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USA, Missouri
Tumblr is a good place to see what I like; contains mostly funny, cute, and interesting things that I enjoy.

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- I've been on Gaia for about 14 years, off and on
- Was born on March 12th
- I listen to a lot of music; mostly rock and alternative, a lot of harder and softer stuff too. Pretty much everything from the 80s is great as well.
- I listen to music more than I sleep.
- Favorite color is green.
- Science is amazing. (x)
- Nature is beautiful. Favorite Season is Autumn, followed closely by Winter. (x)(x)
- Astronomy is fascinating.(x) Select a color, then click and drag.
- I find all animals incredible. (x)(x)(x)(x)
- Dinosaurs are magnificent; my favorite being Ankylosaurus. (x)(x)(x)
- I live to see how life advances and improves. (x)
- I love seeing people's creativity, whether it be art, avatars here on Gaia, photography, writing, or whatever else. (x)(x)
- Pokemon has always been a big part of my life, and is even now. Whether it be casual play or competitive battling, love it all. (x)(x)(x)(x)
- I enjoy playing lots of games; way too many to list. I enjoy watching rather than playing most of the time; very active Twitch lurker.

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- - If there is anything else you're wanting to know, or just need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message.

Athazagoraphobia - the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced.

Life is determined by a series of causes and effects. There's always a reason for something happening.


Avatars renumbered/relettered and super organized now! Newest avatars at the top, oldest creations at the bottom!

Labeled each column and row, so instead of calling an avatar "orange pumpkin guy", you can say Aq2 and I'll know exactly which avatar you're talking about biggrin

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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Report | 07/01/2022 8:59 am
The sandman bones are so cool right?! I wish there was more vintage stuff that matches. crying I was trying to make a full bodies one of him with this as a base and the skull head and some offblack/crimson clothing but it just wasn't coming out good. Need to play with him more

Your one is so badass thooo I LOVE the mask item, I haven't made anything decent with it yet but it's on the bucketlist of poses to try out. always thought your current was so awesome too crying
vawod39734 Report | 06/30/2022 8:24 pm
i stole ur cupcake Report | 06/30/2022 8:23 pm
i stole ur cupcake
OMG she finished the trade!!! and you didn't even have to kick her door down! thank you, I love it emotion_bigheart
i stole ur cupcake Report | 06/30/2022 8:14 pm
i stole ur cupcake
I'm glad you are finally home! emotion_hug
i stole ur cupcake Report | 06/30/2022 7:22 pm
i stole ur cupcake
hello handsome! emotion_bigheart
canoy21787 Report | 06/30/2022 7:14 pm
canoy21787 Report | 06/30/2022 7:13 pm
canoy21787 Report | 06/30/2022 7:12 pm
canoy21787 Report | 06/30/2022 7:11 pm
canoy21787 Report | 06/30/2022 7:11 pm


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