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    • Summers End ch.1 by Daily X Insanity
    • just your average short story comment if you think i should make a chapter 2 or if you don't want me 2 make a chapter 2 and why!
    • A Prologue... by Shadowbane II
    • So this is the prologue to my novel - set in an alternate historical universe during the first world war. Its probably a bit rusty but I reasoned this is the best place to get constructive criticism if it is that bad. Enjoy! ^^
    • Godzilla The Fourth Encounter by Kidan Dragneel
    • As we Fight through the Encounters brought forth by these Monsters, We will we be free from these Monsters, How could we Survive this Newest Encounter? (hey this is the Fourth Instalment of the Godzilla Encounter Series. Enjoy)
    • Mirror, Mirror by ApocalypticAnimosity
    • What's behind your reflection in the mirror? Or is that even you? In a world where mirrors are portals to another demension, everyone is assigned a 'shadow'. They must protect their 'shadows' from ever passing through the por ...
    • Dimensions and Choice by KuhakuNi
    • Chitose Hazuhara, A 17 year old boy. Life... as we know it, boring, endless, and full of greed or hatred. He was born into a very wealthy family, known as the Hazu Foundation. His family was about to disown him because he spent ...
    • The Real Life Rapunzels by luvveyu
    • Taking place at the future Academy of the United States is a story of mystery, adventure, and romance as a group of teens discovers the secrets of the school and the magic of forbidden love. Join them as they rebel against the ...
    • Butters X Reader - Hello Kitty by Addy Is Hella Awesome
    • (Taken from my DeviantART account, World-Detective-L) Your best friend Leopold 'Butters' Stotch has invited you over to his house! What'll happen while you're there? Butters/South Park belongs to Matt Stone and Trey Parker St ...
    • Godzilla: The Third Encounter by Kidan Dragneel
    • We thought it would be the last we've seen of them, We thought we would be able to recover, but then we discovered that this might as well be the end of the world. (This is the Third entry in my Godzilla Encounter story, enjoy)
    • ~Unknown Secret~ by Kichiara Rose001
    • Nanami...is an unusual girl with a strength that even she doesn't understand. Her life will spiral into utter chaos once it happens...once she finds out about her unknown secret. PART 1 ((Hope you like it :heart:))
    • The Boy and the Kitsune by xXSasukiMimochiXx
    • Short story titled "The boy and the Kitsune". My original Writers cafe post is here: http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/SasukiMimochi/1182524/ Maybe there will be a continuation one day? we'll see.
    • Little Red by Ash-Max1
    • This is a short story, it's a twist on little read riding hood where she is really a werewolf sent to protect earth.
    • excerpt of Ch2 of league fic by nasugi
    • A little bit of the second chapter of a League of Legends fanficiton that I'm writing. Give me your thoughts? ^-^ It's a flashback Yasuo is having about his deceased master.
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