Incredibly overdue? I think yes.
Anyone still reading these? Eh, probably not.


Okay, so last update had us at the Iselia ranch infiltration (great fun) and I left off just before sending the signal to Sheena over at teh Mana Cannon. Lloyd did his...thing, and the camera changed to our favorite summoner in the cannon which is more like a REALLY BIG TOWER. Fancy too, see those statues on the top? And it's called "Thor's hammer", how awesome is that?!

Okay, okay. Sheena summoned the Tethe'alla half of the Summon Spirits, had them load their respective sparkles of life-giving mana into the machine, and we watched the great missile zoom towards the grotesque tree in stunning 3-D game graphics! It hit, the tree went down, and poor Martel got a beating. Her scream echoed throughout Sylvarant, which must've done terrible things to her former fiance'.

Poor Yuan...-sighs-

So the tree was subdued, we wiped the sweat from our brows, and teh blue-haired Renegade sent us his thanks via a magic box. One minute the ground was clear...the next minute, a box. He and Kratos exchanged some words,confirmed that everything was as it was before, and the mage promised to send Sheena to meet up with us.

But wait, there's more! Forcystus, despite his spectacular Star Wars-like ending, hadn't quite bitten the dust. He'd crawled through the reactor's exit, followed us out, and was determined to kill at least one of us before his body failed. His weird arm-cannon thing opened up and shot a blast at Chocolat. Colette, bless her, wasn't having any of that. She took the blast, which grazed her am and tore a lot of her sleeve off.

...only to reveal several blue scales covering it and most of her side. Umm, Colette? Was there something you might have wanted to tell us? Little blonde Chosens aren't supposed to have CRYSTAL SCALES GROWING ON THEM. She freaked out at having her secret blown and screamed at us to get away. Lloyd refused, and the closer he got, the more she tried to back away. Poor kid...she was afraid of being rejected for looking the way she did. Lloyd soothed her, told her that the growth (ew) wasn't weird at all and he would never hate her for it. She calmed down, but passed out a minute afterward.

I think that may have been when we sent the actual signal...I'm really bad at this. Whatever, the infiltration is done, Forcy's dead, and we're headin' to Iselia!


So we got there, and the camera cut straight to the group (Kratos included~) at the Brunel household, discussing the recent turn of events. We'd just finished shattering the hopes of dreams of Phaidra and her son, via telling them that GUESS WHAT!, Cruxis is an evil organization with a leader who's off 'is rocker and true angels don't really exist. Surpriiiiiiiiise~

At least it's a nice day. And hey, no more Desians!

Phaidra was calm during the explanation, and I'm not sure Frank said much of anything. Teh kindly old priestess informed us that the Tower of Salvation was gone, and because it was the symbol of the people's hope, a lot of blame was going to be placed on little Colette's shoulders. Kratos idly pointed out that the disappearance was due to a malfunction in the Tower's cloaking device, though this didn't make much of a difference in the long run.

Around this time, we began to hear a ruckus starting outside. Lloyd and the others stood up, wanting to go see what it was. Much to my chagrin, Kratos opted not to come with us. He simply said that he would rather stay inside this time, and we left.

Sooo, we went out, I got the chance to wander Iselia for the first time in a looooooong while, and we eventually wound up near the schoolhouse where a major lump of &$%# had just hit teh fan! Everyone's favorite bigot was outside, pointing fingers and demanding to know why things weren't the same and why some of his beliefs were getting turned on their head.

For some reason, this involved bringing up the recently (for the villagers) revealed fact that Rain and Genis were not full-blooded elves.

"I bet you led the Desians here!" he yelled, eyes alight with malice. The Sage's flinched, but thankfully, someone was already leaping to their defense.

"You shut up!" Chocolat roared, stepping in front of the persecuted. "Who cares what they are? All I know is that they're the people who rescued us, they're good people." The gathering of people there was quick to support her, listing off the good things the Sages had done and proving that their race really didn't matter. The mayor seemed rather...weak, against all this opposition, and retreated to his house.

Little fatso still got support from the rest of the village... That creep doesn't deserve pity, he bought it on himself by being a stubborn racist.

BOOM. Guess who's here, in...February, to come finish her entry! That's right, this slacker of an author. Lucky for me, there's not much left to do for this one.

-does a jig-

Okay, okay. Ennyway, we gave the piggish mayor the worst dressing-down he's ever gotten, meandered around a bit to talk to the rest of the villagers. I am quite pleased to report they were singin' a different tune! -swings axe around happily-

Oh yeah, this? I borrowed it from Presea, named it "the persuader". -strokes axe fondly-

Right, Raine had run off during the scene by the school house and anyone with a brain stem could figure out she'd gone back to the ruins of her and Genis' house. I don't remember what she said, exactly....(which is sad, cause I played that part the day before yesterday) but I know she was immensely grateful for the human villagers standing up for a half-elf. They're good people. Being accepted by the village was a "great leap forward" she said. We walked down the road after that to see most of the group by the village gate. Kratos said he'd accepted a request from Frank and Phaidra to escort to Dirk's house. Being a dwarf, it was likely he'd know more about cruxis crystals than the rest of us. So away we went!

Well, no, Dirk didn't know squat. "Even if cruxis crystals are an evolved form of exspheres, I wouldn't know the first thing about them" he said. Siiiigh... He did offer us the house for the night, which was very kind. Kratos politely declined, turned on his heel, and walked out. Lloyd wasted no time in following. Or interrogating.


He asked Kratos if said angel was really going back to Cruxis, which of course he was.
-sighs miserably- Lloyd, defeated, determined that Kratos really was our enemy. Kratos seems to want Lloyd to think that, yet insists on dropping enough helpful hints to make us believe quite the opposite! Teh redhead angelic being told us that if we wanted to save Colette, look up the records from the Ancient War. Remember the words of the unicorn at Lake Umacy. Lloyd tried asking something else, I think he wondered why Kratos was a human in Cruxis...but teh redhead walked away before he could.

He left my party, I'm so upset! crying

Left with no other available option (Or so they thought), the group decided to head to Altessa's the next day, hoping the more experienced dwarf would be able to tell what was up with Colette's funky cold.

Aaand, the rest you'll have to see after I've played it! -dances and waves little flags- Finally finished, WOOTCAKES!!