• i go to different malls
    so i don't see you
    listen to different stations
    so i don't hear any of our songs
    i wear different clothes
    so i don't wear anything you like a lot
    i wear different jewelery
    so you didn't play with any of it
    i dyed my hair and wear makeup
    so i look different then i did
    when i was with you
    but i still miss you
    saw you at the mall just last week
    and i ran the other way
    as tears stained my face
    and every once in awhile
    one of our songs are on at a party
    i don't know what else i can do
    so i don't think about you anymore
    you were everything
    and you still are
    because your still in everyone
    of my memories
    you were like my only pair of jeans
    the only house left
    and the last piece
    i talk about you all the time
    my mind just wont focus on anything else
    it refuses to it misses you too
    my heart loves you
    and my eyes see you
    my arms wants to hold you
    i want you more then anything
    but just cant have you
    and it's killing me ...
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