. “A new assignment? Yes!” She positioned her quill and looked up from the parchment with an eager smile. “Ready!”
    “As you know, this museum is opening tonight. Although yo ...
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