• Run, as fast as you can, Margret!

    The sky was casting over, turning from its usual shade of blue, to an unusual shade of grey. It would rain, being my luck. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my head, as I focused more on running through the open path I was on, instead of swerving into the thorned bushes.
    My breath was becoming heavier; I needed to rest, less I am wanting an athsma attack at a time like this. I slowed my running to a fast paced walking, fumbling with my pocket to remove my inhaler. Shaking the medication and putting it to my mouth, I attempted to recall the events that had taken place; dad coming home, drunk of course, mom confronting him, hearing that painfull, sickining sound of his hand meeting her cheek, seeing him make his way to my room....
    A bird cooed overhead. I jumped, noticing my paranoia becoming more intense. Why should I even jump at this point? Shouldn't I be used to this by now? I mean, going 15 damned, long years of being beaten by my own father, shouldn't I be used to it by now?
    The bird's coo was met by another coo. A male bird's, perhaps. I turned my attention to the two; a melody of some sorts created. I listened in, hoping their noises would drown out everything else in the world. This was not the case, as I began hearing another noise. An angrier, bitter slur of words almost. Oh no.
    "Margret," the voice yelled, a slur heavily noticeable. I grew pale, realizing he had followed me here. How he had managed to navigate through these thick woods while that intoxicated, I knew not.
    Dashing, almost sprinting, through these woods, I attepted with all my might to hold back my screams. I desperately wanted to call out for help, any sort at all. Oh, how I wished I had never been brought into his world. tears streamed down my face, falling from my cheeks to the earth.
    Please God, help me, I silently begged. I suppose my father caught on that I was up this was, for I heard not too far behind me the sounds of leave rustling and crunching. Maybe he wasn't as drunk as I'd thought. These facts did not stop me, as I kept running towards any hope of safety. Rain began falling, adding onto my current predicament. God must be feeling merciless today, I thought, my tears pouring faster.
    Still running as well as I could,somehow, it wasn't good enough. My right foot was snagged on an uprooted tree root. Crashing to the Earth, my glsses fell from my face. Alarmed and panicked by my situation, I began searching the grounds immediately for them. With no luck, I attempted to free my foot from the branch that had probably damned my life. It wouldn't budge.The footsteps and leaves crushed far too close for comfort behind me; I accepted my fate. I knew far too well the beatings I would get for this. Massive, the word best desribed it. There was no point in prolonging this further. Terrified, cold, and soaked to the bone, I sat there, under the summer rain, waiting.
    "Run, as fast as you can Margret!" mother had begged. If only she knew.