• He circled around me where I stood sill, bored but cautious, like the trees around us. Nothing, and no one, had ever scared or annoyed me, and no one was about to start. Besides, why should I have had any reason to doubt him, I'd know him forever, from our days of riding tricycles and trick-or-treating together. He always stood up for me, even if I could do it myself, and never done anything to seem like an antagonist. He stopped pacing, breathing no more than a few inches behind me. Some how he uncircuited my mind, he was scented of vanilla smoke and AXE.
    Ever since The Accident I'd always had a part of my mind on a different subject, with different thoughts than the rest of me, stating it's opinion. It also caused me to have physical and emotional senses better than anyone else. I could tell he was only staring at the back of my head. I glanced at him sideways and he didn't seem to notice. His expression was playful, but he posture was serious at the same time. He told me time and time again we needed to talk but I now, I couldn't quite tell if he was teasing me or not.
    "I'm... different." he finally said. After twenty long minutes that was all he would tell me. However, I wasn't surprised, I had for so long known he was, but not how. I struck out my arm, grabbing his wrist behind me and jerking him in front of me. Obviously he went somewhat willingly. Moving a boy my age might have been nearly impossible but I was stubborn and unpredictable. Not to mention my best friend was sooo getting on my nerves.
    Don't underestimate me, tell me more.
    "Do you believe me?" he asked. I smirked,just to annoy him, and whispered, "Yes." His eyes turned fiercer and burned gold, disorienting because they were usually the exact color of the summer sky. His black hair fell in his face, messy to perfection, and glowing in the always tranquil redwood forest's scarce light.
    He tried to pull away his arm, looking surprised and even mad that I said I believed him.
    Don't let him go.
    But I did.
    "Then what," he urged,"what am I?". My senses, and my heart, knew he was pained to ask me this, but in a way even I couldn't decode. Like he thought if I knew I wouldn't trust him.... pained like he was something dangerous.
    He recognized the hint of question and shock on my face. He smiled- more maliciously than kindly- and went to lounge on a boulder next to the small, shallow stream. He left me, but not far away, with the time we should have been at school to deliberate a very interesting question.