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    • Time & Love by Sunnami
    • I made this for one of my classes a few years back and would like to share for people to see. Would like to see how far it can go.
    • Parasitic by Marshalleeguy
    • There is so many people who do nothing but take and expect you to give until you break. Authors note: This is purely metaphorical, none of it can be taken as a literal interpretation
    • Icy River by DawnNDusk
    • I write dark poetry mostly, dont like it? then dont read it. For those of you that do like dark poetry, let me know what you think.
    • Slay the Beast by immalittlerobotkid
    • I just randomly came up with this on the spot like 10 minutes ago But, I kinda like it now. *random writings* It was meant to be a short story, but it kinda came out more like a poem. So I guess this can be a free form, story-b ...
    • New thoughts, new reads by Foxyre
    • As I've viewed almost every writings, the guild I'm in could offer. I feel that apart from the other forums they have created. The one that got me most interested was their writer's corner. Yet no new works and what's left i ...
    • Small Words by Glitched Trickster
    • It's hard to say Good Bye to somebody you thought you were good friends too. Having started out strong and then to suddenly barely a sound from them. Have you ever just heard you're own voice when you were talking to somebody? ...
    • Love Or Not by Skye Antaeliel
    • Another Poem i wrote under my pseudo name SweetAnubis. I wrote this while thinking if love is rly worth it or not....
    • choiches by nyu-kacay3
    • you know that feeling? when you have to make a choice that will have a big influence on your life. and you just don't know what to do. the voices will start to scream louder and louder. each of the with another opinion another ...
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