• It was beautiful. Sunset. Ending to a perfect life turning day.

    Many beautiful colors streaked the sky.

    Orange, pink, and yellow mixed and streaked across the light blue sky in beautiful

    patterns. A hint of purple peeking through.

    The sun nestled in the middle of the beautiful colors, a bright burning orange and yellow

    ball of flame echoed the burning passion that two certain people felt for each other as they


    The lake was like crystal clear fine glass. It mirrored the beautiful scene and completed it.

    A young girl and a hanyou laid together enjoying the scene before them never wanting to

    let each other go or the moment to end.

    “Inuyasha?” The young girl whispered.

    “Yes Kagome?” He asked.

    “So do I… Get to live here with you now?” She asked him. He looked down into her face.

    The brightness of the sunset left her beautiful face bright and full, a look of hope. He


    “If that’s what you want.” He answered. She smiled and cuddled against him and looked

    at the sinking sun.

    “It’s what I want.”

    A couple moments of silence.

    “Kagome?” She heard. She looked up.

    “Yes?” Inuyasha looked at her obviously struggling with saying something.

    “What is it?” She asked. He sucked in a deep breath.

    “Kagome… Will you… Be my mate?” He choked out. He waited fearing the worst.


    when he looked down at her in alarm from the scent of tears a single tear slid

    down her face and she was smiling.

    “Yes. Inuyasha yes!” She exclaimed. Excited at her answer he sealed it with a kiss and

    between them the sun set as they became one. Everything was perfect.