• The high made lust of sweet revenge has cursed me so,
    Thinking of a final way to end your evil.
    At least to my eyes it was unjust,
    The final verdict was blindly made.
    The past, I thought you were only naïve
    But now I realized your corrupted soul.

    Oh sweet AIM, your Flora is in bloom
    I could have hoped that we were to be soon,
    But I know now you never trusted me,
    To you I lost all hope, all sanity.

    But from the ashes I emerged resolved,
    For a simple plan I have devised.
    I would create my grandest scheme,
    To smite it in your face in one fell swoop.

    I only wished my facade was so perfect,
    that I would not be hurt.
    But reality bites me back,
    It never was, it didn’t heal fast.

    Though I regret what I did to you,
    The pain is too much to bear for nothing to do,
    And though the stars are about to end
    Just Emerging, Never Glancing, I found you.
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