• I lay in the dark room, for I could not see. The darkness was frightning enclosing in on me and trapping me. I hugged my sides and thought of him, his smooth, pale skin and jet black hair, his bright sea blue eyes that stunned me and intranced me every time I looked at him, Raven. I can see why he had been given that name. He was silent and mysterious but he was kind and gentel. He smiled, just a pull at the corner of his mouth, his beautious smile had kept me alive for so long.
    But that was all a memory now, he faded away with each passing day, The harder I tried to hold on the more the memories pulled away and vanished. I tried muffling the sobbs that left my mouth. 3 years. Three, and I still hadn't let go. He hadnt left me on purpose he was protecting me, he didnt want me to get hurt.
    I begged him to stay, but he had refused. And when I had demanded he take me with him, he looked at me with his soft crystaline eyes and said:
    "I will not lose you, I have no reason to be in this world without a purpose, my purpose is you. I will defend and protect you at all costs." He kissed me gently but desperatly. " Find happiness in this life, I love you." And then he vanished.
    I cried many nights a hole had been punched through my chest, a hole that would never heal, instead grew bigger.
    If only I could have told him that I had no reason to live without him, that I would never find happiness, ever, If I could not share my happiness with him, he failed to realize how much I needed him.
    And now here I am three years later laying in the dark. My only reason for staying in this world, my only hope is to see him again.

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