• The moonlight was seen for miles and everyone loved it, but not Gale. He wished that it was morning so that he could pick up some food from the market. Gale was not a night time person at all instead he loved the mornings when people get up to do work and do chores. Once he loved the night time and also the moonlight, but now it is just the mornings. That one time Gale loved the night was when he meet Saia. Saia was so beautiful and a bit smarter than Gale. He never wanted to leave her side and would even give up his life for her, but something happen to his love.
    His love was taken by the evil demon that prays on your internal soul and maybe your blood. The day came and died, and then night came again. Gale creeping ever so slowly cringed at the thought of being alone in dead of night. He carried a rifle for safety, but he was not a very good shooter. Gale did use it once when something attacked his dog, but the shot only got the creature in the leg. The creature turned around to look at Gale for only a second then it ran off towards the woods.
    Gale began to weep silently in the dark until he heard a noise that came out of no where. He was looking all around to find out where this noise was.....it started to get closer and closer. Gale was trying to get his rifle ready then the noise suddenly stopped. He started to walk backwards slowly as he did so the noise started up again.
    Gale had his rifle ready to fire at the spot where he thinks the noise was coming from. He heard a scream after he shot his gun off at the bushes and out came a teenage girl. She looked about sixteen and was bleeding from the spot where he had shot her by mistake.
    She asked him why in the world would you shoot me in the arm and Gale did not answer her. “Are you even listening to me sir” said the teenager and with a grin Gale said “Sorry for shooting at you miss.” “You better be and my name is Julian” said teenager; “Well my name is Gale A. Heart” said Gale. “Where you the one that was making that noise” said Julian and Gale shook his head saying no. They both sat down a log and talked to each other about things that made them happy or sad. “Well I better get going or my folks will think that I killed myself, so I guess this is goodbye mister Gale”; “its just Gale nothing else” said Gale who had a smile on his face.
    Julian left even though her arm is still bleeding from the gun shot wound, but Gale stopped her before she left so that he could bandage her wound. He thought that it was strange for a sixteen year old to be out here by her self. Gale walked the other way and not for long he found a little shack in the woods. He was looking around to see if anybody was inside, but there was nobody. He went to go open the door, but the door was locked so he could not get inside.
    Gale took his rifle and was hitting the door handle with it. Finally the door handle broke and he opened the door as he was opening the door something moved into another room. Gale did not see anything because it was to dark and there were no lights in the shack.
    He did find some candles to make the room brighter. He was looking for some food to eat because he had never eaten for a couple days now. Gale heard a door creaked open, which scared him a bit because he thought that there was nobody in here or is there.
    He went to go check it out and there was a closet door that was closed when he came in the shack, but now it was open half way. “Nah it was the wind, it has to be* said Gale with a scared look on his face. “Miss Julian is that you or are you somebody else that is trying to scare me” said Gale.
    There was an awful sound after he asked who was in the closet and Gale was trying to be brave and was going to face the thing that is hiding in the closet. He reached out to grab the door when suddenly a hand came out and touched his bare arm. The arm was not human it was something else and the thing that was making that awful sound was right in front of him.
    Gale did not blink at all when he saw the creature came out of the closet. The creature was nothing that Gale had even seen in his life before, but it had the same features as the demon that killed his beloved one.
    Gale took his gun and shot at the creature, but that did not do anything so he pulled out his knife and stabbed the creature in the heart. As he did this he heard a whisper that sounded like it was his beloved one, but Saia was dead and that it could not be her.
    The creature was dead and the whisper had faded away as Gale got up off the floor he said “What in the world.” He thought that the war was over but it is happening again and this time Gale will kill the demon lord who took his beloved Saia away from him.
    Since the day his beloved Saia died he joined in the fight against the demon lord and his powerful army. He controls a group called the cross bone killer’s and they like to destroy everything that is demonic, but one time a group member killed a bunny by mistake, he thought that it would attack at any moment. That group member is now in the mental hospital and every night he says little prays for the bunny.
    Gale’s second in command is his old friend Mark Travis who has been loyal to Gale ever since they meet each other. Gale and the cross bone killer’s had devised a plan to kill the demonic demon lord who is about to take over the world with his powerful army of minions. The cross bone killer’s had came across the lair of the demonic demon lord and Gale was just a little bit scared, but he will not back down now.
    First went in was his best friend Mark and soon after Gale followed the rest of the group inside the lair. They surrounded the lair, but one of the group members was caught by one of the minions.
    The minion told the demon lord that there were intruders inside the lair. The demon lord was infuriated that there were intruders inside his domain. He told his minions to go and find them, also to bring them to him alive with no acceptations.
    Gale told his team to go and hide somewhere they won’t be able to be spotted by the evil minions. Gale was trying to find a place to hide when he saw a figure that looked like his dead beloved Saia. He walked towards the figure and it was Saia in flesh and bone. He was in shock that she was still alive, but he was not really thinking that she would be alive after the demon lord killed her and took her soul. “Are you real or am I dreaming” said Gale; “No you are not dreaming my love, this is real” said Saia.
    He took her into his arms and holds her tight. He took her hand and put her in a safe spot so that she won’t get caught by the evil minions. “Don’t leave me alone again Gale stay by my side” said Saia; “Sorry but I got to, I have to help the others” said Gale. Saia did not seem to be herself and Gale did not like it at all.
    Gale left her to go find his group and see if anyone was hurt. Saia came out of her hiding spot and went straight to the demon lord. She told him that her old love was here to kill him, but she will take care of him. The demon lord was pleased to hear that from his beautiful minion.
    She went back to the hiding spot and Gale came back to see how she was holding up. Saia wanted him to hold her again and never let go, but something was wrong and Gale new what it was Saia was working for the demon lord this whole time.
    All these years of thinking that she was dead, he told her no I can’t do this and that I know that you work for the demon lord. She ran at him with a dagger in her hand and she almost stabbed Gale in the heart, but instead she took the dagger and stabbed her self in the chest because she could not bring herself to kill the one she loved the most.
    Gale was in pain and his anger took hold over him. He found his group and told them what they must do to kill the evil minions. He wanted the demon lord to him self so he grabbed every weapon he could find. He called out the demon lord and finally the demon lord appeared to Gale. Gale had so much hate and anger built up inside of him.
    He told the demon lord that he wanted a fight to the death just between them and nobody else. The demon lord agreed to this and “So let this battle begin” said Gale with a big smile on his face. The battle was very long and worth it because in the end Gale won. “This can not be I never lose “said the demon lord; “Well I defeated you now die” said Gale. Gale took a gun and shot the demon lord in the head. “I have defeated your master” said Gale. He walked out of the demon lord’s lair and had a grin on his face. Gale and his team left the lair, but there was something moving and it was the hand of the demon lord.