• I've seen the world on some of it's coldest days. It's times like this I just gotta pray. I live life with a daily struggle and I don't have anytime for a huddle. I don't have a plan on how else to survive with a good life, only how to live and how to die. I do what I can so that in the end I won't fry. I feel nothing but pain as I play this game and sit up every night pukin my guts out. My life will end sooner or later because nothing's forever but before then I'm gonna make the world shout!

    I'm fightin a war in my mind and in my soul. It's so surprising that the world can be so cold. You can interpret my dreams but you'll never understand my nightmares. This has got so many people scared but they never wanna hear that this is in no way the true meaning of fear.

    Sitting on the floor writhing in pain. Screaming and screaming yet it's all in vain. No one can save me. No one can help. I feel like I'm trapped in a cell. When you fight for your life it's guerilla warfare and the smart man wouldn't dare mess with the souljas that are behind the scenes. They're the ones that're pulling all the strings. That's who you aim for and you'll know when to strike but for now be like a true soldier and simply survive.

    This is a life full of ideas along with my sweat and tears. I'm lookin for answers and slowly I find them. I've learned that help can be found as long as your not hellbound. It's usually the one you love and who loves you the most that'll help you conquer this world from coast to coast. Do what I do. See what I see. Feel what I feel. Be a man like me and you'll never kill. So now it's time to ride until the day you die. Destroy your inner demons and win the war and remember that in the end some will have to face the angels of four unto whom it is to harm the earth. And when that happens you'll be shrouded in fear.
    Solute the fallen and continue the war. Defeat the beast and settle the score. I hope you did hear because there really is nothing to fear. So continu ...
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