• His smile is like my drug, the air that I breathe, the blood in my body. I was addicted, like I lived off of him. His smile is contagious. It makes me smile like a fool, even on those days I feel miserable. Whenever he felt sad, I cried for him. On those days he was happy, I grinned, from ear-to-ear, for him. He means the world to me, but sadly, I don't belong in his, I'm not even in it.

    I see him smile, sometimes. But it's pretty rare to see him smile around strangers. He's shy, you see, but the only time him smiles are real, are when he plays basketball. That's when he's in his prime, in the zone.

    We're kind of friends, he knows my name and who I am, but we don't hang out. He's in a totally different dimension; he's cool, I'm not. He's hot and I'm not, He's athletic, but I'm not. He is everything that I am not.

    Everybody in my grade knows me, infamously. Some give me strange looks, some glares and pitied looks. But he never gave me any of those, just a nod and a smile. I guess I could have a chance with him... If only I weren't a guy.