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Writings of Rahna (it's so LAME...)
It's an online diary!! Except it's not private! Kinda defeats the purpose of having one...oh well!
AHAHAHAHAHAHA, an update within a week!
You know it's awesome. And you love me for it.

So, with much excitement, I ran headlong out of the inn in Meltokio and through the sewers, using the delightfully nifty "quick jump" option. For once, I didn't get lost on my way to the Flanoir continent. The map was of great use to me and I quickly located the dot telling me where teh Renegade base was located.

I suppose the glowing ball suspended above it helped.

We warped through, found ourselves in a cozy alcove near Triet, and flew just as speedily as we could towards the Tower of Mana. I'm not sure if it was on my first playthrough as well...but I stopped by each bookcase to read the historical information there. The legend of the chosen is my favorite, mostly cause I can read it in Kratos' voice. And his makes me melt into an unashamed and adoring puddle of goo.

sweatdrop Aaaanyway, I steered Lloyd (and everyone else) up and up the spiraling staircase. It's fairly annoying, what with the monsters dotted here and there, but much much shorter than the temple of darkness. The fights also only took a few seconds each, considering I was now past level 70... All in all, not much of a setback. We reached the warp room (the one with the ACCURSED LIGHT PUZZLES OF DEATH) quickly, were granted the great fortune of not having to re-solve the stupid thing, and barreled towards the warp pad.

Lo and behold, who should show up but Kratos! I flailed silently in joy, then pressed A. Being a very important event, the characters were actually talking this time. X3 Mah fav'rit part~ Kratos warned us urgently not to proceed with the final pact. He'd spent all this time calculating what would happen on Derris-Kharlan's main computer, and finally had an answer. The protection around the Great Seed would be completely lost.

Well...wasn't that a good thing? If the links were all broken, we could at last germinate the seed. Yuan must've been thinking along the same lines, because he appeared seconds later.

"That's exactly what we desire!" he said with a sneer, materializing a ball of lightning. "Go and help the others" he told Lloyd. "I'll handle him." With minor hesitance, and a quick look at his so-called-enemy, the young swordsman obeyed and warped up the roof.

Above, the rest of the group was about to summon Luna from the depths of light's altar. She came in a shower of mana, asking plaintively where Aska was. Sheena informed her he was coming, and come he did. The two-headed golden bird appeared in a flash. Our summoner pleaded with them to abolish their pact, and the test began.

Fighting against two powerful spirits really isn't fun, but we managed somehow. I, being Lloyd, attacked the nearest one and let my group handle the rest. Aska may have fallen first, but Luna wasn't long in following. I think the whole thing took, oh...2 or so minutes. -flexes and grins- No spirit is too tough for me. I don't think I remembered to deactivate Raine's light spells, but she was smart enough not to use them anyway.

So the instant Sheena's vow was accepted, Kratos (evidently having gotten the better of his friend) came running out of the warp, closely followed by Yuan. The latter cheered at the sight of our victor whilst the former looked on in horror.

"No!" But it was too late. The last link shattered and everything broke loose. In a startling and spectacular anime scene, the Great Seed descended to Sylvarant, drawn by the power of it's awakened Summon Spirits. It germinated in an instant, being fed mana by regular shots from the Renegades. What came forth, however...no one would have hoped for that.

The giant Kharlan Tree appeared in a twisting mass of branches and roots gone wild. It ripped the continent asunder, reducing the Tower of Mana to a pile of bricks and trampled books. Palmacosta...oh I wish I'd been able to stop this. The roots tore through town, destroying buildings and ending a lot of people's lives.

-sniffles- Neil...

It's a poorly written ending, but I have laundry to fold and shutters to paint. I'll either tie this up later or continue it in the Iselian Ranch update.

Dagnamit, why do I have such a terrible craving for Kit-Kats...?

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Mirai Maku
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jul 26, 2012 @ 04:48am
Moor, I need moor! Your Tales feed me...

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