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Seiya has blue eyes and long, hip-length raven hair that he keeps tied in a low ponytail. As the leading vocalist of the Three Lights, Seiya is commonly seen wearing a red formal suit jacket with a navy blue long-sleeved button-up shirt underneath with a yellow long tie at the collar, red formal pants, and black shoes. Seiya also wears a pair of silver moon earrings on both of his ears. He sometimes handling the red rose during concerts or as a weapon when he threw the rose on Sailor Tin Nyanko to rescue Usagi as Eternal Sailor Moon from getting her star seed.

When he studies at Azabu Juban High School, he wore a different school uniform like both Taiki and Yaten to differ from the other male students wearing standard male school uniforms.

He also wears various casual outfits when he hangs out with Usagi while he retains wearing his silver moon earrings. Except for his athletic attire where he is not wearing his silver moon earrings.

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As Sailor Star Fighter, her height falls in the middle of the other Starlights and like the other Starlights, her male civilian identity is changed to their respective female identities during their transformation.

Her sailor uniform, identical to the other Starlights, is a black two-piece outfit, consisting of a bikini-like top and hotpants. She wears knee-length boots and elbow-length gloves. She wears a golden beaded tiara, beaded belts on her waist and golden star earrings. Her secondary color is light blue. She also wears a light blue belt-like choker and belt-like straps on her upper arm.

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Seiya's personality was considerably lighter than that of the other two Starlights. He was much more childlike in his attitude, with a slight prankster edge to his character, and there were brief moments when he was not thinking about his mission. He had a cheerful disposition and was much more easygoing. He was also more willing to become close to Usagi and her friends, while the other two Starlights mainly kept to themselves and originally refused to work with the Solar System Senshi at all. As mentioned by Taiki and Yaten, Seiya is also a sore loser.


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Masked Earth Prince Report | 05/12/2024 12:26 am
Masked Earth Prince
...The one that everyone remembers? emotion_dealwithit

Now, don't you have anything better to do? Seriously, desperate isn't a good look on anyone.
Masked Earth Prince Report | 05/11/2024 11:57 pm
Masked Earth Prince
"Saved"? Hardly.

From the way I've heard it, more like stalked.

Tuxedo Mask Report | 05/11/2024 11:07 pm
Tuxedo Mask
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Masked Earth Prince Report | 05/11/2024 11:00 pm
Masked Earth Prince
. . .I don't think that happens to be any of your business.

Usako and I look after each other. We have each taken our turns saving the other.

Our bond is as strong as time is endless. Can you so confidently say the same?
Masked Earth Prince Report | 05/11/2024 10:40 pm
Masked Earth Prince
I-- . . .

Psht. Whatever. The fact of the matter is is that you're wasting your time.

Besides, don't you have your own princess to be looking after?
Masked Earth Prince Report | 05/11/2024 10:34 pm
Masked Earth Prince
That's my name, don't wear it out...

Tch- I'm not sure where you get off calling me "competition." In this matter, I can assure you that the outcome is no contest.
Masked Earth Prince Report | 05/11/2024 10:26 pm
Masked Earth Prince
Well, well... you must be "Seiya." Yes, I've heard all about you. What can I do for you?
Marveling Adventurer Report | 02/25/2024 11:35 am
Marveling Adventurer

gaia_star heart HUGS heart gaia_star

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heart Missing you! heart
princess_saturn_kaiba Report | 01/21/2024 7:47 pm
Thank you! smile
Star Spangled Justice Report | 01/16/2024 2:44 pm
Star Spangled Justice
wink I think I saw a ... a... Seiya! whee

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