• Long ago in the Arthurian times, there was a young sorceress named Merlina, who was being pursued by the legendary King Arthur. Desperately, she summoned a well known blue hero, named Sonic the Hedgehog. Once they had escaped the possessed king, they sought out Caliburn, the talking sword set in stone. After, Merlina and Sonic temporarily parted, and Sonic went on his way to slay a dragon so he could save a young girl's parents. But on his way, he became lost. And when two people are lost, arguing is sure to ensue...

    "You fool! You've gotten us lost, haven't you?!"
    This was Caliburn, Sonic's sword.
    "Well maybe if you hadn't been shouting pointless directions, we wouldn't be lost!"
    Sonic was extremely irritated. Here he was, lost in a forest, and stuck with Caliburn at that.
    "I have lived centuries in this realm, and you have only been here for several days! How can you expect to know the way better than I?!"
    "How can you?! You've had your head stuck in a giant rock for a million years! So shut your mouth already!"
    Sonic was getting a massive headache from this nagging weapon.
    "Shut my- How dare you! You reckless, empty headed, foolhardy-"
    But Sonic was listening to something else.
    "-And you have stones for ears! Do you hear me?!"
    "Quiet Caliburn! Don't you hear that?"
    Now Caliburn listened. Then they both heard it.
    "Be on your guard," Caliburn warned. "Our enemy could be anything. A knight from the underground, or an archer, or-"
    Caliburn didn't have the opportunity to finish his sentence, for at that moment, Sonic leapt back as a figure struck the spot where Sonic had been standing with his fists.
    "Not fists," Sonic murmured. "Paws!"
    The being now stood up tall. It looked like a jackal, but it had black feet, and black bands of fur that ran around its head, waist, and shoulders. His torso was beige, and his head, legs, and arms were blue. Four dread lock like parts hung from the back of his head, and the back of his paws and his chest had lethal spikes protruding. Red eyes reflected the small amount of light that shone through the tree branches.
    You dare trespass into my forest? he asked threateningly.
    "Huh? Wha- no! I'm not tresspassing! Honest!" Sonic spluttered. "I didn't even know this was your forest, I swear!"
    "Idiot!" Caliburn hissed. "Don't apologize to it, fight it!"
    What business do you have, passing through my domain? the other blue being asked. Undoubtedly trying to challenge me as many other so called "knights" have before?!
    "Hey listen, I don't want to fight, just let me pass! I'm sure we can work things out." Sonic began to sweat a bit. This creature seemed powerful and lethal. He would probably be able to pummel Sonic to bits if he wanted to.
    What is your name, trespasser? the being asked menacingly.
    "Well- erm- I'm-"
    "He is Sonic the Knave, you lowly mongrel, and shame on you for claiming this forest as your own!"
    "Shut up, you irritating piece of metal!" That's it, Sonic thought, I'll be lucky if I don't die right now.
    But the being seemed rather surprised by Caliburn's outburst. Your weapon speaks with a rash tongue, he replied. How unusual...
    "Yeah, I've been having trouble trying to find the off button for this thing," Sonic said with a friendly smile.
    This only seemed to confuse the creature even more.
    "Anyways, my name is Sonic the Hedgehog, not Knave, as my useless weapon mistakenly said," (here, Sonic glared at Caliburn, who stared stubbornly back with blue eyes.) "But I'm only trying to find a dragon's cave. It's supposed to have kidnapped an entire village. Maybe you can point the way out for me?"
    The being, instead of answering immediately, looked in a different direction, as if thinking to himself. Then, he turned back to Sonic and said, Only the bravest of knights would dare to challenge such a monstrous beast as the dragon. It is even more feared than I am myself.
    "Even if it is a big scary monster, I made a promise, and I don't intend on breaking it!" Sonic said with true determination. "I'll find some way out of this forest!"
    The being seemed to think again for a while. Finally, he said, Maybe it is courage, or stupidity-
    "The latter of the two being more fitting for my unworthy apprentice," Caliburn interjected.
    -But your cause seems to be worthy, and I see the valor that surrounds you is strong. The being nodded. I shall guide you to the beast's lair, Sonic the Hedgehog. It is not often that I meet a true knight.
    "Thank you!" Sonic beamed. "I appreciate the help a lot, really! By the way... Do you have a name, too?"
    "Why in all of Avalon would you expect this creature to have a name, knave?!" Caliburn snapped. He was offended by the fact that Sonic had decided to ask some unknown savage for directions instead of himself. Wasn't he enough?
    I am Lucario, the being replied, the master and Guardian of Aura, the life force which sustains all living things. Even your sword has an aura.
    "Quite true, yes," Caliburn said, thinking that this creature deserved some respect for his wisdom.
    "Well then Lucario, let's see if you can keep up with me!" Sonic said.
    You'll find I am quicker than you expect, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lucario said with a small trace of a smile.

    And so, this new duo set off to find the cave of the notorious dragon, with true bravery burning in both of their hearts.