• Like the boy who cried wolf, I'd always told you I'd stay,
    That my love was forever, and would never fade away.
    But those words were all wrong, and you always knew the truth,
    None of it matters, nothing but lies from our youth.

    But time holds us hostage, and I have a chance to redeem,
    To tell you how I feel, all I wish I could yell and scream.
    But my screams are w h i s p e r s, and your ears couldn't care less,
    Because you've heard it all before, my credibility's a mess.
    Now it's like I can't reach you, you're tuned to another station,
    But through the airwaves I'll travel, far across this frequency nation.
    Dear friend of my heart,
    Back then my choices weren't always smart.
    I'll never forgive myself for tearing your world apart.
    It's a love like this I wish I'd meant from the start.

    I'm stuck with my losses, and all the regrets where I drown,
    I'm hurting myself, and all my hopes have crashed

    Down to the floor, where I'll fight for my life to find you,
    Just to tell you the truth, your hometown is where I flew.
    But I can't believe my eyes, and my ears just won't take it,
    You two. Together - I think my heart has been split.
    You've got your own life, and a boyfriend who's your obsession,
    But he doesn't love you or your smile, and he'll never taste my depression.
    And he'll never have what we had, he won't even phase our old amity,
    The tables are turned, and all that you love brings calamity.
    So it's over now, take me far away from reality,
    You've done all your damage, I'm just waiting for the fatality.
    My lungs are filling, cause baby you've got me filled up with smoke,
    Now I'll never tell you "I love you". Besides, we both know I'd choke.