• My mother lives with one of my sisters.
    My other two sisters live with my grandma.
    I live all the way across the country with my aunt and uncle.
    My father lives over Three Thousand miles away.
    And my heart is stuck in the ground and cant find home.
    They say home is where someone thinks about you...
    My mom thinks about me.
    My sisters think about me.
    My grandma thinks about me.
    My aunt and unlce think about me.
    My father thinks about me.
    And my heart cant stop thinking about my dream home.
    Where is home?
    My dream,
    Is that I can stay in one spot,
    And have my family live together...
    Happy too.
    I wont have guilt build up in me.
    My mom...
    She gets mad and says I never come to see her.
    I cant stand to look her the eye.
    The tears swell in my eyes.
    I dont want to be thrown around and have everyone fighting over me.
    I just want to scream!
    Tell everyone just to release this pain and guilt and make it all stop!!
    I want to live with my family.
    It's not going to happen though...
    Where is my home?
    Where is my true home?
    Help me.
    Save me.
    I cant do this by myself!
    Everyone says it's my choice.
    I cant do this alone,
    Cant you see?!
    Everyone thinks about me...
    Help me.
    Save me.
    My only dream... Home
    I want to be home.
    Not thrown around like a doll.
    Or an orphan.
    This reminds me of a movie.
    The girl's mother get put in jail.
    She is put in a foster home.
    And gets thrown around.
    Each family doesnt want her.
    She keeps looking for home...
    I cant remember the ending though...
    I cant remember what it was called.
    The girl's mother gets put in jail because she killed the girl's father.
    She put a flow in a glass of milk.
    There is poison in the flower.
    The poison leaks into the milk.
    And the girls father drinks it.
    Do you know the movie?
    If you do,
    Tell me the tittle.
    I want to watch it,
    And see if the girl finds home.
    I wanna know.
    And maybe...
    I might gain more hope,
    That I'll find my home.