• I look back to view the world I've burned.
    My love for you once pure has turned.
    Once, to hold you was a treasure to covet.
    Now it's as if you feel that you're above it.

    What's born amoungst shadows is doomed to return.
    To part the veil and enter the light is to burn.
    What was once a seraph, has fallen.
    To never feel the light on it's wings, the darkness is calling.

    Always calling, calling for smoke and flame.
    To burn the world with nothing to gain.
    Soul broken, crushed and bleeding.
    To be seen like this is just demeaning.

    A pack of marb hundreds and two grams of hash.
    Burn that too, until it's nothing but ash.
    I need to forget, forget this love.
    Before I take my blade and ascend to the skys above. ...
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