• Him or me is what i want to see what goes on between you and me
    the future or past these feeling might not last forever but were still together
    him or me is still what i want to see the choice you make between him and me
    you say you don't love him yet your still with him the lights of my love are very dim.

    My hopes and my future i dedicate to us but will we ever make it with no trust
    please i want to see if you choose between him and me that it will be me
    i feel so suffered yet there not much i can say or this fight will be tougher
    Me and him are not alike you like us both for different reasons why not choose him
    is there still something here between me and you i feel it its still there
    my heads in pain every day is the same i wait another day for possible disappointment
    your my life all i want is us to be together...together forever.

    months have passed and still no change my suffering remains unchanged..
    to be a man in love is the hardest thing in life when your with him it feel like a cut...a cut to the heart with a knife...

    will the suffering end will it you choose me or him this is what i await to see
    if you end up choosing between him and me