• I sat glaring at my, and I use this term lightly, food. Nate stared at me.
    "You okay?" he asked.
    "Oh, yeah. Being stuffed into a locker, having all my innermost thoughts shredded and getting detention for being late is fine with me." I snapped, my voice dripping with sarcasm.
    "Look, I got detention too and I'm not moody." Nate rolled his eyes.
    "You always get detention. They actually have a chair with a name plaque for you on it. I never get detention! I'm too..." I trailed off when I saw the look on Nate's face.
    "What? Too what? Perfect? Yeah, you're that all right. Little miss perfect. Maybe you should hang out with the other perfect losers. Why would you want to hang out with a detention bird? God, she was right." Nate slammed his utensils down on the table and left. I called after him, running and shouting but he kept walking ahead of me. I caught up to him behind the gym.
    "Nate! Why are you acting so weirdly? Who was right? Nate!" I seized his arm.
    "Get off." Nate droned. I didn't even loosen my grip.
    "Tell me what's up with you!" I begged.
    "You wouldn't understand." Nate sighed.
    "Nate. My father commited suicide, my mother owns a bar, my sister is in hospital and my brothers are always in fights. I think I would understand." I tried to sound tough and strong, but as I said everything, tears were cascading down my cheeks. Nate sighed again and turned around.
    "Look,I'm sorry, I didn't think of that. I know you'll understand." Nate whispered, moving his arm slightly so that his hand clasped mine.
    "Yeah, I will." I sniffed, wiping the tears away. That only made it worse, I kept crying.
    "Sasha met up with me before you. She said all this crap about you thinking you're perfect. I was a moron and I believed her." Nate gently put his arm around my shoulers. We both crouched down against the wall.
    "Oh." I said.
    "But you have other problems. Sasha thinks she makes your life hell, but you're already in hell. She doesn't get that you have barely anything and she has everything. She's so stupid and bitchy, but she has nothing to cause it. You're amazing and cool and creative and fun and really cu-" Nate quickly stood up.
    "What?" I said, laughing.
    "Nothing." Nate blushed.
    "You were about to say I was cu-" my sentence was cut off. But, I must admit, it's extremely hard to talk when you have your best friends lips pressing against your own.