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    • This little library by Lia_Mia25
    • The politics behind the scene at a small library. I have changed the names of each individual, but the whole story is true.
    • Who I am by Jin the Ice Ninja
    • We live with legends, myths, religion, and names. The problem is, do you want to make a name for yourself, or remain voiceless?
    • Research Paper by AngelicWings24
    • An excerpt from my 15-page research paper entitled "The Nature of Evil and Path to Redemption as Depicted in Alighieri’s Inferno and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus." Why? Just 'cuz. Took some stuff out to make it shorter. :T
    • The Artist's Hand by Killumika
    • this is what I wrote a while back in high school. we had to write about what makes our hands unique to each others in English class. i know this doesn't have anything to do with non-fiction but i just had no idea where to put i ...
    • Mirai Nikki Theory... by jefukadasai
    • My essay might be weak for having less proof and this thing that I wrote is like both fiction and non-fiction due to me giving my opinions in a fictional anime and I'm starting to be very formal for some reasons. PS: it's ok t ...
    • Badminton by Floating Stars
    • I wasn't really sure which category to place this in as I consider this piece a simple vignette, so I settled on non-fiction. Badminton has always been a favourite sport, one I've enjoyed since grade school. It's become a ha ...
    • This is My Outlet by Knight Metawraith
    • Not actually any kind of writing that really belongs here, but I didn't want to put it on my profile. It's far too sad and personal. So what better area for it that a public online art arena, right? :D
    • Fear & Loathing in VH by Raoul Gonzo Duke
    • This is my first attempt at writing a gonzo style article about Virtual Hollywood. Gonzo Journalism is a journalism style that is often subjective rather than objective. The writer usually writes it in first-person and the art ...
    • The Defiance of Entropy by Suicidesoldier#1
    • The solar center, breathes life into us, yielding consciousness, causing us to yearn for life, to hopelessly race towards it, to scream out in agony to want to live, only to consume us and result in our inevitable, unavoidable ...
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