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Pretty laid back, t-shirt and blue jeans kinda gal. Nothing too fancy. Not into materialistic things. I value life more - being involved in daily activities. I take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. emotion_yatta

I role play occasionally, that is of course when work doesn't take up a lot of my time. Types of RP? Anything from known iconic comic based characters to original creative character designs.

My idea of relaxing?
○ I'm always looking for photogenic opportunities

○ Listening to a variety of music

○ Spending time with family and friends

○ Spa time

○ Photography, loom knitting, painting, design projects

○ Favorite RPG Games: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Mass Effect 1-3, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dragon Age series, The Witcher, Dead Space 1-3

○ Favorite tv series: Game of Thrones, The Magicians, The 100, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Shannara Chronicles, The Badlands

○ I enjoy reading and watching: Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma 1/2, Marvel & DC comics

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:: Name :: Rei Hino
:: Name Meaning :: Spirit of fire
:: Zodiac Sign :: Aries
:: Alias :: Sailor Mars
:: Occupation :: Sailor Senshi
:: Resides :: Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo, Hikawa Shrine, Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
:: Alignment :: Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo
:: Birth date :: April 17th
:: Birth stone ::Diamond
:: Hair color :: Black
:: Eye color ::Indigo
:: Height :: 5' 3"
:: Weight :: 109 lbs
:: Blood Type :: AB
:: Favorite Gem :: Ruby
:: Favorite Color :: Red & Black
:: Favorite Animal :: Crow & Panda
:: Favorite Flower :: Casablancas (white lillies)
:: Favorite Food :: Fish & Vegetarian Pizza
:: Least Favorite Food :: Canned Asparagus
:: Favorite Subject :: Classical Literature
:: Worst Subject :: Modern Society
:: Strong Points :: Mediation & she is a very hard worker
:: Fears :: Television & her temper
:: Dream :: To be head priestess, a singer/song writer, model, wife, & a wonderful sieyuu (voice actress)
:: Hobbies :: Reading comics, meditating, fortune telling, & fire reading

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:: Transformations ::
Mars Power
Mars Star Power
Mars Crystal Power

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:: Transformation Items and Phrases ::
Transformation Pen - Mars Power
Star Transformation Pen - Mars Star Power
Crystal Transformation Pen - Mars Crystal Power

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:: Powers & Abilities ::
Berserker Strength
Blast Power
Divine Powers
Fire Control
Heat Generation
Radar Sense
Sense Death
Unarmed Combat

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:: Attacks and Weapons ::
Akuryo Taisan ( "Evil Spirit, Begone." )
Mars Fire Ignite
Mars Firebird Strike
Mars Firestorm Flash
Mars Celestial Fire Surround
Sailor Planet Attack
Mars Flame Sniper
Anti-Evil Scroll
Mars Bow & Arrow

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:: Communication Devices ::
Watch Communicator

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:: Sailor Mars Trivia ::
Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune are the only Sailor Senshi to possess psychic powers, and Mars is the only Inner Senshi to do so.

Sailor Mars is friends with two crows, Phobos and Deimos. This is reference to two of Mars' moons, which go by the same names as well as the sons of the Roman god Mars, the gods of fear and terror respectively.

Rei is a miko (shrine priestess) and they are known for their archery skills. This was referenced in the Dream arc when Sailor Mars transforms into Super Sailor Mars and her main attack is the Mars Flame Sniper, which is a fiery bow and arrow.

Mars is the Roman god of war.

Sailor Mars' planetary symbol (♂) stands for the Roman god's shield and lance. The difference between the symbol used in the Anime/Manga and the scientific symbol is, that the transforming sign has a heart instead of a circle.

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:: Personality ::
At first glance of Rei many would assume this enchanting vision of loveliness is kind, sweet and full of grace, but beneath all the beauty is a headstrong girl with a major temper. She is the most vibrant of the senshi and not graceful in the least. However, Rei is very passionate about everything she does. She never gives anything a half-hearted effort. She is very authoritative and extremely self-confident. She knows exactly what she can do, and she believes that if she puts her mind to it, she can accomplish anything. She is also very proud, but her sense of pride is so high that it is usually difficult for her to admit when she is wrong. However, she has been known to admit it in some rare instances. Rei can't cook and she prefers simple over complex, so will usually make microwave dinners. However, she will still make fun of Usagi for not being able to cook either.

No matter what Rei might be feeling, she constantly projects a strong front, even when she is really scared, sad, or hurting on the inside. This is because Rei is not very open about her feelings. For one to truly understand her, you usually have to look beyond her words and actions, and into the hidden part of her emotions because this is where the real Rei lies. Sometimes Rei might seem reprimanding or harsh, and will yell at Usagi (Serena). To most people this may see like she isn't fond of Usagi or even hates her, but this is only because of her lack of showing her true emotions. In all actuality, she tends to treat anyone she's really close to like dirt. Of course, anyone close to her already knows this and knows that she doesn't hate them. Some of you may think how is this so since she rarely yells at the other senshi when she cares for them as well. Truth be told she does care for them all, but she is closer to Usagi, which is why Usagi takes the brunt of Rei's abuse.

Another person Rei likes to take her temper out on is, Yuuchiro (Chad), the wandering musician who stays at her shrine to train. They both share a mutual liking of each other, although Yuuichiro actually shows that he likes her. Rei does not and tends to pick on him more then anything. Yuuichiro can be very jealous of Rei, and once saw Rei talking to Haruka (Amara) and thought they were going out. Then later Yuuichiro saw Haruka with Michiru (Michelle) and thought Haruka was two timing her. Yuuichiro tried to fight Haruka to defend Rei's honor, but Haruka would not fight him and kept dodging his lunges. Rei happens to show up and runs to Haruka's side. Rei demands to know what was going on. Yuuchiro goes on to tell Haruka to break up with Michiru. Rei then gets angry at him for not "trusting her," but didn't tell him that, and he leaves the shrine. The girls eventually convince Rei to go after him and eventually stops him from leaving after a battle for his pure crystal heart. Rei also tells him about Haruka being a woman.

Rei also has a special friendship with Chibi-usa (Rini). I think this might be because Usagi and Chibi-usa are so much alike, but even so Rei acts more protective of Chibi-usa. However, this is probably just because she's a little kid. Besides Yuuchiro, Rei has had one other love interest, Mamoru. Rei went out with Mamoru during the first season, and most of the conflict in the first season is due to Rei's relationship with Mamoru. (Well other than the usual bickering that happens between Rei and Usagi.) This was because Usagi is jealous of this, though she never admits it. However, neither Rei nor Mamoru considered their relationship to be anything special. Rei was more excited over the idea of having a hot boyfriend than anything else, though admittedly she does feel bad when she discovers that Mamoru and Usagi were lovers in their previous lives, but she deals with it.

Rei goes to the TA Private Girls School and so doesn't participate in any clubs with the other girls since they go to Juuban (Crossroads) in the series. TA Private Girls' School is a Catholic girls-only school. Oddly enough the other girls at TA worship her, even though she is also rejected as being a weird shrine maiden with strange powers. Rei is very active in school. She likes taking charge of various activities and also hosts lots of festivals even if she promotes herself at them. Because Rei goes to a private school, she doesn't have to take the entrance exams to get into high school. However, she studies with the girls anyway, and later claimed she "felt their pain." She also hosted the study sessions at her shrine, and would help Ami with cracking down on Usagi.

Rei is an only child. Rei doesn't like her father, so after her mother died, she moved in with her grandfather. Her grandfather is a priest and lives in the Hikawa Jinja ( Hikawa Shrine "jinja" meaning "shrine" ) on Sendai Hill (Cherry Hill), and Rei resides as a Shinto Priestess there. Rei is very spiritual and is very serious about being a Shinto Priestess. Sometimes she will negelect eating and sleeping when conducting divinations by the fire. Rei cares about her grandfather very much, even if he does get on her nerves at times. She's always ready to put her life on the line for his sake. Also living at the shrine are a pair of pet ravens named Phobos and Deimos. Some of Rei's other interests outside of her Shinto life are composing and singing songs. This provides that she is musically inclined. Although this is really only addressed in one episode in the R season, where she hosts and stars in a festival for her school (Rei's Day in the Spotlight). Being a priestess, student, and sailor soldier simultaneously keeps her very busy.

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 11/21/2018 9:51 am
No problem! Thanks I’m glad my avi is good. Anywho, by any chance do ya happen to like role playing?
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 11/20/2018 1:49 pm
Awesome avi and profile
ChocobroNoctis Report | 11/15/2018 3:34 am
Thank you always glad to meet others who know David Bowie's beloved character from 1986. I have always had a bit of a crush on Mars when I first saw the first Sailor moon series in the 90's when I was little.
ChocobroNoctis Report | 11/01/2018 8:01 pm
*waves* I like your Mars avi she looks awesome! hope to see you around dattebayo! emotion_brofist
Tsukikage no Knight Report | 09/27/2018 11:21 am
"Thank you for the offer Rei, but I wouldn't want to Impose upon you. i'm sure you are more then busy with your schoolwork and your Shrine Maiden duties to worry about me." Knight told the young lady as she sat there with her tea. He listened to her information of unknown doppelgangers and went wide eyes, this was news to him, for as much as he'd watched the city, he'd never truly noticed that people could or indeed did look alike to such a degree. "If I'm being entirely honest, I never noticed such a thing, that could be very helpful in letting me step out onto my to speak, but to be honest, some help on the matter would be appreciated." he told her and waited for her reply, only to find she had fallen silent, her breathing steady and she sipped her tea...was she focusing? Daydreaming? It was difficult to tell what was going on with her, but he was willing to wait for a time until he was about to shake her and she woke before he could do so. ""Welcome back to the world of the awake, are you alright?" he asked as her eyes darted to him and watched her lips part, but nothing came out.

Knight's head turned as the noise came from elsewhere in the house. "You said your Grandfather was asleep, right?" He asked as she stood and once she moved, he fallowed, combat his specialty. he moved quiet waiting for the chance to strike, noticing the mug glowing red, something he vaguely recalled from her spiritual powers. As she threw the mug into the open doorway a cry came, a cry that was not entirely human, to be more accurate it seemed to be only human on a superficial level, the rest was certainly not natural. As the door opened and the light crept into the room and view of a creature, it seemed female and seemed dressed in a copy of Rei's Shrine robes, but everything else about it was different. The skin was the most obvious, a pale blue colour as opposed to a normal human's. A slightly closer look would show it to be a female creature, the eyes larger then a person's and they seemed a bit sunk in and glowing red. One of its arms hung limp as the mug seemed glued to it, but both hands seemed to have long nails, and on a guess, they were sharp enough to cut. The hair was long, almost too long, more then able to cover the face if needed to hide fangs in its mouth, protruding slightly. It needed a few seconds to regain itself after the attack, and lunged for Rei, but Knight moved in with his sword and stopped the attack. ""Transform!" i called to Rei as I pushed the youma back.
Scorpio Devon Koenig Report | 08/07/2018 11:00 am
You look like a princess
Scorpio Devon Koenig Report | 08/03/2018 9:23 am
You look so cute!!!
Tsukikage no Knight Report | 07/26/2018 9:43 am
At first, he did wonder why Rei had been quiet about getting him the tea, but he sat down, more then willing to enjoy the quiet time. Once she returned and spoke about him living a life as opposed to simply existing like so many others, something she had seemingly needed to speak for a long time now, he paused, wise enough to leave the mug on a covered spot of the wooden table, and thought before he spoke "Well I do thank you for speaking your mind Rei, there are a few problems with what you say. For starters; trying to have a life and experience everything this world has to offer cannot be done locally for I share Mamoru's face and build, meaning those who know him would think me him and anything I do would reflect on himself, and he likely has far more complex issues in his life without having to worry about an apparent clone walking around and doing things he is not aware of. The second being I have no sense of life, or rather, what it is to live. I was born from a desire to protect Usagi and the rest of you and even though I am able to exist when you are not in danger, all i have is all Mamoru knew and how to a sense I have no life of my own, no knowledge of how to live a life and to try and make one would make his life harder." Knight said, his words not an attempt to get away from the situation, but a plain explanation as to issues he would be faced with if he tried. "i would be willing to try of course, but I have no direction as to how to start and would have to move away from here in order to do so."

He of course noticed that she seemed a bit off, as if recalling the situation had made her realize something, so he smiled to the Shrine Maiden and spoke."Well, from what Mamoru has heard, you're sacred flame is never wrong, so if it shows no danger to us, then we all must be means I'm not here to help fight a new evil yet." He noted, his tea halfway done by now. "I have noticed you all on the streets from above, but in such a city, a direct approaching of you all would be impossible, as it would raise questions. Even this was a risk, but I had to know if something was amiss." Knight noted as he looked to the window where the rain fell hard. "If it is acceptable to you Rei, i'd like to stay here, at least until the storm blows over. Do not worry about a room or anything or the sort, i'll just wait outside and in here, there are books on the wall, and Mamoru;'s habit of reading has rubbed off even on me." he said, hoping her earlier offer was still in effect.
Tsukikage no Knight Report | 07/10/2018 11:28 pm
He watched as she cooked, his offer to cook for her was left untaken, and he was fine with that. he failed to notice the blush in her cheek as she moved her omelette toa plate and made herself some coffee. At the cut of sentence, hsi head perked a little bit. "you can say something if you wish Rei, I have no reason to hold a grudge against you, anything you say could be helpful. At worst we are allies, at best, friends, so please don;t worry about my feels, as much as I have them, I know the difference between an attack and criticism." He said to the Raven-haired beauty. Had she spoken it, he could fo replied he knew nothing else of life other then combat. He was born to protect them in the past and now nothing seemed different about that, save their being no enemies currently attacking people or them. He would of been open to the idea, but had no true basis to go off of, save Mamoru's memories of leisure activity. "I do not need it, but some tea would be nice, thank you....given how this place, while dense in trees is otherwise sparse and isolated, a place to wait out the storm would be useful as, as it occured to me, you never did answer my initial question about did you sense something in your Sacred Flame, but that can wait for the morning."
Aasta Belfrie Report | 06/29/2018 7:21 am
Thanks you! biggrin


Worry not about what is to come, instead dream of the best.

"Hope is a waking dream." -Aristotle


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