• CH1: The Shark, the Cat, and the Perverted Girl.

    Welcome To Dungeon Island!

    The calm waves crashed against the shore as the ferry boat arrived on the entrance of DI, three unique passgers got off the boat and stand right by the gates leading into the forest "Where finally here!" Said the blue Shark man, his name was David Fisher, a strong looking shark based seaman, he appears to be the team tanker. The cat man fell onto his knees "Ughh... I feel sick..." His name was Tobi Kathi, a teen pure black cat who seemed to be the team collector. The girl stretches her arms out wide "Yep.!! Were good to go!" Her name was Annie Chester, a bright brown hair girl who looked like the team magical user. Tobi slowly got up and they begun walking in the gate, then was immediately stoped by a dog man "Hello, to enter Dungeon Island you'll have to pay the troll of 200G and since their 3 of you, it be 600Gs." Everyone brought out their weapons "It's a mob!?" Everyone panicked "B-but were not even inside yet!!" David yelled at them "Calm down! He looks strong but we should be able to defeat him!!" The dog man didn't seem to understand what was happening right now "Um..."

    Tobi sulk "Our money...." David tried to cheer him up, he patted Tobi back "Hey, um... Look at the bright side, we got in..? Who knew the Island charges the newcomers for coming in." It didn't seem to work, Annie was thinking something dangerous in her mind 'Yes.... Touch his back.... Touch itttt.....' She then immediately snapped out of it "Ah! So that guy said our skills and levels has been reset now right? What are you're guy's new abilities?" David brought out a card from his pocket "Lv 1... My class stayed the same so that's good, hmm... It say my passive skill is call Wet Back, I can cause splash damage to any near by enemies units, that's nice." Annie smile 'It also mean he doesn't need a lube to be entered...' Tobi got his card out too "1... Am still a thief, yay. My passive is called 9 Lives to Live, I can automatically be revived 9 times before I pay the death troll, cool." Annie smirked 'What a amazing sex drive~' Annie gotted her card out from under her robe "Lv... 42...? Same class. New skill is called Screw the Rules, the Island Rules doesn't effect me and I can magical break through the fourth wall... Ha-ha, nice~!" Both of them look at her "Isn't that... Cheating...?" She puts her hand in front of their faces "Talk to the hand cause the butt on duty! Ha-ha-ha!! Omg! This is so op!!" David looks worried "Oh no... She already talking in gamer language...."

    On the way to the first village they noticed not even one monster appeared, Annie seemed bored "Where all the mobs at..?" Tobi looks at her with annoyed eyes "It because your Lv, your so god damn over powered that none of the weak monster want to come out..! Because of you we might never even get to Lv up till we reach the stronger monsters!!" She didn't seem fazed "Take a chill pill dude.... Hehe-ha-ha-ha! Yes! I always wanted to say that!" Tobi got piss, David seemed lost in deep thoughts "Hey Annie... If the Island Rules doesn't apply towards you... Does that also count as the revival law..?" Annie pused "Ah cr@p..!" They begin to worry "That means we can't have you fighting all the time! Most of you're summons use half of your mana as a power source!!" Annie got scared "T-that means... If I die... I die for real...?"  David hugged her "It's okay, I'll protect you." She bury her head in his chest and started to make sniffing nose, David blushed a little "It's okay, it's okay..." But Annie wasn't crying 'Oh my god, I can't get enough of these abs...' Tobi looked more annoyed then usual "stupid couple..." He seemed lonely.

    When they got into town it was pretty lively, many adventurers was still here in the beginning town "Sooo, it doesn't actually says that this town has a name so, let's just call it by what we remember most of the place. I vote Noob Central!" It seemed funny but hard to laugh at, Tobi looks around the area "Well the name fits but... That's kinda mean." David nods "Let's just call it Towns of Beginnings." Annie slump "Ehh... That just sound like some fantasy cr@p..." They argued about it for an hour and Annie won "Ha! Noob Central it is!" David and Tobi looked depress "Can't believe we lost that..." Annie standed proud "Hooray for op skill!"