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All About moi

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Where should I start? it's been a while since this was written but,

My birthday is on January 30 and I'm a Aquarius. I like to draw. I hope one do to some sort of animation work.

Likes: Anime, Manga, animals, food, art, j-pop, shoujo manga, romantic comedies, my friends, Phoenix Wright, video games

Dislikes: Nosy people, needles, anything associated with blood, rude people, people who can't sing, spiders, waking up early, shrimp, bitter foods.

Favorites singers/bands: Shania Twain, Nami Tamaki, T.M. Revolution, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Kinya Kotani, Nana Mizuki, any song that catches my attention.


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Mythtician Report | 07/29/2023 4:40 am
Money grows on trees, trees require water, it does rain $.
SammyInsanity Report | 07/21/2023 6:34 pm
Your avi is super cute!!
Pixxll Report | 07/15/2023 12:22 pm
Suryallee Report | 07/09/2023 1:08 pm
Thank you for visiting my profile.
Odd Cinderella Report | 06/09/2023 2:13 pm
Thank you for always liking my avatars.
Mythtician Report | 05/30/2023 8:34 pm
T BaZil Report | 03/13/2023 4:58 am
-fluffs up yer comment section-

cute drawing in your about me section o.o
Juvia of the Galaxy Report | 11/18/2022 2:04 am
Just wanted to say hello! : ) so, Hello : ) blaugh
Gleaming_Luna Report | 10/12/2022 11:43 pm
Aha, thanks of the favorite! biggrin biggrin I haven't worn that one in a while, how'd you find it? Totally an accident if it looks like a cosplay, I was just feelin' inspired from binging Kingdom Hearts vids. sweatdrop Who do you see him as?
(PS: I have done a couple other cosplays in the last few months, namely a KH1 Halloween Town Sora if you're interested. >W< wink
Rayon Declaire Report | 09/03/2022 7:09 pm
hey, noticed you creeped my profile so I creeped back. we like some of the same bands and anime and hey-you're a veteran like me! woot. also live in canada.


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Passion of Eros

if money rained down from the skies, we'd probably be all rich by now... >3>;