• Thinking About You

    A HinamorixHitsugaya fluff one-shot

    A/N: I suddenly got this idea when I was listening to Super Junior’s “Why I like You,” and thought, “This song is perfect for these two!” Anywho, for those who don’t know, Hinamori’s first name is Momo which means peach tree. I hope you like the fluff in here. (I’m going to start putting the description in here from now underlined.)


    Yep, love. A thought that is never far from the mind.


    “Nee, Shiro-chan, are you listening to me?” Hinamori turned herself around on the blue sofa to get the young captain’s attention, pouting. She rested her chin on her arms which were on the edge of the sofa. She sighed.

    Lately, Hinamori noted, Hitsugaya was not being himself. At times he would suddenly stop and be deep in thought; his gaze adverted to the window. It worried her at times because she was afraid she would never reach him in his thoughts.

    She didn’t want him to go away from her. Ever.

    Aizen had betrayed everyone and that put everything into chaos. People started to think differently and tension was always in the air now. The betrayal had hurt a lot of people, especially Hinamori. Yes, she had loved Aizen,but she realized now that it wasn’t really love she felt toward Aizen at that time.

    Just admiration.

    Hitsugaya didn’t look up from his paperwork, “It’s not Shiro-chan. It’s Captain Hitsugaya.”

    Hinamori smiled as she got up and went to the window where she noticed his gaze often went. She wanted to understand why this little window held his attention so much.

    There was nothing special about the window other than the fact that there was a small peach tree sitting there. Outside the window you could easily see the blue sky where Aizen had disappeared into. Maybe he thought Aizen would show up again.

    “Shiro-chan, why don’t you take care of this peach tree?” Hinamori turned around, but again, he did not look up. For the first time she realized how soft his white hair looked, his defined jaw line and his eyes. Yes, his eyes. They were a sharp aqua yet there was a softness about them somehow.

    “That was Matsumoto’s doing. She takes care of it, not me. I have no need for it.”

    That hurt her feelings, but maybe she was looking into it too much. It was a peach tree after all, but she felt as if she was just thrown aside, left to die. Well, she couldn’t blame him if he felt that way towards her since she couldn’t come to terms with Aizen’s betrayal even after he saved her.

    Hitsugaya sighed and rubbed his temples, clearly tired and stressed. Hinamori went to the sofa and grabbed a blanket. She wanted him to rest so she draped it around him and hoped he would take the hint to go rest, leave the work for later.

    However, she really wanted to know one thing because she wasn’t sure when she would see him again,” But, really, why don’t you take care of it, Shiro-chan?”

    “I already am,” the blanket fell as he stood up and he pulled her chin down slightly, kissing her softly on the lips.

    Hinamori froze.

    She felt so many emotions at once- shock, relief, joy, and dizziness. Could this really be happening? Maybe he was too tired to realize what he had just done to her. Her heart was fluttering like crazy, but she was happy.

    Extremely happy.

    He broke the kiss and she blushed which caused him to blush slightly. He looked away from her as he crossed his arms over his chest, trying to hide his embarrassment.

    Hinamori fell back into his chair because her legs felt like jello.

    “I-I’s good to see how well you take care of, um, your things, Shiro-chan,” she stuttered as her face grew hotter. She wanted to say ‘I love you’, but she felt like that would ruin this moment.

    She knew he knew her feelings.

    He grabbed the arms of the chair and leaned down, not sure if Hinamori would accept him. She closed her eyes and happily awaited for his kiss, her heart beating fast. His lips were soft and warm, she felt so very safe and loved.

    But she had to clarify one thing.

    She smiled,” Shiro-chan, why do you look at that window so much? What are you thinking about?”

    He simply smirked and before he kissed her again he spoke with the upmost love and confindence-

    “Thinking about you.”


    A/N: Oh, hit in the face with a pillow of fluff! Man, I love these things. Hope you enjoyed. Huggles!