• you came back just as my world was right
    you came back just as i could breath
    you came back just as i got over it.
    when i saw you
    i couldn't breath
    it was like my world got knocked down
    i watched my world fall apart and i couldn't grab it.
    i started to cry but then stoped
    i can't cry i cried already
    i cried til i couldn't cry anymore.
    i knew wat you do,but i let you do it.
    i let you in,i held you close
    and when you were done and you
    walked away.
    i saw you walk away
    i screamed,i got angry,i got mad,i cried
    i cried for an hour straight.
    i let you take advantage of me again
    knowing full well you would
    and you wouldn't fell a thing
    so thank you
    thank you for making me feel pain like i used to
    i forgot about pain wat it was like i was so happy
    but now i feel like my heart has been riped out of my chest
    and lays on the ground before me
    and again i can't do anything about it.
    i love you and i will contuine to love you
    you were my first and my last
    and now all i am what's left of me
    is burned,burned to the ground
    and as i lay on the ground i feel so,
    so NUMB.