Ha, bet you weren't expecting me to update so fast were ya?! I'm trying to stay on top of these.

Wonder how long I'll last this time~?

Sooo...we left Dirk's place and used the Renegade's ever flowing energy source to launch ourselves to Tethe'alla. I found Altessa's house without much trouble and led the group in to ask teh dwarf if he could tell us anything about Colette's...illness. After some inspecting and questions, he identified it as "Chronic Angelus Innoficium". Something my mind loosely translated to as "the angel is always inefficient".

(I think, I don't know what Innoficium means. But it makes sense considering what the disease does, wouldn't you say?)

Essentially, her body rejected the Cruxis Crystal and this makes her become one. Lucky for us, it's a really slow process. Unluckily, no one knows of a cure. Woops. Altessa said this disease had been seen in history before, during the Kharlan War and the time of Mithos and his companions. Go figure, the person to catch it had been one of the companions.

I'm sure all of us were wondering why it always circles back to that group. Always

HOLY SYPH I'M FREEZING!! -rubs arms- This really isn't helping my cold, stinking heater-less basement...

Altessa said the best thing we could do was to look for records of the Ancient War. Lloyd muttered something about it coming back to that, and we decided to head for Sybak. Mithos wanted to come along as well and since a library isn't dangerous, Lloyd allowed it. We flew the short distance, ran to the library, and encountered a cutscene of epic proportions featuring us...poring over books. Big books. We didn't find much there other than that "a unicorn saved the maiden". The maiden being the one with the illness. Someone pointed out that the unicorn back at Lake Umacy had said he "lived to cure Martel's illness". Presea pondered on this for a moment and wondered if the unicorn itself was necessary.

"Do you think it means your Unicorn Horn, Professor?" Lloyd asked. She conceded that this was likely the case.

For some reason, can't remember exactly how it came about, Kratos came into the conversation. I think Lloyd wondered why he'd told us about this. He's supposed to be our enemy, right? This was kicked around for a bit, before the brunet ultimately decided that he trusted Kratos.

"His eyes don't feel like an enemy when he looks at me" he said. (Snuggled in my pink saucer chair with an afghan and two eternal swordsmen in my lap, I let out an adoring stream of squeals and giggles.)

Mithos commented that it was really good that Lloyd could trust someone who'd betrayed him. He was...envious. "I wish I could've been like you" he said wistfully.

Welp, there went my heart.

Genis sniggered. "Oh no" he said, "you don't want to end up like Lloyd. You'd be an idiot." Lloyd snapped at his friend to shut up, Mithos laughed.

"Yeah, I really envy you."

(Next entry, we find ourselves in the Meltokio sewers once again and at the root of a deep and sinister plot against the throne. YAY FOR AWESOME PREVIEWS.)