• One sunny day,there was a boy his name called "Himsh".Himsh was a good boy and a girl name called "Hersh" Hersh was a good girl too. wink
    They meat together in a garden the garden called "Love Garden" heart
    They said "Hi".Himsh is shy redface and hersh is shy too redface .Hersh said "Hi what`s your name?" Hishm answer,"Hi i am Himsh how about you?" "I am Hersh nice to meet you." answer Hersh."O......our last name is "sh" so funny Ha ha!! lol " Said Himsh.Is it so funny???I think is not funny why I did not laugh???Ask Hersh. Himsh said, "Ha ha so one will not laugh some one will laugh i think is funny but you think is not funny ha ha...... lol " "May we be friend?" Ask Hersh.Himsh answer,"OK!" "What is your number?"Ask himsh.Hersh answer,"hm............My number is............come follow me exclaim "
    Hersh bring Himsh to her house and sit and they talk.The Next day Hersh and Himsh work up they meat at the Love Garden also.They talk funny thing and they laugh happy.And they they are best..........and boyfriend and girlfriend.............and they get married they think a name of baby but they can`t think of a name so Himsh bring Hersh to a room they talk to a girl Her name call "Joy".Joy is a good girl she help,caring and likes babys.She think of a name and then she ask,"How about Fune?"Hersh said,"Good thank you Joy. smile " Joy face look shy and very thankful redface biggrin

    ~The End~