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    Title of Entry: Alexa's Dark
    Word Count: 1501
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    Notes: A shadow is a soulless creature that needs humans to live...so basically dead. sweatdrop


    Today was the day, Alexa told herself. Today I’m going to get him. Alexa stood on her toes

    and peered over the sea of onlookers. Ian was in the very front, waiting for her. He saw

    Alexa and waved her over. Alexa smiled and pushed her way through the crowd. Ian smiled

    when Alexa finally made her way through. She walked up to him and straightened her

    blonde hair, which was in a pony tail. The tip of the tail touched her upper back and half of

    her face was covered with her pink highlighted bangs.

    “Hey, Ian.” Alexa said when she stopped messing with her hair. “Hey, Lexa.” Ian said in

    response. Alexa smiled when he called her his nickname for her. To Alexa, Ian was

    gorgeous. She loved his shaggy brown hair that always covered his face, his soft gray eyes,

    and his muscular body made Alexa swoon at the very sight of him. Ian was one year older

    than Alexa which made him eight-teen and her seven-teen. He was also a few inches taller

    than her too. “Ian, I hate the fact that your so tall.” she would always complain. He would

    chuckle and ruffle her hair which made her fuss over it again. She looked up at him with

    hard purple eyes. Yes, purple. Something about her family made them all have purple eyes.

    Her mother, her father, and even her incredibly annoying sister had purple eyes. Ian always

    thought that made them unique. He had nothing against it; in fact he loved Alexa’s eyes.

    They were the color of lilac and as hard as stone, but soft at the same time.

    Today was the school’s pep rally and Alexa and Ian were there to watch. Ian was able to

    get there early and get the front of the crowd reserved for them. Alexa hated being where

    she couldn’t see and Ian didn’t want to disappoint her so, he decided to help the coach set

    up earlier in the day. He was rewarded with front view and free cotton candy. “Hey Lexa, let’s

    go get some cotton candy fluff stuff.” Alexa smiled at the silly remark and responded, “Kay.”

    Together they both walked across the gym to the concession stand. Ian nodded his head

    to his friend Kish who ran the place.

    “Hey man. How’s the rally?” Kish asked. Alexa glared at him hard and asked, “You know

    him?” He nodded and said, “We’re best friends. It’s been that way since kindergarten.” She

    nodded un-thoughtfully and ordered to cotton candies and a large root beer. Ian looked at

    her and playfully pouted, “But I want some too!” Alexa laughed and said. “We’re going to

    share it.”

    After they got their orders, Alexa said, “I think we should go outside and eat these, kay?” Ian

    nodded and followed her through the crowd and out the doors. It was around seven thirty

    and the sun was slowly sinking down the horizon. Ian and Alexa found a table under a large

    tree where they ate their cotton candy and talked.

    When the sun was almost gone Alexa looked at Ian and said, “Hey Ian, I’ve got to ask you

    something.” He looked back at her and asked. “What’s got your mind, Lexa?” She stared at

    him with a tint of pink in her face when she asked, “Do you love somebody?” Ian looked at

    her and she quickly looked away. He stayed silent for a while and answered, “I think I do,

    but I’m afraid of her. I’m afraid of what she thinks of me. Whether or not she takes me as a

    friend or loves me too.” Alexa nodded silently and asked, “What if that girl did love you and

    you knew?” Ian managed a small smile, but looked at Alexa curiously. “I’d probably ask her

    out or something. Ask her why she loves me.” Alexa looked at him and asked, “Who is

    she?” Ian looked away and watched the sun disappear. He looked at Alexa who was

    watching him with hard eyes. After a while, Ian said, “You.” She stared at him with cold, hard

    eyes then looked away. “I want you to know something.” She said. “Come here.” Ian got up

    slowly and walked over to her. Alexa stood and looked up at him. Her purple eyes seemed

    to glow with composure.

    “I am not in love with you. There’s no girl here you know by the name of Alexa, just me. I

    have no name due to my nature.” She smiled and the glow in her eyes chilled. He

    asked. “What do you mean? I’ve known you for three years!” She laughed softly and Ian

    froze as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She got as close to his ear as she could

    and whispered, “Dear heart, I’m a Shadow. I stayed that long with you because it took a

    while for my powers to know you. I know your weaknesses, your being, and your loves.

    You’ll be an interesting Dark though.”

    Ian pulled away and asked, “What’s a Shadow? What’s a Dark? Why’d you call me that?”

    Alexa looked at him and leaned against the tree with her eyes glowing skeptically. “A

    Shadow, sweet, is a powerful being that creates sources of power to take over a human’s

    body and command it to do what we will. But Shadows cannot do this without Darks. Darks

    are their source of power. I called you a Dark because your going to be mine.” Ian shook his

    head and said, “No way, I’m not being your anything.” He started to walk away but when he

    turned Alexa was right there in front of him.

    “I’m a Shadow, love. I can travel just as fast as you and faster.” Ian tried to push her away

    but his hands disappeared in a black swirl. He yelped and jumped back. Her figure

    reappeared and her eyes were closed as she smiled daintily. “You feel good, but that was

    to close to my heart, love. You could have killed your “precious” human Alexa.” She laughed

    softly and disappeared. Ian looked around but couldn’t see her. He heard a breeze behind

    him and a prickle went down his spine.

    He turned around and saw Alexa. “Come, dear heart. It doesn’t hurt. You’ll live within me,

    with your Alexa. You said you loved her, so why not become her heart?” Ian shook his head

    and said, “I’d rather love the real Alexa, not the Shadow.” That made her flinch and

    suddenly, Ian thought of an idea. He stood straight and asked, “What defeats a Shadow?”

    Alexa smirked and asked, “What do you know about Shadows?” Ian looked at her and

    lied, “I know there’s a way to defeat them, they are pure evil, they take over people’s bodies

    and that Darks are their source of power.” Alexa snapped, “That’s it? I’m unimpressed Ian.

    You should also know that they always answer questions and can’t lie about them.” Ian

    paled and asked again, “How do you defeat a Shadow?” Alexa flexed her fingers and

    answered, “Love. It’s the only thing stronger than us.” Suddenly Ian knew what to do.

    He walked towards her and held out his arms. Alexa’s eyes glowed with triumph as she

    purred, “I knew you would change you mind. You know you want her, and she’s here, inside

    me. I thought you’d be a little more persistent and try to defeat me.” Ian smiled as he

    reached her and said, “I am.” Alexa’s eyed widened with fear as Ian pulled her close to him

    and kissed her full on the mouth. Alexa pulled away immediately and screeched, “No! You

    could’ve been with her! Forever Ian! Forever!” He flinched when she said that but said

    smoothly, “I love Alexa and her only.” And with that, she fell to the ground. A shadowy figure

    lifted from her body and ran away, disappearing into the night.

    Ian ran over to her body and turned her over. She was still alive and had a peaceful look on

    her face, like a huge burden was taken from her. Her pink highlights had turned black and

    her hair had loosened from its tie. Her eyes flickered open and they were pink, like how her

    hair used to be. She touched his face gently and said, “Ian you saved me. I love you!” She

    flung herself into his arms and Ian held her close. “I love you.” She whispered. Ian

    whispered back, “I know, and I love you.”

    They embrace until the sky was warm with the sun’s light. When they left, a black rose grew

    next to a red one where Love had conquered Shadow. Those roses have hidden today, but

    not forever. One of the two roses can be found today in the hearts of those who want them.

    These roses will bloom when they do and will help guide their future. A rose of love forever.