• Someone pinned me to the ground. It was Carri. She wore a huge grin. She stuck a piece of paper in my face. I couldn't even read it.
    "It's my math test! I got ninety-nine percent!" she chanted.
    I was winded so it was kinda hard to tell her to get off.
    "Carri. Can't. Breath." I gasped with what breath I had.
    "No, I can breath. Why would you ask?" she was a blonde, it makes sense.
    "No. Me. Idiot." She moved the paper away so she could look at my face. I could hear laughter in the backround. I knew it was Trinan and Lexi. The meanest girls at my school. "Look! The lesbian dinosaur's are going to start making out on the floor! Ewww!" Trinan laughed.
    "Oh. Sorry." Carri whispered. "Why does she think we're lesbians?"
    I groaned. "I think it's because everytime you've gotten good on a math text or any test for that matter, you do this. It's driving me insane."
    We started walking to our next class, which just happend to be math.
    "I think I'm going to knock Trinan out infront of everyone at lunch." I said.
    "HA! are you kidding? She'll kill you." Carri giggled.
    I gave her a dirty look. "I'm serious. She's getting on my nerves more and more. Aren't you tired of her calling us lesbian dinosaurs?"
    She sighed. "Yes, but"
    "Well then don't you think I should choke the little snot?"
    "Yes, but, I don't think violence is the solution. I don't want to see you get, well, your a** kicked."
    "So you don't think I can take the little punk?" I was frustrated by the way she thought I was going to lose a fight against Trinan.
    "Not exactly. She's not just some little punk you go around beating the crap out of. She's quite strong."
    "We shall see about that."

    Xcxi_CamryX <3