• In life, I have many obsessions. Some big, some small. The ways I became obsessed with these things are either strange, or normal. Though, in this article, I will focus in on mainly the strange ones. Though, before I start rambling on about my Obsessions, I will start out by explaining things in my life that lead up to these obsessions.

    In my life, I quickly became a music lover. I spent all my time listening to music, and dreaming of my own songs. I always loved it when one of my favorite shows got a new theme song. I would even remember the lyrics to the Japanese versions of theme songs, and one Italian theme!
    Though, one day after school, I found myself browsing YouTube for music videos of Christian rock bands, since I had found my favorite style of music to be hard rock. I saw many bands, such as Demon Hunter, Thousand Foot Krutch, Anberlin, Emery, Fireflight, and Skillet. Most of the bands I either knew and searched for, or found them on the same channel as another band.

    Though, Skillet was different. The moment that changed my life drastically was when I read a comment on a video left by some random person. They said they like the music video, but they liked songs by a band named Skillet a bit more. I had seen the name a few times before, so I looked it up. The first song I heard was Rebirthing. I was immediately attached to it for all the hard rock vocals and awesome guitar parts. I saw the music videos for Savior and Whispers in the Dark as well, and loved them too. Slowly, I began to notice Skillet taking the lead above all other artists on my favorites list. I had no clue why…

    Soon enough, I had begun to take interest in wanting to go to a concert of one of the bands. Also, my friend Lauren and I had told our parents we wanted to go to Six Flags before summer ended. Then, a few days later, on our way to Spring Creek Barbeque, we heard an AD on the radio for a Skillet and David Crowder Band concert at Six Flags on August 22, 2008. Just at the words Skillet and concert in the same sentence, my head perked up. After thinking about it for a long while, my mom decided that Lauren and I should go to Six Flags then, so we could go to the concert. I was very excited! We also invited Brittany and Bob to go with us.

    So, we find out one day before the concert that Lauren was sick, and she couldn’t go. So, just me, Brittany, Bob, and Brittany and my dad’s went to Six Flags. We had a BLAST!!!! But then it was time for the concert. Brittany and Bob weren’t going to it. Skillet was the opening band. For me, the concert was just super fun, until after it was over. That was when I became Axxerous. The real me. I realized my true obsession. From that day on, my obsession of Skillet only grew, and it still does today. My main wish for my life is to meet Skillet in person. Yep. The real me.

    Still on the subject of Skillet, I have another obsession which I believe came out of the blue. I found myself interested in the lead singer and bass player of Skillet, John Cooper. I don’t know why, but I thought he was an amazing person. He had done many wonderful things in his life, and he still was (and is). He is also very cute in my terms. I found him to be the very first person, or human for that matter, that I thought was cute. Of course though, he is married. But I am still a major fan of him!!! I would love to meet him one day, and thank him for what he has done in my life with Skillet’s music. If it wasn’t for Skillet, and John Cooper’s amazing lyrics, I may not have been such a strong Christian. Though, I still have trouble publicizing it. Though, I believe that once I get all the instruments I need for a full band and learn how to play them, I might finally get to make my music and songs to help get me to publicize my Christianity. In all truth, I believe that John Cooper has opened my heart to where I can get stronger and begin to truly help others in their lives. He in particular has taught me many things as well as my parents. Though, after hearing it from your parents, you are like, “Well, Ok…. But I don’t really think it is cool, and I don’t want to look really weird…” But once you hear it from a famous person, or your hero in this case, you tend to think, “Hey! They make it sound soooo cool! I think I want to be like that too!” So that is where I come from. Just give me time. Soon enough I will be a very outgoing person about it!!! Thank you John Cooper. I hope to get to tell you this all in person one day.

    Now. Onto a very strange obsession. You know how everyone has that teacher that they thought was AWESOME? You know, the one you just want to go up and hug and say hi to every day? Ok, maybe not the hug part…. But you know, the one you wish you talked to more when you were in their class, and regret not doing so once summer comes around when you realize who they were to you? Well, my seventh grade AT History teacher, Coach Smith, is like that to me, including the hug part. I used to hate history because the only way teachers would ever teach it to us was by giving us a book and a sheet of paper, and they would say, “Fill it out” They never made it fun and exciting like it truly is, because they never showed us and taught us what happened, we just quickly skimmed a book for certain words to find for the paper. Well, Coach Smith was different. He actually taught his classes. He would literally sit comfortably at his desk or on a stool and tell us what happened in a fun way. He used visuals, pictures, videos, and occasionally the text book. But, he actually taught us. We rarely got a long paper to do. The only WORK he ever gave us was a short review or quiz that was super easy if you listened, and it was only to make sure we were listening. The way he taught class made it so fun in my opinion, that if every class was that way, I would never want to go home from school, except occasionally to see my family. I wouldn’t even care about video games if I could choose between Coach Smith teaching or video games. He happens to be the second human I ever considered cute in THAT way as well…. Don’t ask me why, it is just like a thing that you can’t explain. You can’t even explain why you can’t explain why… Now, every day I look for him in the halls, because I just really want to say hi, and thank him for everything he has done for me with school, but I hardly see him, and when I do, I never get a chance to say hi. I usually look down for one second, and when I look up, I see him speeding by. I need to hold my head up in the halls in the morning more… Yeah… I miss Coach Smith… History is now officially my favorite subject… Thank you Coach Smith.

    I also have many other obsessions. They are not as major as those, but they are pretty big I guess… I mean, an obsession in particular is big. Well, just to name a few, I am somewhat obsessed with Mute Math, Thousand Foot Krutch, Megaman, Naruto, Teen Titans, Sonic the Hedgehog, YouTube, Chaotic, and Guitars. Guitars would have to be my newest OBSESSION…. I was never really obsessed with them until recently. I only just thought they were cool. That was until I learned a couple of parts from Skillet songs….