Oh lord where am I...

Well awright, what's next? Yeeesss...the temple of Darkness of my last playthrough. (Mind you, I'll be merging the two playthroughs from now on. I'm past the Iselian ranch FOR THE SECOND TIME.

Heaven help me, I am so addicted to the game. So addicted. And here I haven't owned it for a year yet.

Anyway, I obligingly flew back to Tethe'alla, picked up my walkthrough, and stomped back to the temple to continue tackling it. My stupid sticky brain eventually figured out which directions the guide meant by "north, south, east, and west" (no seriously, why can't you freaks just use left and right? It would make things so much easier!!!) and figured out which was the right block to push to solve the puzzle a liddle bit more. I managed to knock down the single block holding the last spirit, went to collect it (almost cried in relief) and herded it to be without its fellows.

AND THEEEEEEEEEN, I led them in a wriggling bunch down the stairs. And more stairs. And more.

...and still more stairs.

The monotony was broken by the occasional monster fights and much exploring. It paid off cause I got some pretty sweet items. :3 I had to be sure not to lose my spirit fragments, which is thankfully not hard to do. Keeping them together I mean.

Eventually, I made it aaaaaaaaaaalll the way down to the, ah, altar. The fragments left me at once, formed in a great shadowy muddle, and gave way to a spirit more frightening than Volt and Efreet combined. That's pretty scary.

Shadow was plenty scary, like I said, and weird with the way way he talked. For some reason, the lack of words with that deep voice....ooogh. -shivers- He agreed to abolish the pact with Mithos and promptly engaged us in battle.

I recall it taking a fair few minutes...no more than two. If I'd been thinking beforehand, I'd have swapped out Genis with Colette, but I was too fond of my go-to team. Now that I think back on it, she probably wouldn't have been able to hit him too many times with the way he kept warping around...so it probably wouldn't have done much different. Yes, Shadow's tendency to warp. Jeez that was annoying, and he kept going for Raine who almost always had a healing spell charging! That's not fair!! gonk

Grrr... Well, anway, I soon learned to anticipate where Shadow would appear next and managed to take him down. Sheena gave her vow, the spirit acknowledged it, and we hauled it back up the endless flights of stairs and hurried out of the temple. I gave a cheer as soon as we were out, wrote a scenario for my snippet collection, and flew off to Meltokio to rest awhile.

The battle with the Spirits of Light is up next. :3 If you'll remember, I healed the Linkite tree beforehand so all that's left is to run through the Tower of Mana again and take down the pair. If they ain't siblings, they're dating. Srsly.

Well now, fun stuff is ahead. -dusts hands off- Enjoy folks. And, er, sorry for the shortness.