• Her heart was pounding
    Mind racing
    Fighting tears she once could not find
    She never expected this day
    She felt as if there was a heaviness she couldn't bind
    She could hardly bare it
    This was an emotion for which she had never felt before
    Her eyes began to water as she stared in to his lost and long gone spirit
    As her tear hit his lifeless body she prayed
    She prayed he would come back to life for at least a mere moment
    To say what she hadn't
    She kissed his forehead wanting his life to return
    She was angered with God for taking him
    She wondered why couldn't God have left him there with her
    She told him she loved him before and after he died
    She hugged him every chance she got
    She began breaking down
    So many emotions were hidden after that day
    This day they came
    Like a bullet they struck her
    Hadn't her heart suffered enough
    Thinking of him day by day
    Made her want him back again...
    All the Whys
    All the Hows
    All the What ifs
    And Where is he Nows
    All those miserable school days
    All the torture
    All the hurt
    Turns out it never left...
    All those flowers and promises
    All those Christmases without him
    And it hurts her this way
    Why does this happen?
    The Answer Sadly hasn't let her discover it...
    Will she ever get over?
    No, but maybe she will find a way to be happy again.