• wahmbulance Warning: Do not read this if hearing about broken instruments makes you cry. It is extremely horrific. wahmbulance

    Freshman year. Our final concert of the year. Our uniforms are looking pretty slick, but we had to wear dress shoes with them. My friend, silly her, decides to wear heels. As we are walking down the stairs to head to the auditorium, she trips on these heels and lands right on top of her violin. It wasn't that big a fall, like two steps to the floor, but still. Her violin is crushed. The back is cracked into like ten pieces, the scroll snapped of the neck, two pegs broken, and three of the strings are popped. The bridge is shoved through on of the F-holes, and the chin rest is completely off. My friends and I are running around like beheaded chickens, screaming for a spare violin so we can go onstage. A few people are frantically trying to pick up the pieces and hand them to my friend. Another is trying to close the door, since all the parents are staring at this commotion through it. Our conductor is trying to stall for time on stage, and the whole time my friend is just staring blankly at her violin. I think it traumatized her. We put it in a nice box and buried it in her backyard a week later. emo