• Blood splatters against a white wall. Bone chilling screams echo through the dark silent halls. It is then followed by a loud shrill cackle from who is unknown.
    People run in chaotic mobs to nowhere. Your eyes follow them, clueless of what to do. Should you confront the criminal like a lion or run like the mob of scared mice?
    “RUN!” A young girl screams. You stop her and take her by the shoulders. She struggles against your strength.
    “From what?” you bravely ask.
    “It!”She says as she struggles to get free.
    “What’s it?”
    “Let me go!” She demands.
    “No!” is your response. “Tell me what it is!”
    The girl sighs with a nervous breath. Her body is trembling in fear. Immediately, your own brain starts fighting against your bravery. Yet somehow, your bravery wins. You feel as though you must tread on, and this girl was a key in doing so.
    “Now tell!” you demand once again. Her body only trembles more.
    You sigh. Things were bleak. You had no additional time to waste. More screams could be heard. However, the screams were closer and could send sharper chills up any victim’s spine. The creature was coming.
    The girl’s pallid face looks up at you with gentle blue eyes. Her innocence to the world seems obvious, but she had truly seen whatever “it” was. Her body is quenched too much in to the fear of something to not have.
    “Please?’ you ask.
    “Ro….” the girl’s voice mumbles out weakly. Her head drops downwards looking at the floor.
    “Huh?” You lean down to get the answer.
    You look into the girl’s gentle blues. A peculiar horror raids your face. The girl was gone in a sense. Her gentle blues were turned white. Her pallid face was of not the same. Blooded veins replaced the little color she had. The rank smell of a decaying corpse reaped your smell. The scent was from her and only her.
    You let go of her right away. You scream and try to escape but to no avail. You tumble backwards onto the ground from a mix up of your feet. Your body starts shaking. You are frozen with fear. At this moment, the mouse was taking over lion, and the lion was KO.
    The girl comes closer to you.
    “Get away!” you scream. She takes another step.
    Darn it for bravery, you think because otherwise you would not be in this mess. Darn it!
    The girl opens her mouth. A fly lands on her lips. The rank smell attracted it. However, the smell only twists your stomach.
    “Go away!” You shout. The girl tilts her head. Her pair of frozen blue lips opens slightly wider. Each tooth of her mouth appears like a sickle ready to strike.
    You swallow hard. Your body trembles like it was the only way to live. No one else could help you. The screams had finally ceased a moment ago. Loneliness is now your only friend.
    The girl takes a step closer to your face. She then sits next you. She smiles a smile that only a demon could love. You stare blankly horrified. She chuckles at the expression as the fly crawls in to her mouth. It grosses you out entirely. You cannot take anymore. This girl is not a being but an “it”!
    “Stop…” you say, “please stop!”
    It chuckles again.
    “Rosies, posies, all fall down,” its child like voice says, “on top of the ground, hope is a sad song because it goes wrong, and now…. I fall down!”
    It then cackles like the cackle before. The cackle makes you shiver.
    Slowly, its skin hardens into a shell. It takes its sharp nails and breaks the shell pieces by pieces as the shell hardens. The pieces fall upon the ground. They turn into a smoky ash dust pile next to you.
    “I’m going nowhere,” it says. Then it lets its body go limp. With a breaking crystal like sound, the shell completely breaks. A dust of the ashes puffs up around you, and it slowly clears.
    The sight is more horrendous than expected. It is now nothing but an immobile skeleton in a lake of a black blood like substance. The substance slowly oozes it way towards your face. You close your eyes and turn away…
    You open your eyes. You are safe at home. Your arms tightly hug your body. It is a comforting feeling. You sigh.
    It was only a nightmare; you think as lean your head against the plush wall, and a doctor strolls in…