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Hey! You can call me Kier! I'm really tired as I type this up, so beyond stating I'm a 26 year old genderfluid trashcan who prefers neutral pronouns and lives in the US Central time zone, I got nothing.
Don't hesitate to PM me and ask if you want to know anything, however! Awful at speaking generally about myself, wonderful at answering specific questions.

I do accept random friend requests, but if we don't get along or my friends list is an odd number for too long, you'll probably be deleted. Fair warning, and all.

Selfies in my signature if you care enough to look. (U/C)

Here for roleplaying, avatar building, & LK.

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I love rigs. Sell me some. heart

Signature U/C, please ignore the dust heart


instagram: simping4genji
battle.net: simp4genji#1840
psn: simping4genji

basically i'm simping4genji all over the internet.