• PREVIOUS LAST PARAGRAPH: I WAS BETRAYED (IIII):"So, we can't put your real name on the ID and Credit Card, 'cos that would be too easy for the cops to work out. And anyway, you can't remember what it was" Sam thought.
    "What should we put on there, then?" I mumbled.
    "Lydia?" Cindy chimmed.
    "No," Sam said, "You don't look like a 'Lydia'"
    "What about Myah? Myah Brooks?"
    "Perfect!" Cindy grumbled, she clearly wanted Lydia typed on the ID and Credit Card.

    The Stuff had now been made and I was ready to get on my way. It wouldn't be easy but we'll do it somehow...

    I Was Betrayed (V)

    "Right, here's the plan," Cindy was saying, "We arrive at the airport, we'll try and distract the plane driver and you stowaway in the storage area at the back of the plane. Got it?"

    I nodded. We got out the car and slowly stepped onto the runway. Fortunately, we weren't seen. I crept behind the back of the plane that would take me to wherever it was going. The plan about the so called "exotic island" were a big "no, no" because we were found out yesterday afternoon and had not choice but to run for it. I have no idea who told them where we were... Unless! You thinking who I'm thinking about? My traitor of an ex. I slipped inside and stopped here and there. I managed to get through into the baggage storage area at the back of the plane. Whilst I tried to find a comfy spot to sit, I heared screams coming from up front outside. It was Cindy who was screaming! I quickly got out of the plane and went to see what was happening. There were poilce everywhere! We'd been found out!

    Sam had been arrested and dragged into a police car. She smiled faintly and then turned away. Cindy on the other hand, had other plans. She was stronger than the men who were trying to get her on the floor. She managed to punch one of them in the face, kick another, then another! When all the men where on the floor, she ran towards me and told me to run as fast as I could into another plane that was just about going to take off. I wonder where we were going to?