• Lara is a 16 year old girl. She knew she was different from her little brother and sisster. Lara has light blue eyes and her natural hair color was dirty blonde, but now she dyiesit black with purple highlights. She has a long, slender body. She had a perfect figure.

    She wasn't like any one in her general family. She had small eyes, a different shaped head, darker skin, and no one in her family had blonde or even dirty blonde hair. She knew she didn't belong, but she kept telling herself that those were her real parents.

    Lara's mom is a fat, old hag. Always nagging everyone. It seemed like everything Lara did was wrong. Lara's mom treated her different from her little brother and sister. Lara's mom gave them what ever they wanted, but Lara got very little amounts of amything. Plus it was always from Goodwill or Ebay.

    Her dad beat her. He has a big, muscley body. He had dark black hair. He had orange eyes, that changed color in different seasons. Lara fights back, but usually ends up with a black eye and a couple of bruises.She tells everyone at school that she fell down a flight of stairs or hit a tree while driving. But her friends knew better than that.

    Her friends went to her house after school on day. Lara had told to never come to her house. They knocked on the door, but were interuppted by a loud crash. They flung the door open and a pan came flying toward Jessica's, Lara's best friend, head. She ducked quickly and it barelt missed her.

    Lara's parents stared at the strangers at thedoor. They couldn't believe what they saw. They never thought that their eldest daughter would have friends and them actually come over. Lara's mom, Jordan, faced got flushed. She dropped the plate, which she had aimed at her husband, George. George put the pot back down onto the stove. He walked slowly away. Wabbling like a peinguin as he walked. He must have stepped on some glass. He stopped and glared at Lara with his dark, evil orange eyes. Then turned and went into his room and locked the door behind him.

    Lara's friends, Jessica, Rebecca, Amanda, and Destiny, staredat Lara with eyes of worry. They now know how she gets th black eyes and bruises.

    Jordan, LAra's mom, looked at the floor and back at the girls. She started picking up glass up off the floor. She picked up a big piece and cut herself. She acted as if she didn't notice, but you could see it on her face that it reall hurt.

    Rebecca was the only one who wsan't frozen at the door. She ran over to Lara and took her by the arm and dragged herto the door. Her mother looked up in amazment. She never thought her daughter would have happy, loyal friends.

    "I'm going out with my friends," Lara mumored to her mother.

    "Don't stay out to late," She yelled at Lara.

    Lara knew her mother more than that. She didn't care if she comes back or not. If Jordan really cared, would she treat her so badly. Lara ran out the door and slammed it behing her.

    They walked to Lara's car, a red Volvo. This was Lara's most prized possession. She had gotten it on her 16th birthday, from her Aunt Kelly. Aunt Helly was the only person in the world that actually cared for her. But soon she will see that that wasn't true.