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WAS FORMALLY KNOWN AS Pitch The Nightmare King and before that ALLEN WALKER- D GRAY MAN

Hi, their random person reading my profile, my name is Stephanie but you may call me Kiki or Vixen if it floats your boat.

I am a 29-year-old animator, editor, 2D artist, cartoonist, and film editor so I don`t have as much time as I had once before. My Discord is kikiyoinuyasha#4980 and I am always on there if you need to get ahold of me immediately. I have a new deviantart, I have mostly been drawing my tabletop charters but I am going to move onto avis soon so check it out! PM me if you would like a commission! I would make an art shop but who has the time? xD

I am working online so so I shall be on more often. A little about myself, I love video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Art, and RPing. I love all types of shows rather it is anime, cartoons, or RL shows I have a very wide range that I watch. If that all sounds cool you send me a PM or a comment lets get to chatting!

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emotion_bigheart 03.31.07 Is my Gaiaversary emotion_bigheart

Currently am battling depression and severe anxiety and social anxiety, however, I'm looking to overcome both of these!

Talk to me i`m lonely

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We Will Not Yield Report | 02/14/2021 4:32 pm
We Will Not Yield
Sora and Roxas is also another cute pairing heart
Erratic And Impulsive Report | 02/02/2021 8:27 pm
Erratic And Impulsive
Damn girl, you work faster than the speed of light! You've really got me mooning over you
We Will Not Yield Report | 01/30/2021 5:06 pm
We Will Not Yield
What console do you guys play Minecraft on?
I hear ya I'm bored as hell in Illinois and need a long vacation away from this place
But the pandemic is really limiting our options here

We Will Not Yield Report | 01/30/2021 2:22 pm
We Will Not Yield
It's time for you guys to enjoy life and see more of the world out there, I totally get it.
A port time?
Want to show off some screenshots?

I don't play Minecraft but I'm not opposed of getting back into it.
We Will Not Yield Report | 01/30/2021 12:06 pm
We Will Not Yield
heart u heart

I want to stand out really bad from the cosplayers I see here
Reaching for the stars right now.

What have you been up to?
Eggschu Report | 01/30/2021 12:11 am
idk when I joined, but vvv long ago too
Eggschu Report | 01/30/2021 12:07 am
Yeah, I just like I can be stupid and random here lol
Eggschu Report | 01/30/2021 12:03 am
I feel. I just got back to Gaia yesterday.
Gotta start slow.
Eggschu Report | 01/29/2021 11:50 pm
one of these day, I will get to it
I still have a long to-do list that I haven't start it
Eggschu Report | 01/29/2021 11:46 pm
its only you coming here and commenting so
I think we're good for awhile emotion_c8


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Sup my dudes so their is something you want that i`m selling huh? Well if you don`t have the gold for it please just send me a PM i can hold it until you have enough gold or maybe we can trade items for it? Anyway thanks for shopping hope you have a wonderful day!


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