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    • Tales of Xalthia - Chapter 14 by Dragoon Knight Sora
    • Welcome to Chapter 14! In this chapter, Tsuki and his group are finally making their way to Basilwell after many side trips. However, they have yet to understand just what exactly they're about to walk into. What will they be w ...
    • You Don't Know Love by II Sehun II
    • Exo's fan ? KrisHo's shipper ? Welcome to the right place ! This is a story about leader's love. Just read it -_-
    • It's Raining by hikuninza
    • This is a script I wrote for a short video. I wasn't entirely sure what category this fit under, but fiction seemed right. Based off some of my life experiences, this script always has me teary-eyed by the end, so I hope you en ...
    • GAIA by lenyus
    • Un grito ahogado ante tanta maldad... madre Gaia escucha este clamor.
    • Empty by lenyus
    • Cuando todo a tu alrededor no tiene sentido y te encierras en ti mismo.
    • Tales of Xalthia - Chapter 13 by Dragoon Knight Sora
    • Welcome to Chapter 13! It's been ages since I've submitted another chapter but it gave me a lot of time to write out a lot more chapters for you guys to read! Getting on with the description, in this chapter, Tsuki and Lynette ...
    • The Forgotten Man #1 by Celcord
    • Only going to post the first little chapter of this story, because reasons. It introduces the main character and other stuff about the world my other thing talked about. fuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn
    • The Demon by Vevilla
    • Just something I wrote a while ago about one of my OCs having to live with a demon in his head. GOOD TIMES. Goooood times.
    • Prolog by Vengeful Nightmare
    • this is a prolog to a book my friend and I started on our joint account on wattpad.com here's a little info about it before I post the prolog. Two Friends. Catherine And Jessica. One unidentified out break causing the dead t ...
    • Smitten by I Desire I
    • The beginning of a romance novel. (More to Come) ~READERS WARNING~ This does contain an underlying theme of d/s. I was happy enough to take out any raunchy or explicit scenes, but it is still a d/s story.
    • When We Met~Ep.1~ by ririchiyo237
    • Time for Insane and Dark to meet adnd have a goofy time!! XD I like switching between povs but i'll warn you when i do. and note Grey is the name of the villain in the story, gender is male, and age is about 16 . Gramatical err ...
    • Before We Met by ririchiyo237
    • Quick story of Insane's past before she met Him and founded The Purple Butterflies. Written in Insane's pov
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