• His warm touch went around her. “Yuki-chan, you’ll be with me forever right?” said the girl. “Forever and forever.” He said. The girl smiled and closed her eyes slowly. Trey lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He jumped out the window and released his wings. Trey glided slowly on top of buildings. “If only she knew,” he thought. The girl woke up trying to feel his warm touch. She soon realized he wasn’t there. She opened her eyes, wide awake now. She laid back down, hoping to fall asleep. But she couldn’t. She was waiting for him to come back.

    Ayumi woke up for the morning. She held her arms together and hugged herself. It was a school day, one of her not so happy days. No one bothered to talk to her and she didn’t bother to talk to them. She was alone. But today, she felt more cheery. Ayumi got into her uniform, and tying her hair, revealing a cute and pretty face. “Today, I’m going to show them a different me. The real me,” she said confidently. Ayumi punched the air with a grin. She ran downstairs, took an apple, and ran off for school. School was two miles away and it was better to run then to walk.

    She reached school, with the giant letters printed on a board. “Is that Ayumi-chan?” said two curious girls. “Ayumi-chan?” there was a bunch of whispers, mostly confused, some amazed. “Ayumi-chan!~” said a boy. She turned back and looked. The boy had brown hair and green amazing eyes. “There goes the most popular in school!” said whispers. “Hi. My name is Kaito,” his eyes sparkled and he smiled. “Hi,” she smiled. “I was thinking..you wanna hang out with us?” he pointed to a group of girls and boys. They were all looking curiously at Kaito and Ayumi. Someone pulled her out. “Ehh?” she thought. It was Yuki staring at her with deep brown eyes. “She’s taken,” he said. “Who’s that?” said the popular group. “He’s so hot!”’ said two girls. “Come on Ayumi..” he said taking her hand. Ayumi nodded her head and followed him. “Yuki? You go to school here?” said Ayumi. “Now.” He smiled at her. Yuki held her face. He went closer and said, “I’m here to protect you.” Yuki let go and hugged her. Ayumi was surprised, but she put his arms around him.

    The bell rang. "Class time," he said, taking Ayumi's hand again. He walked to English class, opening the door. A bunch of students stared at the door. "It's him again..and Ayumi!" they whispered. "Class! You have a new student today. His name is Tohru, Yuki," the teacher said. Yuki nodded his head. "Seems that Ayumi and you are familiar?" asked the teacher. "Hai." "Very good then. Yuki, sit next to Ayumi," said teacher. They both nodded their heads and said "Hai."

    "Please take your textbooks out," ordered the teacher. Fumbling sounds were made. "Ai, where's my textbook?" a guy whispered. Yuki and Ayumi got their textbooks out. "Ayumi, please read," the teacher said. "Mhm." she whispered. Everyone was attentive. She had the best voice in the class and it was true. "The leaves fell, turning orange and red. The flowers bloomed, all colorful and beautiful. The light came out and a dancing young sun shined in the beautiful new day. It was Autumn," she said, her voice both beautiful and soothing. "Wow that was beautiful. Her voice..amazing." Yuki thought, focusing on every word.

    (to be continued. I'm too lazy to write more.Part 2 is now released.)