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Writings of Rahna (it's so LAME...)
It's an online diary!! Except it's not private! Kinda defeats the purpose of having one...oh well!
Ah yes, the next update. I am really on a roll this week!
Mirai, enjoy.

Okay, so we had the uber-spectacular anime cutscene depicting the destruction of Sylvarant...wow that sounds morbid. The scene ended (I was still in the grip of fangirl hysterics) and the camera switched to the group standing on a spit of land as the Great Tree rampaged in the distance. Kratos patiently explained what was happening and why, making Yuan look like an idiot in the process. Lloyd almost lost his head, perhaps wondering why his former comrade was so calm about it all.

"We don't need to know why it's happening!" he snapped. "We just need to know how to stop it!" Kratos gave him an appraising sort of look. Yuan offered to get the Renegades to stop firing mana at it, but the other angel said that wouldn't be enough to subdue the tree. Well, what about the Mana Cannon, someone asked. The Renegades had been manipulating Rodyle into building it, but...

"Why don't we fire the mana of Tethe'alla's summon spirits at it?" Lloyd asked Sheena, coming up with a simplistic and brilliant plan. He turned to the group at large. "The professor once said the opposite ends of a magnet neutralize each other. This kinda the same thing, right?"

"That's not quite right" Raine disagreed. "Nevertheless, it's a good idea coming from you. I don't think we have any other option." We wanted to head straight off to the mana cannon an leave the reactor to the Renegades, when one of them ran up.

"Sir Yuan!" he cried. "Forcystus has executed our infiltration team!" The half-elf swore.

"The reactor, the mana canon" Kratos listed off. "There are too many things we need the Renegades to do. You don't have enough men to cover everything, Yuan. I'll pretend I don't know who you've been working with or what you've been doing. In return, send your remaining Renegades to fire the cannon. I will assist Lloyd's group in shutting down the reactor." This seemed a good plan,

"You wouldn't trust the signal if it came just from Kratos, right?" Lloyd asked,directing the question to Sheena. She shrugged, but agreed.

"It's settled then" the brunet said. "Let's go to Iselia ranch." And so we did.

(I know I got some things wrong in the conversation there...but I can't figure out what. I'm sorry it doesn't match up.)

"Why did you bring me along?" Kratos asked with some level of amusement. Lloyd shrugged.
"It's easier to keep an eye on you this way." he said, and the group went in.

Once getting there, we almost immediately split up into two groups. One to find and shut down the reactor, the other to free the captives. Lloyd, Kratos, and the Sage siblings made up the reactor team , the rest went to find and release the people trapped here.

Perhaps it's just me, but I found the Iselian ranch to be ridiculously easy. It was a slight pain having to give my mana to the locks, but there was plenty there to use. :3 I wandered around for a bit, not remembering the proper layout, but found a warp soon enough. I could've explored the rest of the ranch and probably earned some new items...but I was too impatient. We headed through the warp, finding the reactor and the big bad boss hisself.

Forcystus told us, in no small terms, that there was no way we were getting past him. Lloyd insisted on it, the world was gonna be destroyed if we didn't get that reactor shut down! The blue-haired half elf snorted, what did he care?

"We have Derris-Kharlan!" he told us. Kratos rolled his eyes.

"Desians are just expendable pawns to Yggdrasil" he said. "He won't waste time saving you." Forcystus' eyes narrowed.

"You speak as if you know him...who are you?"

"No one of consequence" the angel said cooly, drawing his sword. Our opponent leveled his arm cannon at us, and the battle began. Forcystus, in all his belted glory, proved a tough opponent to fight. HIm and those weird energy stones... The battle took roughly 2 minutes (as many of our battles are wont to do) and we finally defeated him. The cardinal stumbled back, one hand to his chest and gasping at the impossibility of it all. Half-elves, least of all ones in such high positions, were not supposed to be defeated by such paltry humans! It's just not done! He stumbled backwards and down the reactor we'd been sent to deactivate. Kratos, totally unperturbed, moved to the panel and began the process of shutting the reactor down.

"You're pretty handy with everything huh?" Lloyd asked, wandering over. "Swords, magitechnology, everything." Kratos sighed, pushing the last button.

"I've lived a little longer than most humans" he said. The brunet's brow wrinkled.

"A little longer than most humans? Are you a half-elf then? But...Remiel called you a human." The angel shook his head, steering his young ward out the room. Whatever the reason, he didn't want to discuss it.

We made it safely out, dodging cylindrical lasers all the while. I made sure to heal myself before we left, and the rest of the group met up in the ranch's yard.

No sooner had we done so, however, than Forcystus came stumbling out the darkened doorway. needless to say, all of us were shocked.

"If I have to go down" he snarled, panting. "I'm taking all of you with me!" He leveled his cannon again, shooting a blast towards...it may have been Chocolat. Colette got in the way, crumbling almost immediately. Lloyd cried out in anger and worry, turning to her attacker with fury in his eyes. He unsheathed a sword, stabbing Forcystus through the chest. The mage, already gravely wounded, fell to his knees.

"Glory to the coming age of half-elves" he chocked, before crumbling and breathing his last. Lloyd sheathed his weapon, immediately running to Colette.

The majority of her sleeve had been blasted off, revealing a set of bluegreen...scales. Poor Colette was horrified that we'd discovered her secret and struggled to get away.

"Don't look at me!" she cried, passing out in the effort of hiding her disfigurement. Of course, this worried her friend even more.

"Lloyd!" Kratos snapped, bringing his young ward to the present. "You need to send the signal!"

"But Colette's-!" the brunet began, cradling the girl.

"The Chosen won't die yet" Kratos said firmly. "But if you don't hurry, this world will. Now do it."

Aaaah....I am so tired. And I really really really need to get upstairs and take a shower. I hope this suffices, my friend.

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Mirai Maku
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Jul 28, 2012 @ 11:10am
Are you also focusing on getting specific titles? I know your favorite boss strategy is to out-level them, but there is one title of Lloyd's that requires the party be a low level compared to one of the bosses. I don't quite remember the number, but I think it's a combined party level of 145 or less. That is roughly level 36 for each party member versus a boss that is fairly late in the game.

I'm a sucker for stuff like achievements and titles, so I always went for them. The only ones I normally don't bother with are the ones that are super ridiculously difficult (such as one in Tales of Vesperia that requires every title for each character, and one title requires that each character be max cooking for all 30 recipes >.< this requires ~days~ of playtime)

P.S. What the hell is up with the "Enter the words below" requirement for comments here? I have "ickerti tebeds" which is hardly legible.

P.P.S. ...Apparently I misread it, so now it's "250,000 cuhoom"

commentCommented on: Tue Jul 31, 2012 @ 04:47am
Wow, these are great! Can't wait for you to start your takes on Abyss. 8D
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Sen Le Cross Fox
Community Member
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