• Once I recall, that one day, during fall
    When we met by accident, by a call
    A simple cigarrete that I held in my hand
    It tasted bitter; it wasn't bland
    When I heard someone call my name,
    In some ways, it was my moment of glorious fame.

    It took only a second, a single strike
    A fire had started, faster than a motorbike
    And you called someone's name from the burning
    Building that now shook and rumbled and cracked and it was its ending.

    At a glance, I saw you through the burning door
    And I knew what it was I would do
    Was to save you from that burning floor,
    I wouldn't stop until I was through.

    In that morning, when you woke up and saw me
    And was frightened, and saw that it would be
    That you were all right, thankful to be alive
    And you pleaded to go home
    And from that day on, you and me waited for that ringing of the phone.