• I discovered I was epileptic, I take seizures, when I was in grade 8. Now in grade 11, my doctor tried to take me off the medication, to see if it was a one time thing. After I was finally taken off the medication, I was fine for awhile.

    Two days later, I did a 'face plant' in the school cafeteria. I had just gotten out of line for getting food from my school's kitchen-like area of the cafeteria. After a few steps, I completely blacked out.

    I woke to find an ambulance person helping me off the ground, tables pushed away and I was being stared at. What happened? I wondered. At this point, I couldn't even remember what day it was, let alone know what happened to me.

    Once in the ambulance I saw my mom getting out of her car. Apparently she was halfway across town when this happened. My town is not very big, but it would take at least 10 minutes to get to my school from where she was. She broke the speeding law trying to get to where I was, completely freaking out.

    The ambulance tenants told me what had happened and I finally understood. I had taken a seizure in the cafeteria, which I wasn't very surprised with. It took me about 10-15 minutes to finally realize what day it was, which I found funny cause I had a watch on my wrist telling me the date.

    After I was out of the hospital I demanded my mom to take me to my school. There was a football game that day so everyone would be outside, which I was happy for. None of my friends had seen me since the beginning of lunch, before my seizure. When I got there I had my friends run at me and almost tackle me to the ground because they were glad to see I was okay. I was surprised they weren't laughing at me, the way I spoke to them it made me sound as if I was on drugs they would give you if you were at the dentist or something.

    Later that night, I had a second seizure but my parents didn't hear me. They took me to the hospital in a larger city and we stayed there until about midnight. Because it was a Friday, I wouldn't get to see most of my friends until the following Monday but I didn't mind, it would give me time to rest from my episode.

    Monday finally rolled around, so I got up as I normally did and walked into the bathroom to brush my hair. I looked in the mirror and my left eye was completely swollen, I had a black eye from one of the seizures and my entire eyeball, besides the pupil and such, was completely red because of broken blood vessels. I was horrified and completely amused at the same time.

    I got to school, with my sunglasses on to hide it from my friends. They told me to take off my sunglasses when I was inside. I could only smirk as I took them off, knowing what they would see. All my friends, except one, freaked and I couldn't help but laugh at them. The only friend of mine that didn't freak was my friend Dani, she is my neighbor too so she had checked up on me during the weekend. She burst out laughing with me and no one could stop staring at my eye. I even scared some teachers with it.

    It took about a week or two for my eye to completely heal over. Since then there has been an ambulance at my school at least once a week because of fights or people passing out, once for someone being really drunk. But because of what happened at the beginning of the year, all my friends assume it's my fault that the ambulance is there, if they aren't with me.