• As i look around me,
    I see that I cannot see,
    All that i see
    Is a fog, suffocating me.
    Lost in this fog,
    Lost without you,
    Not knowing where I am
    Or what to do.
    I cannot find you.
    I cannot see you,
    I cannot hear you,
    I cannot find you.
    i whisper your name
    hoping for a reply,
    I hear nothing,
    So again I try.
    I call your name,
    But hear naught still,
    Again I call,
    And find you, I will.
    i yell your name,
    I must find you,
    I will yell your name
    Until i do.
    I scream your name
    With all my might,
    I cry for you
    And the fog clears.