• The cat looked out the window. It was her house, the one she was supposed to guard. Her owners had left that job to her, knowing she could do it. Her owners had left the house for three weeks, and she was supposed to guard it. It had already been a week and four days, which she knew, for she was smarter than a cat that we would know.

    This was the other dimension, the one that denied all things in the other three. This was the alternate universe, Giratina's World. Space and Time were out of whack here, the world could turn upside down at any moment, and everyone would still be okay. However, it only had two houses.

    One of these houses was Mirelli's, the cat you have already been introduced to. Her owners were away, in the Earth-world. You need not know their names, for they do not appear in this story.

    The other house was Taro's, Mirelli's best friend. He was also a cat. His owners, like hers, were away, and do not appear in this story.

    Taro came over to Mirelli's house, seeing her in the window. He jumped in with a purr. Their houses didn't really need to be guarded, there was nothing in this universe but them.

    "Mirelli, come, let us go explore," Taro offered.

    The guarding was just an excuse for not taking them to the real world. They were ordered not to stray too far, because there were only two houses. It was easy to get lost.

    Mirelli resented being left behind. "Okay," She nodded. It served their owners right if they got lost.

    They ran to their favorite spot, the one grassy place they knew of. Taro looked over at Mirelli. "We must find another spot like this," He said.

    Mirelli was excited at this. They had never found any place like that. "You think there is one?"
    She asked hopefully.

    "Yes," Taro told her. They looked off into the distance wonderingly. Their adventure was about to begin.

    Together, they nodded, then walked forward.

    An hour later...

    Mirelli was amazed at everything they saw. It was breathtaking. Soon, though, because of the rough turf, their paw pads began to hurt. They needed a place to stop, a grassy place. Now they knew why their owners had left those instructions. Mirelli was beginning to doubt there was another place like their grassy place.

    Taro was concerned about Mirelli's feet more than his own. His were tough from his walks through the path between their two houses.

    Mirelli thought she spotted something ahead. A grassy place....? "Look ahead!" She brought Taro back from his feet concerns.

    Taro looked up and saw it.

    "It... it is!" Taro exclaimed.

    "Let's go to it!" Mirelli said as she sped up.

    Taro sped up with her, so soon they were upon it. 'It' was a waterfall. Together, they decided to rest by it.