• Love me like a vampire:chapter 1/3

    "Why? why dont you love me anymore? we were meant to be together! not you and that weirdo!" Sam was mad that she was leaving him. she couldnt take it and wanted Chris badly,more than she wanted food. "look Sam im sorry but i think-my heart says hes the right guy for me,not you...please go away." Sam was so furious."OK then Maria" if thats how you want it then fine..ill date...Rebecca! i was sleeping with her anyway while i was with you!"Maria looked at him with serious eyes. "really Sam" Maria looked sarcastic."you and i know that you dont have the guts to cheat becuse youre afraid of gettig hurt back.now please,just go away!! Now!" Sam slammed the door angryily and drove away. Maria went into the house and picked up her phone.she had 5 new text messages and 3 voicemails along with 3 missed calls.the texts were from her friends.the voicemails were from her mother;which was crazy to her since she kept constanly bugging her. Maria then heard a sound..a muffled sound,comming from the basement.she slowy walked downstairs with her phone all ready dialed 911.she then yelled,"HELLO??!" it was a echo.all she heard was that muffled sound again.she started to panic and ran back up the stairs where she got a huge surprise.

    Love me like a vampire:chapter 2/3

    Upstairs in her room was Chris.he had no shirt on and had red lipstick all over his mouth.but,as she examined him more closely it wasnt lipstick..it was blood.Maria froze for a while,not knowing if she was to either run or call 911 or just go over to him and talk.'Sam was right.'she said in her head.'i guess he is a weirdo.' "Chris?" she said slowly and quietly almost like a whisper.he didnt answer her.all he did was stare at her.she moved slowly toward the lightswitch but he was there right there in front of her blocking her way from the lightswitch.she wanted to say something till he kissed her with his bloody lips.she was scared at first till he whispered in her ear saying,"its ok sweetheart.i love you and thats all that matters...even if im a vampire..."the word vampire made her shriek and jump up till he caught her. everything lookd black to her..as if they were outside,which they were.she quickly opened her eyes and realized that not only they were outside,they were also flying! she wanted to speak but she was speechless and wasnt sure if this was all real or not.

    Love me like a vampire: chapter 3/3

    They were on top of Chris' roof.
    he gently put her down since she was all wobbly. "Chris...how, why...." she didnt know what to say. she was in too shock. "Maria love, Tiara, my sister..she saw you in my future...as a vampire...." Chris shook his head as if he was ashamed in himself. Maria looked at him with worried eyes. "Chris, remeber the day i was walking home and you came up to me saying *hello*? im sorry that i was rude to you. thats just not me. but now it doesnt matter since were together.." she dose off into the vampire world...."Maria i dont want you to become a monster not even if you were about to die! i wouldnt like the way you looked, acted, or even smelled. i dont like the idea of you becomming one of us." oh Chris dont worry about me i dont wanna be a vampire right now anyway." "really? because if you did it would make me very sad..im serious" "Chris hush! i mean dont worry,i dont want to argue with you..youre my love,its hell without you!" "Maria,hell is here I am...im not meant to be on earth,im supposed to be dead..you dont understand...."