• may and her sister, stormy were walking to school. it was are first day at the acadamy, and stormy was exicited about it.
    stormy: hurry up may, we well be late for our first day of ninja training school!
    may: you do relieze the more you tell to hurry up, the slower i shall get.
    stormy: *sad puppy dog face* please
    may: i hate you.
    stormy: yah i see how you are. forget you too.
    *suddenly a dude with orange hair jumps out of nowhere*
    stormy: save me oh lord and master! *starts weeping*
    stormy: wait! stop right there! that didnt happen!
    may: it could.
    stormy: i swear to jebus you better tell it like it is
    may: fine, kill joy!
    stormy: who are you!?
    pein: my name is pein, and i want you two
    stormy: *pulls out buzooka and starts shooting randomly*
    may: hepocrit!
    stormy: what!?
    may: i thought you wanted us to tell it like it is
    stormy: *sigh* fine whatever
    pein: so will you two come with me
    stormy: thats for drugs you dumba**
    may: really!?
    stormy: no freaking duh
    may: crap! *wispers* quick hide my weed.
    stormy: see what i have to deal with. *rolls eyes*
    pein: well! will you come with me
    stormy: NO WE WILL NEVER GO
    may: wait what i would want to go
    stormy: why
    may: well, you know how when someone evil asks for you to come with them? they always end up tracking you down. useing threats, force. making you go through all this pointless drama, and for wait? they end up kiddnapping you in the end. i just wanna skip over the bull s**t and get to the point. besides, this would be a twist in the storyline.
    stormy: i see what your saying
    pein: what do you mean by twist
    may: you know, they'd expect us to fight you and get really injured, but unleash amazing powers, but instead, we are willingfully going to fallow you to wherever
    pein: oh i see now ok, lets get back to the storyline, um wher was i, oh wait now i remeber, *cough cough* so you will follow?
    may & stormy: yes we will
    pein come with me.
    pein lead the two girls through a thick forest into a deep dark cave. may complained most of the way, until stormy wacked her in the head with a branch. she took the branch and hit her back. they started getting to a fist figh, until, boom! they were there.
    may: seriously!? a cave? really man? i know the economy has been bad resuntly, but still
    stormy: oh shut up may, you dont even know what an economy is
    may: YES I DO!!!
    stormy: really? what?
    may: a group of monkeys flinging poop
    pein: will you two shut up for five seconds
    may: never!!
    suddenly pein walked them into what seemed to be a livingroom. there was a bunch of men in there, all wearing the same uniform. one guy with siver hair, caught may's attention.
    may: hello whats you name
    hidan: none of your bussiness
    may: f**k you too b***h
    hidan: what the f**k did you just say to me
    may: hey! dont swear its f**king rude
    hidan: what do you want!?!
    may: i just want to know how many people can be slaughtered with that scythe of yours
    hidan: what
    may: i wanna know how many people you can kill
    hidan: i dont know, maybe 500 per day
    may: *laughs* thats all
    hidan: oh yah what about you
    stormy: OH NO DONT DO THAT crap to late
    may: *pulls out a chainsaw* you wanna find out?
    (well thats it for today, srry its so short, but hey, watever, its awesome RATE)