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Dutchess of Wolfgang

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/07

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Tekusen on 07/11/2019
seansosus on 07/08/2019
Jenner444g on 07/07/2019
White_Tigery on 07/06/2019
Raphael Romanos on 07/05/2019
Madame_Cait on 07/05/2019
Fuzzyfoxie on 07/04/2019
Noire le Magnifique on 06/29/2019
FreshInk on 06/29/2019
Keep Tempting on 06/27/2019
Faded Succubus on 06/27/2019
Ember-Haired-Beauty on 06/26/2019
Automated Love on 06/25/2019
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kids killing kids on 06/25/2019
VETRA MEDA on 06/25/2019
iiPluuu on 06/24/2019
The_Last_Wolf_28 on 06/24/2019
snvppy on 06/24/2019
Ellie Val on 06/22/2019


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Poorly made or lazily written?

After people telling me my profile is plain as hell i decided to edit it. Poorly.
Things about me i guess
- Im lesbian so please guys dont ask me to go to zip 6969 in towns.... Or at least try harder than that? (Im joking. Don't try harder you'll still be denied)
- My name is misspelled but not many people know how to spell it i guess XP
- I like the nickname Dutch if you talk to me 3nodding
- Im from Chicago if that gives out my personality.... Probably not but oh well... enjoy that information
- Im 20... So yeah
-I am either aggresive or really passive when it comes to RP. All depends on my mood. With that being said girls with more are also welcome xp
Feel free to send a pm though im going to say sorry in advance because I sometimes take a while to respond. Its not that I dont like you Its just cause im an a**


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Jenner444g Report | 07/07/2019 10:07 pm
Hello, miss how are you? heart
Thots Only Report | 07/06/2019 5:31 pm
Thots Only
You looking mighty fine love~
Thots Only Report | 07/05/2019 4:46 pm
Thots Only
Jenner444g Report | 06/25/2019 7:17 pm
Hey miss hope you're having an amazing day! heart
Automated Love Report | 06/25/2019 6:41 pm
Automated Love
Ellie Val Report | 06/20/2019 6:50 pm
Ellie Val
S H U C K S redface
Ellie Val Report | 06/20/2019 6:35 pm
Ellie Val
np at all~
Ellie Val Report | 06/20/2019 5:13 pm
Ellie Val
aren't you the cutest~
Sadorath Report | 06/16/2019 12:12 am
Just browsing through profiles looking for inspiration. An seeing if anyone has learned any neat tricks with css 5.0 Dont mind me. ninja
Madame_Cait Report | 06/13/2019 7:35 pm
Hehe I'm doing okay heart