• I awoke in a gray, dark hole. I saw nothing. I heard nothing. I felt nothing. Nothing moved. Nothing talked. In fact, there was nothing. It seemed I was falling, yet I stayed in the same place. Contradicting illusions bottled up in my mind. Seconds felt like days. And hours felt like millenniums.
    Finally I saw something. It talked. It felt. It saw. It heard. It cried. And it laughed. All of which happened at the same time with him. Little did I know it was the devil himself. He looked into my eyes, and at my soul. His cunning voice whispered “Come. Come to the eternal happiness.” I immediately fell into a trans. I walked towards a door. As I walked, darkness engulfed me, getting its small demonic hands around me. Soon the doors opened. It showed a pool of what looked like people. They moaned “Get away. Go before it’s too late!” I fell out of the trans. The people weren’t people anymore, but gray skeletal souls whirling around in an everlasting cycle. Moaning sounds which would give you nightmares for the rest of your life. I was right in front of the famous Hell. Soon I saw that thing again. I finally realized who this was. I closed my eyes and covered my soul. I covered my ears and closed the chain to tempt. None the less, he captured me.