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    For all those who I know that is dear to me and to those who are close to me, you should know that I'm no longer a ghost of your past and present nor will I ever be one to that fact. I can see that from what expressions lurk that my appearance has brought Nothing but shock and joy, celebrate not nor search for my presense because my return is of that of my own acord and will. I've not come from the dead to be with you all once again, I've only come to here and now to warn and inform that despite your war of which you're engulfed would recieve a little spice in the mix and so I've come to bear my hands into this war along with my Entities of twelve as to test thy skills for all individuals who roam amongst the earth.

    So take heed or make haste because my skills have gone up to Nothing to which only those I see fit to challenge me one on one, this is also a competition but with three factions only and mine is crowned the champions of our world and only those who fight their way up can stake their claim into fighting one of each of the twelve Entities around the globe, and if you take this warning with light footing then see what has to be said if those you care and love takes your place upon the stage of Gallows and if not your loved ones then I shall strip what makes you strongest among all. So from the dawn of summer's end to the final days of fall marks the length of game. But if final days should arrive and no one has step foot in my court, then every individual will be stripped of their skills and must start from scratch. So you in the end and hope to see you till the beginning.
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