• I could hear the heart beat in my ears. My hands were balled up into fists at my side as I stood in the middle of the sidewalk. Many emotions flickered through me, sorrow, betrayal, longing, and hate. I blinked back tears as I swallowed hard.
    The wind blew my black hair around my face, as I stood looking into my ex-best friends eyes. They were a bright green, the green I use to love. Her brown hair hung limply around her face. I use to remember it to be so full and silky; I use to be jealous of it.
    “Look, Alyssa,” she growled, “I just can’t tell you.”
    I choked back a sob, “First you tried to, to, to kill me, then you expect me not to want an explanation! What is up with you Kayla?”
    Kayla’s eyes were furious, she huffed at me. “I told you! I can’t explain it to you! And I see that you are standing in front of me! You aren’t dead! I didn’t kill you, I actually saved you!”
    Color flushed to my face in anger, I resisted the urge to punch her in the mouth. Something I would have never thought of doing to her twelve hours ago. “That is beside the point! You tried to stab me in the middle of a forest! Why, why would you want to? I thought we were friends! And you only saved me from that vampire because you wanted a go at me! You didn’t want him to finish me first!” the thought of what happened tore a hole in my chest. I love Kayla, she is my best friend. A tear rolled down my face, I wiped it away quickly.
    She sighed angrily and shut her eyes. “I told you it wasn’t my fault! Why can’t you except that!” she said through clenched teeth.
    “To Hades it isn’t your own fault! Are you telling me that you were mind controlled or something?! Yeah right!” I grit my teeth, fury was shown on my face, but another sorrowful tear rolled down my face. Kayla opened her eyes.
    The wrath on Kayla’s face crumpled when she seen my tear. She started to bawl too. “Yes, Alyssa, that is exactly what happened. Why can’t you believe me?”
    I bit my lip, “I do.” I whispered, the fury gone, “but, I just, just don’t trust you anymore. How do I know you won’t get ‘mind controlled’ again and try to kill me.”
    “You just have to trust it doesn’t.” she wailed, seeing where I was headed with this, “I won’t let it. I don’t want to kill you!”
    My heart split in half, and then in half again. This was horrible what I had to do. I don’t trust her anymore. She broke too many promises these past few hours.
    “I’m sorry,” my voice cracked and I had to start again, tears cascaded down my cheeks “I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you. I can’t be with you.”
    “No!” she sobbed falling to her knees, “No Alyssa, please don’t!”
    “If you really love me, you’ll go. You’ll leave me alone.”
    “Alyssa!” she whispered, hurt was the only thing in her face. My chest exploded in pain, I can’t believe this was happening.
    My best friend stood up slowly, defeated, “good bye Aly.” She mouthed and ran down the sidewalk. I’ll probably never see my closest friend ever again. I stood, just watching her go, letting her slip between my fingers.