Wlcome my dear mother f*ckers

I am an ex model my photos are real and id be more than delighted to prove a mother f*cker wrong I've dealt with sh*t I've gone through sh*t and if I tell you sh*t is to avoid you sh*t hobbies skate boarding not giving a f*ck and listening to rock music...I sound like a tw*t f*ck it well I'm friendly and nice to people unless you are a complete f*cking moron then I'm sorry but -_- no Lol and I am a Scorpio so class what did we learn about me today I'm nice and friendly unless u are a f*cking retard and I don't dick ride rap or little shame speaking of shame ill put you through shame if you start to f*ck up and be a b*tch and ignore my advice and if you want proof of who tf I am text me ask me for a sign photo with your name and if you are a faggot unknown weird c*nt don't expect sh*t