• the tall half man, half boy looked down on the older, yet shorter vixen before him and though,
    "should i trust her with this?"
    as she stood there, paralyzed in amazement at the strange, yet beautiful object in his hands, he wispered
    "here, take this. it's shiny like a diamond, warm as a hug, but fragile as glass. it's not easily fixed, so please dont drop it. it's not expensive, all you need to do is make sure it doesnt break."
    she cupped the object in her hands and it began to emit a calming, warm glow.
    the instant after the glow stopped, the object broke in half, then into quaters, then into eigths, and continued on until there was nothing but a pile of dust in the girls hands. then, the wind blew it away, and was never seen again. almost as if it never existed.