• She walks alone in white,
    The one whom leads the Midlands.
    People fear her,
    As she walks by.

    No life to call her own.
    As she leads the people of the Midland.
    Seeing souls confess their crimes,
    Once she touches them.

    Traveling across the boundry
    To save the people of the Midlands.
    Just to find a wizard,
    Of legend.

    She found more
    To help the people of the Midlands.
    The wizard was found,
    And a Seeker as well.

    She grew to love him,
    But couldn't show for the Midlands,
    For she was bound by her role,
    Because of her power.

    Now the battle has won
    The people of the Midlands,
    Are safe and well,
    And she can love the Seeker.