• Why me? Why did i have to be the one to have this? Wait lets start at the being. It all started on warm summer day in Flordia. i was on my way to school when all of a sudden a women grapped me and said "its not safe out here go home, find shelter". Of course i didnt because well i was only 7 years old. So instead i just went to the mall, and thats when the worst was to come. when i was eating my lunch, a huge wave came crashing down on the mall. all i could of was "WHY ME"? The lady was right it wasnt safe out here, but it was to late to go home. The hurricane had already started. i started to cry everyone was. When i got under the table (my only shelter the mall had left) i heard a voice call my name. They said "come, come little, over here" I went. she took me home. Where i was kinda safe. Then before i could reach my mom and dad another huge wafe came crashing down right on me. I was now wet,scared,and i wanted to die.