• The blood was dripping down my face, the pavement burning my skin. I could feel the bruises already forming on my body. It was almost dark by the time someone found. I had lost so much blood from the cuts on my body that I had passed out. Someone saw me and called 911. The last thing I remembered was a familir voice repeating " Everything will be ok, just hang on." Then everything else was a fog. When my eyes finally opened, my family and best friend where sitting there staring at me. Jake (cover name) was the first by my side. He looked at me and said " I knew you could do it, I knew you would pull through." That brought tears to my eyes and he asked me why i was crying. i couldnt speak cause I had a tube going down my throat. He handed me a note pad and pen, my hand writing was messy from my three broken fingers. I wrote cause you never left my side and I love you. When I looked up his eyes were full of tears. He leaned over and said " I love you too and I would never leave you side."

    To be cont.