• I couldn't catch my breathe and I hear the wind around me saying hurry, hurry, rush, rush. Oh joy, I couldn't wait to hear my boss lecturing and everyone around me thinking this is a dramatic movie. I overslept because I was watching my Korean drama called My Girl, also I was drinking Mountain Dew at the same time so I wouldn't fall asleep at the best parts. I passed the playground full of early morning kids, I think. I checked at my black, crusty watch from the 90's on my right wrist and it was eight-forty one. I was one minute late. I rushed toward the huge, squared black restaurant. I was one of so called "famous chiefs" in this five-star restaurant.
    "I'm back!," I screamed at the top of my lungs.
    "You!," He yelled. "You, you, you should be ashamed of yourself! You call yourself a chief? Why do you always come here late? Another Korean drama, huh?"
    "I'm just one minute late, is that a problem?" I questioned.
    "Yes!" He replied. "Every famous chief should be perfectly on time!"
    I sighed and just sat at my chair and made the "continue" pose.
    He lectured about me being late and my pose and everyone's mouth made a perfectly good oval.