(new to old)

Name's Christine, but I also go by Luna and Momo. I've had this account since I was 13 and this year I'm turning 30. Back in my Gaia prime I had a successful Booty Grab tank, played the market a bit, participated in "gift/donate the person above you" threads, zOMG, mafia style games, and more. I don't know If anyone knew my name per se, but I was incredibly active member of this community. I became inactive around 2016ish because most of my friends gave up on Gaia due to the bad inflation. Then I made a joke that got me banned for about two years. I was lucky enough Gaia unbanned me. Sadly, I see that nothing has changed with inflation since I got back and it has even gotten worse. But some older items that were once coveted seem to have been rereleased and are dirt cheap now, so that's something I guess.

These days if I'm not on Gaia or have a tab open somewhere, I'm probably playing a video game or sleeping.I play a lot of WoW and Dead by Daylight. There are other games I play, too; I have a modest size steam library. I also own a Switch as well and have a few games on there. Baking is another hobby I love, but I don't do it often because eating an entire batch of brownies or cookies isn't something that's good for me or that I can get away with anymore!

I'm often on at weird times because my sleep schedule is totally ******** since I'm on disability.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to chat about anything I mentioned or something else, I quite enjoy getting messages! I do sometimes forget to respond when my anxiety flares up though, sorry. If you do message me hoping to roleplay, that is something I do not have an interest in.