• Ouran high flash back! heart
    Im haruhi and im in the ouran high school hostclub this is after I payed my debt to them they let me stay a host!I rember something that i thought was wired
    I rember the day they did Ouran in wonderland sweatdrop ! the twins played the cheshi cat,mori was the mouse and hunny was the March hare,Kyouya was the caterpler,and tamaki was the Hatter!
    Tamaki:hehhe Welcome!Oh haruhi your late daddy wants you to put this on! heart whee
    Haruhi:No way its not my color!Besides I like the white Queen better shes pretty and likes happy stuff!
    Kaoru sad waves his tale around)I think you would look cute!Prrrrlease!
    Hikaru:I think you woiuld atracct the best of the girls!
    Kyouya:Yes it would not be wonderland with out alice in,which case is you! twisted
    Hunny razz lease haru chan 3nodding crying heart (dose puppy dog eyes!)
    Haruhi:Oh all right but I want to be with you and mori so I can look cuter!
    Tamaki:YAY you made daddy so very happy and ok you can be with them if you let me sit near you!
    Haruhi:Oh fine!(Haruhi thinks)The March Hare will be much the most interesting and perhappes since this is may it won't be raving mad at least not so mad as it would be in march!
    everyone was fun to work with and we had fun I just hope I won't havwe to do those lines from the play of alice and wonderland!