• Blaskok was rightfully seated the throne. He now belonged as king during his father's absence. Now was the time....

    "CITIZENS! I HAVE MADE A NEW LAW; WHOMEVER DOES NOT FOLLOW THE LAW SHALL BE BEHEADED!" he yelled to the crowd below him. Originally, of course, there would be a wheel-o-punishment. But Blaskok just liked seeing people lose their heads (literally). There was no one in the world as cruel as him. It was obvious that, if it wasn't against the law of Halkagsna, the crowd would have booed. But none said a word. Only a single baby cried, which was the only heard sound. A hooded figure entered the crowd. He dared not remove his hood, for his identity would be revealed. As two other hooded figures came, he nodded to them, and ran off, followed by the other 2. Blaskok then went back into the castle, where Bongy was standing guard at the high-placed door of the castle. He opened the door for Blaskok and followed him in. A guard carried the throne in as another took guard around Blaskok. As soon as no-one else was around, Blaskok turned around and yelled,

    "YOU FOOLS!!! YOU LET THOSE IDIOTS GET AWAY! NOW THEY KNOW OUR BATTLE PLANS AND THEY'LL TELL EVERYONE!!" Bongy was standing not far from Blaskok, slightly edging away every few seconds,"And YOU, Bongy, are FIRED!!! YOU are the captain of the guard, but YOU let THEM get away!!!!! What is wrong with you??? NOW GO!!! I CANNOT BEAR TO SEE YOUR FACE!!!" Blaskok continued. Bongy went to his quarters to get his stuff. As he returned, he had his hand behind his back. As soon as Blaskok was within reach, Bongy lit Blaskok on fire with a chandelier!

    "AAAAH!!! I'M ON FIRE!!!!!" yelled Blaskok. He then ran around until finally crashing out of the window, rolling down the high hill the castle was on.

    "Sayonara, Blaskok" Bongy whispered as he exited the castle. He looked back before finally exiting the castle walls, never to return, never in his life, he swore, never.

    And cut I have to stop it here because I don't have any more ideas and have to get ready for school.