• They say that our fates drift
    and that s**t happens for a reason.
    As if theres a maze that leads us to the end.
    Happiness is what we're to lend.

    Oh what the ********!
    Upon this world we've became intrusion
    The foolish beliefs set in mind is just an illusion.
    Fate does not drift, oh no!
    It's pulled and shoved.

    By the hands ov humanity
    Our own kind, turned in upon itself
    Evil can't live in harmony, only in destruction
    We've accumulated over-population, congratulations!

    you weak-minded fools
    you've been granted life
    but the lack of self control
    was your own genocide!

    What a waste, ha!
    the bitter taste of karma, b***h
    the birth of humanity
    was the death of humanity.

    Earth - the dead world
    The human's slave
    the human's preserver
    The human's grave.

    Humanity is similar to the cold.
    It's survivable in small doses.
    Eventually frostbite settles in, oh you've been told.
    The frostbite gradually turns black - it's dead.

    Look at Earth now, in the beginning
    Only a few humans thrived.
    Over time we spread like a deadly virus.
    and as we speak, the world turns black - it's dying.

    Harboring humanity on this planet was a mistake.