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This be rahna.

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Last Login: 05/10/2021 9:25 pm

Registered: 12/05/2006

Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/05


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My out-of-reach dream items.

About me!

Don't send me random requests!!

I hate them. (Mostly cuz people never speak to me again) If you do send one (like some 17 kids WHO DIDN'T READ THIS) then I will reject your request.
If really want to be friends with me, then talk!

If not, go find someone who doesn't mind friends that never keep in touch.

And don't blame me when your request is never accepted. xp Can't say I didn't warn ya!

Yes, first Abyss cosplay!
I am now the princess of Kimlasca. :3

AHEM, besides that, feel free to send the odd comment or PM my way. mrgreen I've been called nice, cool, and told that I could probably make friends with anybody. Let us say I'm...a social kitty.

I'm also a brony. Or Pegasister, if you still want to insist on gender-differentiating names for fans. MLP is awesome and addicting and a really cute show. (Equestria Girls rocked, by the way.)

Now please, continue -gestures to the rest of her profile-

Don't spam. I don't want any of those "copy and paste things", they DO NOT WORK. I was suckered into one myself, so believe me, I know.

Second, I don't donate to beggars, so don't ask.

I miss my pretty profile... -mopes-

I'm online nearly every stinking day so I'll be replying to messages and such at a pretty decent pace. Usually. Sometimes I just need to take a massive break, in which case you might not hear from me from a month. Or two. (I apologize in advance!) I may also be offline altogether or on Facebook. The social network has given me obligations.

Tidbits not yet mentioned: I study Japanese for kicks. I'm great at hula-hooping. I like almost every anime/manga I come up against. And while I'm a big anime nerd, I like a lot of other stuff too. So if you're not into the Japanese craze, there's probably stuff we still have in common.

(I do read other stuff besides manga and fanfiction. Seriously!)

Favorite Actors. Russel Crowe and Garret Hedlund.

Favorite Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna. Risembool Rangers rule.

Favorite Songs: Everything from the 60's and 70's. OLDIES FER THE WIN! scream I love my VG soundtracks, most any RPG overworld and/or town theme, and a handful of J-pop. Usually from various animes.

Favorite singer(s): Everyone in Celtic Thunder. :3 Their newest member, little Danny Furlong, has a voice that will make you cry.

Favorite Movie: Anything Miyazaki or How To Train Your Dragon. (Mr. Miyazaki has the same birthday as me, WOOT!!)

Favorite video game series': Legend of Zelda and Tales. Ocarina of Time and Symphonia are badass, MY CLAIM IS UNDENIABLE.

Favorite book: If you ask, I'll keep talking 'till Doomsday.

that'd be all, L8ER


(Dear lord, I love my friends.}

My first piece of avi art!!

Picture drawn by Your Furry Nightmare (formerly Princess Natalie McCloud.) X3

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

And the second piece!

Picture drawn by Sky (She changes accounts so often, I've just given up on getting her current name.) XD

User Image


Third piece, WOOT!! This was done by Rawrzness Wolf.

User Image


Fourth piece, EEEEEEEE!! This was a Christmas present from Ritsmi

User Image


Fifth piece, WOOHOO!!! This was another gift from Rawrzness Wolf

User Image


Sixth piece, holy SMOKES. Again, this was done by Rawrzness Wolf.

User Image


Seventh piece, this was done by my friend Nikakaeo. Yay Saria-cow!

User Image


Eighth piece, WOW. This was a late birthday present by my friend Eternal Nightingale.

User Image


Ninth piece, OH EM GEE. xd This was yet another gift from Rawrzness Wolf (whose feet I should bow at) and the first of my Colette cosplay.

User Image


Tenth piece, I swear this girl is spoiling me. Again, done by Rawrzness Wolf. First Martel art I've gotten. 8D

User Image


Eleventh piece, done guessed it: Rawrzness Wolf. ALL HAIL WOLF!!!
And look, it's in COLOR!!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Twelfth piece, again, by Rawrzness Wolf. This is the fox avi I had for a little while.
(It was actually to sort out a glitch on zOMG, but look what came of it!)

User Image

Lucky number 13, WOOT!! This beauty was done by Suicidal Crisis. X3

It's showing now, yes!

User Image

Number 14, a lovely piece of Colette art from Sky! XD She said there were too many errors to fix (she's crazy).
See chibi Lloyd. See the chibi smile. Smile Chibi, smile!

User Image

Number 15 (Holy CHEESE), a headshot of my Colette avi from my good friend, Aiden -the Cursed- In'nt pretty~?

User Image

-sings praises in Wolf's name-
First art of my Natalia avi, and the 16th piece to date.
Someone, please, give this girl a hug for me.
User Image

She is...ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! And apparently feeling affectionate.
Number 17, a snapshot of my buddy Sky (Arche) and me (Natalia)

User Image

Number 18 (Holy hell, I'm almost at 20!), a drawing of my classic Saria avi from Aiden -the Cursed- He's working hard at his drawings, and getting better all the time.

User Image

rahna's scribbles (accompanied by a lame title)

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Writings of Rahna (it's so LAME...)

It's an online diary!! Except it's not private! Kinda defeats the purpose of having one...oh well!

Comments here please!

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Pretending Report | 06/12/2021 7:28 pm
Kindly reach out to me when you see this comment! I have somethings to discuss. You knew my friend 10 years ago!
Sabin le Rose Report | 05/10/2021 9:41 pm
Sabin le Rose
It shall become your identity.
Like a cartoon character whose got the same outfit for the last 20 years.
Sabin le Rose Report | 04/29/2021 6:24 am
Sabin le Rose
Embrace the longterm Avatar 4laugh
Happy Masks Report | 01/05/2019 11:15 pm
Happy Masks
Happy birthday guuurl
Noble Link Report | 01/07/2017 12:05 am
Noble Link
Sorry for the late birthday wishes stressed !!!
Happy birthday, Rahna! hope it was a really good day
for ya'!
DarthDub v2 Report | 01/05/2017 9:44 pm
DarthDub v2
I just have a weird way of showing affection.
DarthDub v2 Report | 01/05/2017 9:23 pm
DarthDub v2
You're welcome. I feel bad when I'm mean to be honest. Pretty much what you said is what I meant.
DarthDub v2 Report | 01/05/2017 4:45 pm
DarthDub v2
Happy birthday!
DarthDub v2 Report | 12/26/2016 2:53 pm
DarthDub v2
I'm alright for the most part.
DarthDub v2 Report | 11/24/2016 12:30 pm
DarthDub v2

[b:a421864815]That moment when you find your niche.


Unexpected, but it fits.[/b:a421864815][/align:a421864815]