• The torture the annoyance
    Oh what a shame
    I hate the world
    I hate people
    Why do I even have friends?
    How do I have friends?
    Why bother if you're really not going to be there for me anyways?
    I hide nearly everything
    I was always on my own
    So why should you care?
    I can do this and that without anyone knowing
    I can get deeper into my depression and no one will know
    I cover everything up
    Nothing can be seen
    I can hide everything away and seem like I’m the happiest person alive
    I can have a million cuts and hide each and every single one of them
    They will only know about it unless I tell them about it
    But who cares anyways
    We live in a society where it’s best to fend for yourself
    But dealing with “ideals” or “pressure” for what seems to be beautiful
    How can one fend for himself if there are things around that put them down?
    People talk and talk
    But never look at the truth
    Pointing and laughing
    This pressure finds a way to plant itself inside one’s mind
    It will linger in your mind
    Haunting you making you feel worse then you already do
    Yeah i know how this feels
    I've gone through it all
    It hurts a lot and no one really knows how you feel because they're the ones putting you down
    It's how it always goes
    You feel alone
    I was alone
    I am alone
    I will always be alone ...
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