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- SWOFTW Report | 06/04/2019 4:02 pm
Thanks for selling such awesome gewds at low prices!
I've never seen most of those items before and I've been playing since 07'
Will be a frequent visitor there again, ( pinned on my bookmarks )
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Odd Cinderella Report | 04/20/2019 9:44 am
Odd Cinderella
Happy Birthday, sweetie
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/24/2019 10:13 am
Odd Cinderella
Completely. emo
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/23/2019 3:00 pm
Odd Cinderella
So, have you been following what's been happening in NGT48?
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/22/2019 9:16 am
Odd Cinderella
My bad. I meant the Project Ticket Hub
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/21/2019 6:48 pm
Odd Cinderella
Very neat! Will you be sharing it to the Project Hub? ninja
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/21/2019 5:11 pm
Odd Cinderella
What did you recolor? eek
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/03/2019 11:26 pm
Odd Cinderella
Yeah. I got impatient. sweatdrop LOL.

And, actually, I found out, from Stage48, that it's Jennis who says "In Your Position--Set!" A lot of Thais have never heard of the original "Beginner," so to them, it sounds natural. They don't know that part is also supposed to be a strong as the original Japanese. Also someone taught me that on Stage48. 3nodding We need to remember that this is mostly aimed at the Thai fans and not so much of the international fans.

That was my complaint too. Literally, that's the only thing I disliked as well. But, like I said, have to think of those listening to it.
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/03/2019 10:03 pm
Odd Cinderella
Black, and I never got it. But, I already submitted my Runway avatar. emo

Also, what did you think of BNK's "Beginner?" emotion_kirakira
RandoIVI Report | 02/24/2019 2:42 pm
Thanks for selling! smile


Hello and welcome to my profile! This is mostly used as my current main account and also a rp account! Feel free to check out the sections to see whom you would like to rp with! Or just feel free to chat! I hope you enjoy your stay~

FNAF Roleplay

Name: Ariel "Arcee" Gibson

Age: 5


Bio: Little Ariel was born into an awful home. Her parents were the typical self-absorbed trailer trash types. They only cared about themselves and money- and how to get lots of money, quickly and easily. Rumor even says they tried to SELL Ariel when she was a baby and it was only the cops sniffing around that made them rethink things.

Needless to say, Ariel's short life wasn't a happy one. Her parents were always yelling and/or always drunk. Any money they had was spent on themselves. Ariel's clothes were always donated things that were too big or too small or just plain old. Birthdays were ignored- at least, hers were. And Christmases only had one gift, usually something from the clearance aisle. Ariel developed into a quiet child, learning to keep her mouth shut, else she get the back of a hand. But sometimes, simply existing was the wrong thing. Like the night Ariel had her accident.

Ariel's parents had left in the morning and were gone for... a long time. It felt like forever to Ariel, but in reality, it was two days. When her parents arrived home, hungry and frightened, she ran out of her room to them- only to be hit by her father, who was drunk. Ariel all but flew down the stairs from being struck, her fragile neck snapping as she hit the ground.

When Ariel woke next, everything was back to normal. Except... her room was full of random junk. All her things were gone. And when she tried to talk to her parents, they ignored her. They wouldn't even look at her! But Ariel kept close. Maybe they would look at her one day. Instead, they focused on the tv. So Ariel figured out how to change the channel. She liked the shows with the people who couldn't be seen by other people, like her. And one day, her parents decided their newest scam would be pretend 'ghost hunters'. When they packed up their car, Ariel was in the backseat- even if they didn't notice.

This began a short adventure of going to different houses and stores, where there were people who couldn't be seen, like her! Some of them were nice. Like the old man who was waiting for his son to come home from the war. He was upset because the people who couldn't see him kept locking the door. How would his son walk in his home if the door was locked? So the old man kept unlocking the door. But the people who couldn't see it, didn't like that. Her parents said they got rid of the old man, but he was still there when they left. He waved to her as she sat in the back of the car.

When they rolled up in the front of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, Ariel was ecstatic. Her parents brought her here as a surprise! How nice of them! Though, it was weird how they had to wait until the place closed before going in. And Ariel wasn't sure they should have used that weird key thing to get in. Once inside, Ariel went a bit still. She felt like there was others in this place. But like any child, she was quickly attracted by the shiny games and toys. She didn't even notice as her parents wandered the place. She didn't notice the animatronics stalking her parents. And she certainly didn't notice as the animatronics killed her parents. But when the sun began to rise, Ariel went looking for her parents... but they were gone. There was only a gross mess on the floor.

The next night, Ariel sat alone by herself, lost and frightened. Her parents went away and she was alone and how would she make her parents love her if she didn't have any? The small girl sat and cried. The only thing that stopped her tears was the feel of a heavy paw on her head.

DC Roleplay

Name: Anastasia Christine Vasily

Nickname: Anna, Anya

Age: 19

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Weight: Don't ask a lady that!

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: None

Bio: Born as Anastasia Christine, Anya was a spoiled girl who was much beloved by her parents. But like a lot of happy families in Gotham, things didn't always run well. Her father reluctantly got involved into some shady dealings and it wasn't long until he snapped. After killing his wife and stuffing her body in the trunk, he snatched up the young Anya and strapped her in the car, intending to drive it off a cliff. Thankfully for the girl, it was storming and the car skidded off the road. Even more fortunately, she experienced severe amnesia, forgetting everything that happened the night of the accident.

An orphan now, Anya was adopted by a family friend, a well-distinguished doctor. Doctor Chet was a wealthy man who was single and had no family of his own. He spoiled Anya and continues to do so, using his pull to get her working as a nursing assistant at his hospital. After all, Anya is now a young woman and needs to make an income!

It's this desire to be independent that led her to get a small apartment in a rather somewhat questionable part of Gotham. On her own, Anya is using her funds to pay for her apartment and her dancing. Her dream is to one day be a famous prima ballerina and it's a dream that will take a lot of hard work and it's not a cheap dream! Costumes, shoes, lessons, practice gear, and more, Anya is barely scraping by. And it came to her as a surprise what came next..

A knock on the door startled Anya while she was cooking dinner. Upon answering, she discovered a rather shifty looking man wearing black and white. He claimed he worked for the Penguin and wished to offer her a strictly off-the-record job. Whenever one of his men got injured or needed stitching up, she would go to them and do what needs to be done. In return, he would deliver her a nice chunk of change as a 'thanks'.

Despite all the warnings in her head, Anya took the job. And it wasn't long before others began to ask for medical assistance and- well, being a soft-hearted gal and someone who wanted to help others, she agreed. But not wanting the police and the Batman to know her real identity, she disguised herself. Because hey, everyone else in this crazy town seemed to enjoy dressing up in a costume and running about!

After a long while, Anya settled for calling herself Duchess. Besides, Princess sounded a bit too... snooty to her. So now, Duchess often roams the night streets of Gotham, stitching knife wounds, pulling out bullets, resetting limbs, and more! Of course, she's not really qualified to do all these medical things, but she makes it clear that she can only do her best. No one has died on her watch.. yet. It's only a matter of time till someone does and she dreads that day, but in the meantime, she's secretly having the time of her life flitting about and playing the role of being Duchess, an elegant yet cute girl who enjoys fine things and wants to help others.

Other info:
Anya likes fluffy animals, like cats and chicks and bunnies!

Anya's favorite color is pink!

Anya's main passion in life is dancing! Ballet is her favorite!

Anya's dream for the future is to be a prima ballerina!

Futuristic/Idol RP

Name: Atsuko "Acchan" Maeda

Age: Unknown

Family: None

Bio: Atsuko Maeda was an orphaned girl who lived on the streets of Plagra Space Station that was situated on the edge of the Hoard Empire. Apparently she had suffered a blow to the head and she had no memories of her life or relatives or how she winded up living on the streets. Despite her situation in life, she was a happy girl who loved to sing. Too bad uncontracted singers were banned in the Hoard Empire!

On the day of the concert of the Hoard's own great diva, the Primadonna, Acchan literally ran into a man who was a stranger to Plagra. Telling her to show him around and give him information, Acchan happily explained how things worked and how the Hoard ruled over everything. When asked about the hubbub of the Primadonna's concert, Acchan happily explained how she was the most famous singer in the galaxy and how she was considered the Number One singer. Sure, there were other smaller singers out there that were endorsed by the Hoard and even some secret underground singers, but Primadonna was the biggest one out there!

As a 'thank-you', the strange man somehow acquired two tickets for the sold-out concert and gave one to Acchan. He took note of the concert and noticed how the Primadonna's voice seemed to take impact on the people there. Acchan however, seemed rather sad and upset. When asked why, she explained to the strange man how the Primadonna's voice made her feel overwhelmed and lazy, like she should just- go with the flow. When asked why this was such a bad thing, Acchan went on to explain that music wasn't meant to control, that music is meant to inspire and move people, to bring them emotions and feelings. Satisfied by this, the strange man took Acchan onto his ship to begin a musical revolution.

Other Info:
Clearly a character inspired by animes like Macross Frontier and AKB0048. This character is based off a futuristic rp that a friend and I have been doing on Skype. Acchan is the foil to the Hoard's Primadonna and she's travelling the galaxy with the stranger (who is Shadow Moon, yes, the Kamen Rider) to free the people from the Hoard's control.

Acchan is for futuristic rp purposes. Please feel free to poke the singer, be you a fan or a curious bystander or even a secret underground singer yourself!

Kuroshitsuji RP

Name: Ariel Gibson

Bio: Ariel was born into wealth and when her parents died under mysterious circumstances, she inherited the title of Lady. Lady Ariel spends her time doing things of the gentle feminine nature, such as sewing, reading, painting, and playing different instruments. Her favorite is the violin. In addition to these ladylike past-times, Ariel also sings. Often she is asked to join someone's ball or party to sing a solo for entertainment. Something she gladly does!

Of course, things are.. strange... at Lady Ariel's home. No one sees much of the servants, yet her home is always immaculate and everything seems... perfect. Perhaps too perfect? That is debatable. Whenever one does see a servant, they seem overly perfect... dressed immaculately and overly good-looking. How suspicious. Sometimes, it's enough to make the town talk...

OOC: a thrown-together bio for my character to fit in Kuroshitsuji/Godchild/Gossick/other Victorian-ish rp.


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