• As I awake in this peculiar bedroom, I can see my shadows in the corner giggling at me. The years had passed by. I look down at the crumpled leaves on the stoned ground. I sensed the cold air float through the stained glass windows. As I look back on the untold memories to my child hood’s past, an old scrapbook I see, that my closet had thrown at me. I skim through every photo in the book, while I discover a date on the back of the cover that has been written 10 years ago. The blank calendar on the wall, I can tell it’s never been taken down. It’s been there for years. The ends are torn and crippled on the sides. It doesn't even look like it belongs in my room anymore. Take one more glance around the room; my eyes begin to form crystal tears.
    An old piano that just sits there next to my bed, never been played, never been touched. There was the key to solve away my problems. I sit down and began to play the dark tune, “Moonlight Sonata”. I've got to smile for the first time. I've always frowned. It looks like I have a friend to tune along with. All my troubles and sadness had all flown away, tears washed away. As I gaze at the black and white keys, it gives me a bright smile. My long, lost hair that sweeps down to the floor, which gives me that flawless shine. The sun hits through the window, as it lights down on me. I hum that beautiful song in my head while letting the music notes run through me. I continue to smile once more.
    I am no longer alone.