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Birthday: 08/04

Cirque d'Hypnose

Bonjour et Bienvenue, Mesdames et Messiers! Bienvenue au spectacle d'une vie.
Welcome to the show of a lifetime! Welcome.. To the Cirque d'Hypnose!
Je suis Noire le Magnifique, and I have the pleasure of being
your Mistress of Ceremonies and the Ringmaster of this wondrous place
where all your wildest fantasies come true and all your deepest desires are satisfied.

A pleasure to see you, mes chers! So nice of you to drop by the Hypno Circus today.
Are you here to see one of the attractions, maybe even get face-to-face with one?
Or perhaps, you seek to join this little troupe and become part of the show?
Regardless of your reasoning for coming by, all are welcome here.

So come, stay a while. Enjoy the delicacies we have to offer here.
Indulge yourself and let us show you a good time, mes cheris.

Oh? You wish to know more about me?

Heya! As you already read or may already know, I'm Noire~
I'm quite the entertainer extraordinaire, if I do say so myself.
I love to roleplay, so don't be shy about sending me a starter~
I'm always looking for ways to improve on my outfit,
so if you have any recommendations or donations,
please let me know or send them my way!
Oh, and I have a Kik!
If I like you enough, you might just find out what it is~

You'd like to see the art I've gotten?

Click on the Images to see them in their full size ~
A big thanks to Snoe Valintyne and Mog Craft for the two portraits of me!

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mechaW999 Report | 04/03/2023 12:32 pm
we will miss you, noire.
Eva Foxie Report | 01/26/2023 11:44 am
Eva Foxie
emotion_kiss emotion_bigheart
GoogleHappyFiend Report | 11/30/2022 12:16 am
Nsdi2jdoacmjwsdervhy Report | 12/13/2021 8:47 am
Ars Novae Report | 11/02/2021 9:54 pm
Ars Novae
Blake Byron Report | 10/24/2021 6:09 pm
Blake Byron
nice outfit
Zerradon Report | 09/01/2021 1:58 am
heart heart heart
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 06/16/2021 8:02 pm
btw thank you, I love being a magician and when my avi is a magician, and thank you I work hard on my avis too!
Your magician avi is cool too!~ :3
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 06/15/2021 2:21 pm
haha thanks, I love being a magician too!!~
comic book appearing characters of street-magicians: DC Comics' Zatanna, and Vertigo's John Constantine, Hellblazer,
actual real-life breathing magicians: Criss Angel, David Blaine, Dan Sperry, Magic Rocks Leon Etienne, Shin Lim, Mat Franco, David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Penn & Teller,
musicals: and The Illusionists (Broadway show)
Harry Potter (book)
Harry Houdini, The Great Houdini (Escape Artist)
Criss Angel Mind Freak and Penn & Teller Fool Us, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV shows)
movies: Now You See Me 1 and 2 (movies), The Prestige, The Illusionist
industrious-mango Report | 06/15/2021 8:10 am

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Dutchess of Wolfgang on 11/29/2023
Hypnotic Spiral on 10/20/2023
Shymissive on 10/12/2023
Fluffy Floof on 10/08/2023
Kinky Daredevil on 07/11/2023
Tora! Tora! on 06/28/2023
Lewdwander on 05/21/2023
Disruptive Diva on 05/14/2023
mechaW999 on 04/03/2023
RadiantPrismGem on 03/09/2023
Lyra La Debonnaire on 02/07/2023
Mitzi Kappa on 01/24/2023
Lord Bismarck on 01/19/2023
Nsdi2jdoacmjwsdervhy on 01/15/2023
LariaFox on 11/27/2022
Haze_Pnmf on 11/13/2022
Softest Neko Boi on 11/08/2022
Tekusen on 10/31/2022
winkletwinkle on 10/28/2022
Emily the F on 10/01/2022

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