A Profile for Those Who Seek to Find A Way to Leave Their Free Will Behind

This account is primarily for roleplaying. My preferred plots involve some sort of hypnosis, mind control, or other similar theme. That does not mean I will not try anything else, just that those are what I find the most interesting and am most likely to respond to. I prefer to take the dominant role in this. Conversation is also welcome, but again, roleplaying will always be my focus on here.

I usually have at least a few ideas for a roleplay laying around, and may from time to time include them on my profile if I have something I really want to try.

With all that said, do PM me if you have an idea you think I might like, or you have similar interests to me and want to know what I'd like to try at the moment. If you incorporate the word "spirals" into your first message to me to let me know you read this, I will make sure to prioritize a response to your message. Consider it a thanks for reading my profile.

Just a few rules for roleplays:

-If you could title your PM's, that'd be great. Doesn't have to be anything special, just something to help me differentiate in my inbox.

-Third-person perspective, please.

-Though I'd appreciate at least one paragraph per response, three sentences is fine as a minimum. More is certainly welcome, if you're able. Try not to ever give a one-line response. If you're really struggling, tell me. I'll attempt to offer some ideas within or out of the actual roleplay.

-Do not speak in chat speak, or with excessively poor grammar, unless it is contextually relevant. This is fine for casual conversation, but in the RP it is really distracting.

That's all. Not too hard, right?

If you've read all that and think you fit my criteria, PM me; whether with your own plot ideas or simply to ask for my own.

I hope to hear from you soon.