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    • Alice's human sacrifice by II Derp Derp II
    • It is about a fate that fallen to the hand of these 5 alices (im trying testout so i think vocaloid alice human sacrifice could be a good story book)
    • **Home At Last** by He Who Brings The Night
    • "Home At Last" is a short fiction about death, Death itself and the afterlife. The story has some hidden meanings for those who possess a deep, imaginative and thoughtful mind. *** Just something that came from my dreams [or n ...
    • Apartment 405 by Suyuku-SAMA
    • A short story about a tenant living in an old apartment building when strange things happen that lead to discover something horrifying... This story may be graphic so please be advised when reading this, if you do not like gor ...
    • The Twisting of Blades by - Tsukino_Tomoko -
    • gather around the covers and welcome to scary story night *ominous thunder and lightning* MUWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA! MUWHAHAHAHAHAAH!! MUWAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAA!!! (lol i made this for a scary story night)
    • Forgotten Innocence [1] by Raomi-chan
    • The story of Mary and Lilly, two young women growing up in the Third Era of the Lunar Symbol. "Your eyes are like vivid bursts of color upon a cream-colored canvas." ---- Hi there! c: This is my first dedicated story in quit ...
    • East of Everything... Pt. 1 by Raenda
    • East of Everything, West of Nothing, Pt. 1 This is the first part of a short story I wrote retelling my favorite fairy tale, "East of the Sun and West of the Moon." If you rate this favorably, I will post the next installment, ...
    • First Seven Days by cantstopcrazy
    • My friend convined me to write how i felt my life would go during the first seven days of the zombie apocalypes. My friends think its neat, but a unbiased stangers opinion would be nice as well. Plus is the most detai ever abou ...
    • Masks of Sin excerpt by Kyra Tawney
    • This is an excerpt from a story called Masks of Sin. In this world everyone wears a mask colored by the sins committed in ones life. This is a part of Mara's story. Tortured and tormented into killer we see now and her attempt ...
    • Kintrille's Beginning by bamhs
    • Denizens of Bantoleere is a collection stories/books set in a middle earth setting. This one in particular is about a dark elf who is more than what she seems.
    • Hi-Blaidd by Faola Nightcore
    • This is The Beginning Prologue Hope you all Enjoy. Leave Comments, Opinions and Ideas however I would appreciate it if they were well thought out and respectful if its constructive criticism.
    • It's A Start by Actually Faith
    • So I wrote this little starter a while back and I just don't like it at all, it's so lacking and I was hoping on some pointers to make it better! Help??
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