• As I tore down the street, my medium mud-brown hair whipping through the wind, those 3 ran after me. But, they are divas. They won't be able to keep it up for long, unless they want to risk breaking a heel.
    "Hey~ Wait for us, Azami-san~!" they all said in unison in there fake, falsetto voices.
    "Never!" I said as I crashed into someone. He looked up at me, for I had pushed him over, and looked at my face, dripping with tears.
    "Are you alright?" he asked,
    "Do I look like a p***y to ya? Anyhow, sorry 'bout that, but gotta go!" I said whisking past him and the kids' playground.
    "I'm sorry about her, sir." I heard Kazuto, the oldest one, say to him. Running after me, he said "Now, get back here so I can put this on you!"
    "Come on! Please! We're boys and we're wearing it!" said Ibuki with a pleading look. Godamnit, Ibuki. I thought. Ibuki is sweet and kind, so I'm kinda a sucker when it comes to him asking me to do something.
    "YES~ Mission complete, guys~" said Eikou, "You'll look beautiful after we're done."
    "Question is if I want to go through this to look good." I mumbled, while Eikou and Kazuto grabbed my arms and dragged me. ...
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