• Do you ever notice that most of the entries in GaiaOnline's Non-Fiction category of the writing arena are actually in the wrong section?
    That's right! People are constantly putting stories and make believe into real events. I wish that my life was that interesting, don't you?
    But I suppose that this gift is left to the rare few, meaning most everyone in this category. Let us wish these people luck in the real world, as they will need it.
    Another interesting correlation with the people that put Fiction in the Non-Fiction category are those who cannot use the English language properly. You know, those who either cannot or will not spell, punctuate, capitalize, or use grammar correctly.
    An odd phenomenon indeed. I believe that most word processing programs come equipped with a "Spell Checking" sort of device that can even capture other mistakes as well. I suppose that the people here cannot use that function correctly also.

    Another interesting fact that I simply must share with you are the rules and suggestions at the top of the submit page. I quote as follows:

    "Check your spelling and grammar before submitting. Better work gets better ratings!
    Use the right category: 'Fiction' for stories, 'Non-Fiction' for articles and essays, 'Poetry and Lyrics' for poems and songs (Gaia; "Non-Fiction Arena" wink .

    A theory for why this is is the possible confusion people get when thinking about "Realistic" and "Non-Fiction." I believe that those who make this mistake are simply ignorant of the difference in meanings.

    In conclusion, a lot of the "Non-Fiction" on GaiaOnline is little more than stories focusing on realistic situations, but not actual happenings.

    "Arena: Non-Fiction". GaiaOnline. 5/14/2009 <http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/entries/writing/non-fiction/>.