• Twin sister Pt.1
    Dear, Diary
    May 3rd 1998
    My sister is acting weird. I mean she is weird and all but she is acting very unlike herself. My twin sister to be exact. Sisters fight but doesnt mean i dont care. She is a bright girly girl but now somethings wrong. Shes not girly and happy but now she is the opposite. She is unhappy and ungirly doesnt eat probably doesnt sleep. Mom doesnt notice neither does dad. But i do and its really hard when Rachel is trying to hide it. (Rachel is my twin sisters name). I mean she acts like its nothing same answer over and over. But i know somethings wrong.
    Casey sat down at the wooden table as mom got dinner on the trays. Rachel sat there in her now gloomy mood. No happy twin sister no happy days for her. The pain she had that she never uncovered is now building and rising higher in her head and heart and body.
    "Rachel not even a chicken leg."Rachels mom said. As rachel refused every type of food her mom begged her to eat, Casey just stared at her gloomy sister sneaking little peeks as she ate her rice and broccoli. But Casey had a sense her sister saw her looking at her on and off.
    "Casey, mind your manners im trying to relax you foolish deliquant and yet you used to talk about me, hmff."Rachel snapped at Casey.
    "Why dont you mind yours for once because its not like i want to look at you and your gloomy self anyway. pardon me mom may i please be excused?"Casey now never gets along with her sister like before.
    Casey stormed up to her room and she closed the door harshly then she locked it. She sat on her bed but then something happened her room door blasted open without a hand and not even a figure standing there but then Rachel came in 2minutes later.
    Rachel spoke. "Oh you liked my little show there, Casey? Not like the old times anymore is it? We all change Case and so that includes me. See i have powers that i never told anyone about and you are just about to my calculations the first one to know about them. I just thought i should live up to my life long secret to have evil little powers. You dont have them do you? Or do you bother trying them on for size?"
    Casey stared. "Umm no but i doubt that i even carry such powers."
    Rachel shouted."Oh my goodness then you should try something!!!!!!!!! I mean you really dont know until something comes to you."
    Rachel closed the door and Casey went out the room. Then Casey stared at the door in full concentration and it blasted open just like Rachel did.
    Casey laughed."How did i know how to do that? I didnt know i can do that. Also how did i know i had to concentrate to do that and how............."
    Rachel stared then spoke. "You possess the same power as your twin and you had to discover it. This evil power that we both have is rare but well known and only few can get this power. Some have searched and spiraled for it thinking its a thing to be found and sucked into your body but no. You are born with this power and you have to discover it only within yourself."
    At this point both of these twins are known to be evil but one doesnt beleive this power is evil and this is just the beginning then to how Casey handles this situation with her sister and these powers she now discovered. eek eek eek eek eek eek