• NeoHumans are naturally genetically advanced humans. They have been 'molded' with an element, of sorts, so that they may be able to manipulate it. Their ability comes from their DNA, which is actually a triple-helix instead of a normal double. The third spiral is what gives them their power.

    Just like a normal human, a NeoHumans gender is determined by chromosomes labeled X and Y. A girl would be XX and a boy XY. However, because they have three helixes, their genders are XXY or XXX for females, and XYY for males. Usually, a female would only be XXX, but because the Y chromosome is outnumbered, XXY is a girl.

    As pointed out before, the third helix not only determines gender, but also power type. There are 15 known power types:

    Psyche - powers involving the mind
    Energy - powers involving the energy of matter
    Shadow - powers having to do with darkness and shadows
    Mirage - powers of advanced sleight of hand
    Bolt - powers of electricity
    Temporal - powers that allow time manipulation
    Spatial - powers of space and gravity
    Aero - powers of the air
    Terra - powers of the earth and rocks
    Aqua - powers of water and its three forms
    Pyro - powers of fire
    Wood - powers that manipulate plants
    Refraction - powers that bend or change other powers
    Reflection - powers that copy or deflect other powers
    Wave - powers of the electromagnetic spectrum

    There also may be a 16th, but it is highly disputed. The Misc-type NeoHumans are geneticaly advance humans, but they lack the triple-helix DNA and many other spcifications. Misc-types do have powers; very specific powers such as shapeshifting or being able to speak and read any language. However, their powers are much to specific to be considered NeoHuman, and the powers can be used indefinitely, while NeoHumans must replenish their energy through food consumption or rest. Some known Misc-type powers are:

    Animatongue - can speak to animals
    Polymath - can do math expertly and see natural patterns
    Multilect - can read or speak any language
    Artistan - can make drawings come to life
    Shapeshifter - can change physical shape

    Not all NeoHumans are limited to one power. Their power is determined by what powers their parents had. A NeoHuman can only be produced if one of the parents are NeoHuman, but even then it is a fifty-fifty chance. Most NeoHumans are born to only one NeoHuman and one normal human, but there are the occasional purebreds. A purebred NeoHuman that is one specific type is extremely rare. Most NeoHumans have one main power type with a secondary power that is very limited. For example:

    Yueko is primarily a Psyche-type NeoHuman, but she has the ability to manipulate air. Also, Iyume is a Energy-type, but she can transfer images from her mind to another.

    Most interestingly, NeoHumans who are born to two NeoHumans of different types can end up being a totally different type as the parents. A good example of this is Iyume. Aubrey, Iyume and Yueko's father, was a Shadow-type. Hoshiyuki, their mother, was a Psyche-type. Yueko inherited Hoshiyuki's power type, but Iyume ended up with Energy. It is not quite understood on why this is, but it is believed that it has something to do with the triple-helix.