• I ran through the woods, panting heavily. He'd easily hear me, but I couldn't stop myself; my lungs were screaming for me to stop.

    But I can't stop. He'll catch me.

    I pushed another five saplings out of my way, cutting a swatch of destruction through the forest. I can't hide. He'd find me. My only escape was the train. I saw lights ahead. I began to laugh hysterically, but a sound cut me short. The tone for All Aboard. No!

    I flew into the station. The train's wheels began to churn, but I got there in time. I flung myself onto the stairs to the car. My lungs begin to catch up. I laughed some more, between burning gasps. After a while, I was able to get up.

    I collapsed onto the seat closest to the door. My body's systems were oxygen-starved, and my head began to reel. I was going to pass out. Then the lights went. He's here!

    I grope in the darkness, calling for help, but the midnight train's car was completely empty. I hear a window open, followed by whooshing- we must still be moving- followed by silence.

    "Found you."

    I almost wet myself. Almost.

    He came around to my front. The moon flickered across his face a few times, showing me more than I wanted to see. He reached for my hand and raised it to his lips. He bit it; I cried out.

    "Now, now, I'm not going to hurt you... You just taste so good...

    "And now you belong to me."